Under the chiming clock!

After the chimes on the Spasskaya Tor of the Krem­lin strike tlve on New Year’s Eve, many go to watch the fire­works — in parks or on spe­cial sites. So that you do not freeze, sug­gest tak­ing care of warm clothes in advance: put cozy and warm clothes under the Christ­mas tree as a gift, in which you can safe­ly go out­side.

The most com­fort­able cloth­ing is an insu­lat­ed track­suit or insu­lat­ed over­alls: you can ar it under a down jack­et, and if you decide to go into the room after the fire­works have died down, then nei­ther you nor the chil­dren will be hot.

Keep your head warm!

It is often windy in open areas where fire­works are launched, so a hat and scarf are what you need to avoid spend­ing a day in bed with a tem­per­a­ture on the 1st.

Hoodies and down jackets

A down jack­et can be a won­der­ful gift, because moth­ers try to walk with their chil­dren in almost any ather, and not just on New Year’s Eve. Under the down jack­et, you can ar a fash­ion­able hood­ie today — this is in case you have to undress indoors.

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And so that the hands and feet of the kids do not freeze, give them cool mit­tens (in which it is con­ve­nient to play snow­balls) and warm boots — they will be com­fort­able run­ning in the snow!