Sure­ly, many of us have faced the prob­lem of choos­ing a gift for rel­a­tives, col­leagues or friends, because every­one wants to give some­thing orig­i­nal and mem­o­rable, but at the same time use­ful. If you are one of those peo­ple who have been think­ing about a pleas­ant and unusu­al sur­prise for a long time and can­not decide, then have found a solu­tion for you!

From our arti­cle you will learn about 5 vari­a­tions of sets for cool­ing drinks from the Baron trade­mark. We will tell you about the com­plete set of kits, pur­pose, mate­ri­als and con­di­tions of use and stor­age.

What is a bev­er­age chiller set?

Includ­ed in the pack­age each set includes small stones (cubes) and draw­string bag for stor­age. The set is pack­aged in a mat­te rec­tan­gu­lar black box in the shape of a book with a mag­net­i­cal­ly attached lid. The inscrip­tion on the box is embossed with gold foil.

On the front side the image of peb­bles with the use of lac­quered coat­ing, the num­ber of ele­ments in the set and their mate­r­i­al are giv­en.

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Top pack­ing dec­o­rates a beau­ti­ful logo trade­mark “Baron” with a slo­gan “Designed to be yours”.

Back side allows you to get acquaint­ed with the kit, instruc­tions for use, pre­cau­tions and con­tacts of the man­u­fac­tur­er.

Inside the box all ele­ments are laid out in square cells, on top of them is a cell with a black stor­age bag.

What is the set for, what are its mate­ri­als and prop­er­ties?

home goal stones and cubes – to cool drinks with­out using the usu­al ice for us. Ele­ments are envi­ron­men­tal­ly friend­ly, will not scratch your dish­es due to the treat­ed sur­face and soft­ly round­ed cor­ners. They do not have a for­eign smell and do not absorb the aro­mas of drinks. You can use the set for both non-alco­holic and alco­holic drinks: water, juices, car­bon­at­ed drinks, lemon­ade, whiskey, cognac, cock­tails and oth­ers.

mate­ri­als, used for the man­u­fac­ture of sets, are indi­vid­ual and do not harm health: stain­less food steel, black gran­ite, white ceram­ics, nat­ur­al steatite stone. Depend­ing on the mate­r­i­al of the ele­ments, a dif­fer­ent coat­ing is used.

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How to use the kit?

The cubes are hol­low, due to which they are prac­ti­cal­ly ight­less. Inside is spe­cial gelwhich keeps cold for a long time and effec­tive­ly cools the con­tents of a glass or glass.

one. Before use, the cubes should be placed in the freez­er for 3 hours.

2. After the time has elapsed, put in a glass.

3. After use, rinse the cubes with warm water and put them in a stor­age bag.

Pre­cau­tion­ary mea­sures

one. Do not expose the ele­ments to a fall from a height.

2. Do not wash the cubes in the dish­wash­er.

3. Do not use abra­sive deter­gents or clean­ers.

Assort­ments of sets for cool­ing drinks from the trade­mark “Baron”

one. Cool­ing cubes for drinks from stain­less food steel. 6 items. (art. 40166422).

Coat­ing of ele­ments imi­tates gold col­or.

One cube has size 27*27*27 mm.

2. Cool­ing cubes for drinks from stain­less steel. 6 items. (art. 16462954)

Coat­ing imi­tates sil­ver col­or.

One cube has size 27*27*27mm.

3. Whiskey cool­ing stones made of black gran­ite. 9 pieces. (art. 16462953)

One stone has size 20*20*20 mm.

4. Steatite Whiskey Cool­ing Stones. 9 pieces. (art. 16462952)

One peb­ble has a size of 20*20*20 mm.

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5. White Ceram­ic Whiskey Chill­ing Stones. 9 pieces. (art. 16462951)

One stone has size 19*19*19 mm.

Ele­gant acces­sories for drinks from trade­mark “Baron” — a great gift for both men and women, as the sets are uni­ver­sal and include one main func­tion. In addi­tion, such a present will please those who pre­fer noble alco­hol.

A set with cool­ing cubes (stones) can be pre­sent­ed for a birth­day, New Year, Feb­ru­ary 14, Feb­ru­ary 23, March 8, anniver­sary or for no rea­son.

Treat your­self and your loved ones to a pleas­ant expe­ri­ence!