What wardrobe item, when used cor­rect­ly, auto­mat­i­cal­ly improves mood? Maybe pants or a hat? Let’s be orig­i­nal: socks are an auto­mat­ic mood enhancer! Yes, bor­ing plain socks are out of fash­ion for a long time. On the oth­er hand, mul­ti-col­ored socks with prints will not sur­prise any­one. What to do? Choose big-eyed mod­els with an orig­i­nal design!

fan­cy socks
Kawaii socks from Fun­fur use an orig­i­nal move — a detail that turns every­thing upside down.

On the back, just above the elas­tic band, is the “head” of a Sesame Street char­ac­ter. Look at these pho­tos — the char­ac­ter, as it re, appears from the sock or boot itself — the sil­hou­ette looks fun, organ­ic and not pre­ten­tious.

Sur­pris­ing­ly, Fun­fur man­aged to make a tru­ly uni­ver­sal design: it will appeal to chil­dren, teenagers, and adults alike. So this could be a great gift, espe­cial­ly since the socks come in a col­or­ful box.

Sock fea­tures
The set con­tains five pairs of dif­fer­ent col­ors: blue, red, gray, yel­low, green. Each has its own char­ac­ter, which resem­bles one of the res­i­dents of Sesame Street. The faces of the char­ac­ters are embroi­dered, not print­ed, so they won’t fade even with fre­quent wash­es.

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Socks size 34–39, suit­able for feet 21–25 cm long. Com­posed of 78% cot­ton, 2% elas­tane and 20% poly­ester, to achieve a bal­ance beten dura­bil­i­ty and good breatha­bil­i­ty. To the touch, the socks are very pleas­ant and soft, while they are warm, but not hot. They sit com­fort­ably on the leg and do not slip, they can be eas­i­ly worn with any shoes.

Care instruc­tions

Socks are very easy to care for — no spe­cial deter­gents are need­ed, it is enough to wash them at 40 degrees. You do not need to use hot water — pol­lu­tion dis­ap­pears even in warm water.

Oth­er styles

Fun­fur has many dif­fer­ent socks with col­or­ful designs, from super cute bear cubs to embroi­dered avo­ca­dos. But want to fur­ther high­light the Fun­fur Nude set: these are socks in soft pas­tel col­ors in the form of cute ani­mals (pan­das and bun­nies) with addi­tion­al inserts in the form of ears. It looks incred­i­bly cute and kawaii (it’s strange why this par­tic­u­lar line is not called kawaii)! Just look:

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The com­po­si­tion and rec­om­men­da­tions for this set are the same as for Kawaii, and they also come in a beau­ti­ful gift box.

Orig­i­nal gift

Fun­fur Kawaii set — five pairs of socks made of soft, stretchy fab­ric with orig­i­nal embroi­dery in the form of Sesame Street char­ac­ters. These are com­fort­able socks for every day, which do not require spe­cial care. Five dif­fer­ent col­ors, excel­lent qual­i­ty fab­ric, design­er pack­ag­ing: Fun­fur socks are a ready-made gift!