There is noth­ing left before the New Year, which means it’s time to do pleas­ant chores and pre­pare sur­pris­es for your loved ones. No won­der they say that a book is the best gift: with it you give impres­sions, emo­tions and a jour­ney into fairy-tale worlds. For the youngest read­ers, have select­ed 4 beau­ti­ful, use­ful and cozy books that will help cre­ate a fes­tive mood.

Christmas tree

The ani­mals are ll pre­pared for the New Year: the for­est is dec­o­rat­ed, the fluffy Christ­mas tree is dressed up. Mid­night is on the doorstep — it’s time to give gifts. Trea­sured bun­dles are hid­den beten snow­drifts, under trees and even on branch­es, help find them!

The kid needs to open all the win­dows to find out what San­ta Claus has pre­pared for the ani­mals. And on the last page a sur­prise awaits you — a New Year’s ball under a huge ele­gant Christ­mas tree.

How the grouchy badger fell in love with the New Year

Every­one in the for­est is prepar­ing for the New Year: they dec­o­rate the Christ­mas tree, dec­o­rate hous­es, wrap gifts and bake pies. Only the bad­ger Grumpy turns up his nose from all this fes­tive fuss. He does not need any gifts, or con­grat­u­la­tions, or guests, or the New Year itself. He is fine alone, but he was going to sleep through the whole win­ter.

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The bad­ger was almost asleep when a fright­ened hare banged on the door. There’s been trou­ble! The mole has climbed to the very top of a tall spruce, but can­not come down! Grum­bling’s help is urgent­ly need­ed — after all, he is so tall, he can eas­i­ly remove the mole from the Christ­mas tree. Will the bad­ger come to the res­cue of a neigh­bor? This is a touch­ing sto­ry that even the most gloomy grum­bler can have a big and kind heart.

Find and show. Happy New Year!

Find and Show is a sim­ple and fun game that helps chil­dren devel­op mem­o­ry, atten­tion and speech. Under the cov­er of the New Year’s find live kind San­ta Claus­es, fun­ny Snow Maid­ens, fun­ny snow­men, cute deer cubs, perky gin­ger­bread men and much, much more, with­out which no New Year can do.

Each spread con­tains ques­tions and search tasks: for exam­ple, find San­ta Claus with the longest beard, a pen­guin pre­tend­ing to be a snow­man, or the most ele­gant Christ­mas tree. Play “find and show”, devel­op mind­ful­ness and recharge with New Year’s mood.

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Chick and Bricky are decorating the Christmas tree

Chi­ka and Bri­ki, who re cre­at­ed by the “dad” of the famous Gruffa­lo, artist Axel Schef­fler, are loved by kids around the world. The hare and the mouse play and fool around, share lit­tle joys and first sor­rows with each oth­er, quar­rel, make peace and show chil­dren an exam­ple of true friend­ship.

New Year’s Eve is just around the cor­ner — it’s time for Chick and Bri­ka to dec­o­rate the Christ­mas tree. For dec­o­ra­tion, friends pre­pared paint­ed gin­ger­bread, striped caramels and choco­late bells. The Christ­mas tree turned out to be mag­nif­i­cent, the most impor­tant thing remains — to put a shin­ing star on top of the head. But while Bri­ki was look­ing for an aster­isk, all the toys dis­ap­peared from the Christ­mas tree! Could they just dis­ap­pear on their own?