Gifts for the New Year

When are gifts given for the New Year?

New Year is a hol­i­day of fun and mag­ic. Not only chil­dren, but also adults love to receive gifts. The spe­cial atmos­phere of the hol­i­day with many inter­est­ing tra­di­tions and fairy tales is not over­shadod even by numer­ous prepa­ra­tions. Many peo­ple think about when exact­ly it is nec­es­sary to give and open gifts.

Features of the tradition

On the eve of the hol­i­day, the whole fam­i­ly choos­es a Christ­mas tree, installs and dec­o­rates it. Often, the whole house is hung with tin­sel and gar­lands, which makes the atmos­phere even more com­fort­able and atmos­pher­ic. San­ta Claus gives gifts to a child on New Year’s Eve. Par­ents are gen­er­al­ly out of work, kids know this for sure. Writ­ing a let­ter can right­ly be called the most mag­i­cal New Year’s tra­di­tion.

On the eve of the hol­i­day, remind your child about mag­ic mail. Hand over a pen and a piece of paper, take care of a beau­ti­ful enve­lope. If the baby still does not know how to write, then let him dic­tate the text to you, com­pose a mes­sage togeth­er. Anoth­er option is to invite the kid to draw what he wants.

There are sev­er­al ways to con­vey wish­es to San­ta Claus:

  • hang on a Christ­mas tree;
  • put on the win­dow;
  • invite ani­ma­tors San­ta Claus and the Snow Maid­en so that the child per­son­al­ly hands over the enve­lope.

Accord­ing to the New Year tra­di­tion, adults leave gifts under the Christ­mas tree, where chil­dren find them. If the house has a fire­place, then you can place it next to it.

Tell your child that San­ta Claus got into the house through the chim­ney. In all oth­er cas­es, it can be a win­dow or a bal­cony. You can call the ani­ma­tors again or dress up one of the fam­i­ly mem­bers as a wiz­ard to give a gift.

What date do they put gifts under the Christmas tree?

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There are sim­ply no exact tra­di­tions on this sub­ject, so you can start from the cir­cum­stances and age of the child. Gifts are pre­pared in advance and are usu­al­ly placed under the Christ­mas tree. You need to fold every­thing as imper­cep­ti­bly as pos­si­ble for the child, so as not to shake his faith in a fairy tale.

Most fam­i­lies believe that the hol­i­day begins on Decem­ber 31, and there­fore gifts are giv­en on the night of Decem­ber 30–31 or in the morn­ing. If on the day of the main adult trou­bles the child will already have sets and toys, then he will not feel the lack of increased atten­tion to his per­son so much.

Giv­ing gifts to adults at this time is not a good idea. Every­one is busy cook­ing or prepar­ing at home, quite stressed and unlike­ly to ful­ly enjoy the mag­i­cal feel­ing.

Oth­er fam­i­lies are used to giv­ing gifts on the night of Decem­ber 31st to Jan­u­ary 1st. This is because the year begins on the 1st. You can cor­rect­ly put gifts under the Christ­mas tree like this.

  • While the chimes are beat­ing and the chil­dren are busy with fire­works, sparklers. Unno­ticed, one of the adults should put the gifts under the Christ­mas tree. Then the child will enjoy toys at night.
  • While the kids are sleep­ing. You can care­ful­ly lay out the box­es and wait for the baby to wake up. On the morn­ing of Jan­u­ary 1, the child will hap­pi­ly run to rus­tle the pack­ages.

Gifts for adults are giv­en dur­ing a fes­tive feast, after the chim­ing clock. There are also sev­er­al options. Can be passed from hand to hand or also put every­thing under the tree. In the lat­ter case, the use of name tags is rel­e­vant.

The exact choice of time and date large­ly depends on the age and char­ac­ter­is­tics of the baby. You should not wake the child at night: if he fell asleep, then let him enjoy the present in the morn­ing.

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If the child is sit­ting at the table with you, then give gifts at the same time as adults. You can give gifts to kids at any time from Decem­ber 30 to Jan­u­ary 1.

Delivery Secrets

It’s not just what you give that mat­ters, but how you do it. When it comes to mag­i­cal New Year’s sur­pris­es, this rule is espe­cial­ly rel­e­vant. Tak­ing into account the cus­toms of the ances­tors, cer­tain tra­di­tions of giv­ing re formed. Each fam­i­ly choos­es some­thing suit­able for itself and pass­es it on to the younger ones.

Some secrets.

  • Gifts are placed in a large red bag dec­o­rat­ed with stick­ers and tin­sel. The names of the recip­i­ent are writ­ten on the box­es, but the donor remains unknown. The bag is thrown under the door after the chim­ing clock. One of the adults, and prefer­ably of the chil­dren, goes to check, finds gifts and brings them into the house. Giv­ing alter­nates with toasts and jokes, so it can stretch for sev­er­al hours.
  • The method is sim­i­lar to the pre­vi­ous one.. Only now, when receiv­ing gifts from the box, they read a play­ful descrip­tion of who it is intend­ed for.
  • For chil­dren, you can come up with a whole quest, at the end of which there will be a gift. Come up with encrypt­ed hints and place them in a spe­cial­ly pre­pared room. You can dot the floor with tin­sel or ser­pen­tine arrows. When the chil­dren receive a ll-deserved prize at the end, their joy knows no bounds. At the same time, it is bet­ter to asso­ciate tasks close­ly with the hol­i­day.
  • Make a card of San­ta Claus, on which places with gifts will be indi­cat­ed with cross­es. Tell the child that Grand­fa­ther had a hole in the bag and the box­es fell. The names of the recip­i­ents must be encrypt­ed so that they can only be read using the mag­ic key.
  • In the 19th cen­tu­ry, chil­dren played the game “Trans­mis­sion” at pub­lic Christ­mas trees. Adults give a gift that is wrapped in many lay­ers of paper. Chil­dren pass the pack­ag­ing from hand to hand, grad­u­al­ly remov­ing the lay­ers. The gift was tak­en by the one who removed the last paper. The child left the cir­cle and the game began again.
  • Hang sets with the names of gifts on the Christ­mas tree. Fold in the bag tasks-for­feits. Both adults and chil­dren can take part in such enter­tain­ment. Every­one choos­es a fant, com­pletes the task and takes a can­dy from the Christ­mas tree. Accord­ing­ly, every­one wins a spe­cial gift. It turns out to be very fun.
  • Guests should find their spe­cial busi­ness card on the Christ­mas tree. It should con­tain the name, char­ac­ter traits, habits or fun facts. On the reverse side, place the coor­di­nates where the per­son­al gift is locat­ed. The recip­i­ent will glad­ly begin the search.
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When is it customary to open?

Receiv­ing gifts is very fun and pleas­ant. Many peo­ple think about when to open them. If are talk­ing about chil­dren, then they start unpack­ing imme­di­ate­ly. On an adult hol­i­day, too, lit­tle changes.

An impor­tant fea­ture of the New Year is that it is cus­tom­ary to unpack presents in pub­lic, right dur­ing the feast.

Be sure to thank for the gift, show the giv­er your emo­tions. When it comes to chil­dren, let them imme­di­ate­ly try out a new toy or eat can­dy — whichev­er you give. New Year’s mag­ic should not be bur­dened by parental grumpi­ness.

Watch inter­est­ing facts about New Year’s tra­di­tions in the next video.