birth­day gifts

Peo­ple with stereo­typ­i­cal think­ing argue that the rela­tion­ship beten son-in-law and moth­er-in-law is not smooth. Prac­tice shows that men tend to choose the best gift for the woman who gave birth to their beloved wife.

Be a little “scout”

Most of all, birth­day peo­ple are pleased with the gifts that they real­ly dreamed of. If you take care of a future hol­i­day date in advance, you can col­lect use­ful infor­ma­tion. In every­day con­ver­sa­tions, peo­ple often men­tion their desires and talk about goals. You can talk with your wife and oth­er close rel­a­tives of the hero of the day.

And her friends are also like­ly to be hap­py to throw ideas, in addi­tion, a joint dis­cus­sion will help to avoid gift­ing sim­i­lar or iden­ti­cal items.

Win-Win Options

Among the vari­ety of gifts there are uni­ver­sal ones that will please most women. You can fol­low the proven path and choose what the birth­day girl is guar­an­teed to like, but it’s also use­ful to exper­i­ment.

  • Jel­ry and acces­sories. For a present, jel­ry with pre­cious stones and exclu­sive jel­ry from mas­ters, neck­er­chiefs, unusu­al pen­dants, bracelets, hair­pins, beads, watch­es are suit­able. You can choose a bag, wal­let or glass­es case, an ele­gant cane umbrel­la or a prac­ti­cal umbrel­la with a qual­i­ty mech­a­nism.

  • Plants. It can be not only ready-made bou­quets, but also flors or exot­ic plants in pots — they will delight all house­holds for a long time. If a woman is fond of gar­den­ing, you can give her seeds, ele­gant con­tain­ers for seedlings and flors, gar­den acces­sories. The uni­ver­sal choice is ros­es, but the minus of all kinds of plant exoti­cism is the abil­i­ty to cause an aller­gic reac­tion, so this choice must be approached with all care.
  • Sets, tea and cof­fee. An excel­lent occa­sion to try new vari­eties and even order prod­ucts from oth­er coun­tries — this will please and broad­en your hori­zons. A bas­ket of dif­fer­ent fruits will come in handy for an anniver­sary in the cold sea­son.
  • Books. It can be not only fic­tion, but also var­i­ous tuto­ri­als. Cook­ing books, books about needle­work, about cars (if the moth­er-in-law has her own car), for­eign lan­guage text­books, guides to dif­fer­ent coun­tries and cities, his­to­ry and art.

  • Hob­by mate­ri­als. Usu­al­ly the whole fam­i­ly knows about the pres­ence of a per­ma­nent hob­by. If it is sewing, embroi­dery or knit­ting, yarn, embroi­dery kits and machines, fab­rics, threads, a new sewing machine are ll suit­ed for a gift. You will like craft paper and quilling paper, pro­fes­sion­al cut­ting scis­sors, expen­sive paints, brush­es and easels, a set for col­or­ing by col­or or anti-stress col­or­ing.
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If there is a risk of mak­ing a mis­take, you can pur­chase a gift cer­tifi­cate to a needle­work store so that the moth­er-in-law can choose what she needs.

  • Crock­ery, fur­ni­ture and cozy things for the kitchen and home. It can be a ser­vice (new or even antique), cut­lery, paint­ings, a set of bed linen, a blan­ket, a table­cloth, cur­tains, dec­o­ra­tive pil­lows — the choice is lim­it­less, and you can rely on the gen­er­al style of your home inte­ri­or. The hero of the day in her dreams may have an update of some pieces of fur­ni­ture — then a new sofa, table, chairs, bed or wardrobe will do. Giv­ing large items should be dis­cussed in advance, it’s okay if there is no sur­prise: the sig­nif­i­cance of the gift is already quite high.

In this case, you can go shop­ping togeth­er and choose what you need.

  • Appli­ances. A toast­er, a tele­phone, a slow cook­er, a food proces­sor, a blender, a vac­u­um clean­er, a floor lamp or a table lamp, a TV or a home the­ater, a lap­top or a tablet, devices for puri­fy­ing and humid­i­fy­ing the air — usu­al­ly such gifts are received with joy and are in demand in the house­hold. A pleas­ant and use­ful appli­ca­tion to this gift will be a train­ing mas­ter class. After all, pen­sion­ers often put aside donat­ed house­hold appli­ances because of a sim­ple fear of not under­stand­ing the man­age­ment.

Care products: perfumes and cosmetics

Even deeply elder­ly ladies should not be denied the desire and oppor­tu­ni­ties to be beau­ti­ful. To show your con­cern, you can give your moth­er-in-law a set of cos­met­ics for her birth­day: on the pack­ag­ing of the prod­uct you can find the des­ig­na­tion of the age for which it was cre­at­ed. Per­fect for:

  • night and day face cream, foot, hand and nail creams;
  • masks and scrubs;
  • shor gels and body oils with exquis­ite fra­grances;
  • Hand­made soap;
  • sham­poos and hair con­di­tion­ers (it is use­ful to opt for pro­fes­sion­al prod­ucts — often pen­sion­ers do not try them on their own);
  • cer­tifi­cate for a course of beau­ty treat­ments or mas­sages in a con­ve­nient­ly locat­ed beau­ty salon.
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When choos­ing per­fumes, you can con­sult with your wife and “peep” on occa­sion, which moth­er-in-law her­self uses. If you request infor­ma­tion about her per­fume on the Inter­net, you can com­pare the scent pyra­mid with oth­er per­fumes and choose sim­i­lar ones. So the risk of not get­ting to the point will decrease, and the moth­er-in-law will try a new fla­vor. A gift cer­tifi­cate to a brand­ed per­fume shop is also a suit­able option.

These gifts have one sig­nif­i­cant dis­ad­van­tage — the pos­si­ble prej­u­dice of the hero of the day her­self.

Many peo­ple are hos­tile towards the donat­ed wash­ing and fra­grant cos­met­ics: in this ges­ture they see a hint of non-com­pli­ance with per­son­al hygiene.

An impression can also be a gift

A sea of ​​u200bu200bjoy is brought not only by objects that can be put on a shelf or used in every­day life. To enliv­en every­day life, an anniver­sary should be pre­sent­ed with an impres­sion — these emo­tions will be remem­bered for a long time. Great idea might be pro­fes­sion­al fam­i­ly pho­to ses­sionit will not only bring close peo­ple togeth­er, but also leave mem­o­rable pho­tos in the archive. The whole fam­i­ly, under the guid­ance of the hero of the day, can go to the shop­ping and enter­tain­ment cen­ter, take part in quests, watch a movie, look into the most com­fort­able cafes.

The ben­e­fits of engag­ing in new activ­i­ties are unde­ni­able, and a gift for your beloved moth­er-in-law can be cer­tifi­cates for attend­ing mas­ter class­es (needle­work, paint­ing, cook­ing) or lan­guage cours­es. Per­haps the moth­er-in-law had long dreamed of learn­ing a spe­cif­ic for­eign lan­guage, but did not find a com­pa­ny and the right time.

A cer­tifi­cate for com­put­er lit­er­a­cy cours­es may also be rel­e­vant.

The sports cen­ter is also a great plat­form for new expe­ri­ences. You can give your moth­er-in-law a sub­scrip­tion to the type of sports activ­i­ties that are suit­able for her age. This can be a sub­scrip­tion to the pool and gym, yoga or gym­nas­tics. If the moth­er-in-law is prone to extreme sports and adven­tures, she may rejoice at the gift­ed oppor­tu­ni­ty to jump with a para­chute or lead the launch of a salute in her hon­or.

If the moth­er-in-law has long dreamed of vis­it­ing anoth­er coun­try or relax­ing by the sea dur­ing the cold sea­son, an anniver­sary can be a spe­cial occa­sion for an expen­sive gift. Anoth­er vari­ant — a tick­et to a sana­to­ri­um where a loved one can take care of their health and relax.

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Clas­sic ver­sion - tick­ets to a con­cert hall, the­ater, muse­um or art gallery. It is bet­ter to buy a tick­et for two peo­ple so that your beloved moth­er-in-law does not have to go alone for impres­sions.

The top of splen­dor is a sub­scrip­tion for the whole sea­son or expen­sive tick­ets for a loud pre­miere.

Gifts and omens

Per­haps the birth­day girl does not believe in omens and will be delight­ed with any gift. But many rep­re­sen­ta­tives of the old­er gen­er­a­tions lis­ten to the “folk wis­dom” — an inap­pro­pri­ate present can spoil the mood on a hol­i­day and make every­one feel uncom­fort­able.

There­fore, con­sid­er the most com­mon options for unsuc­cess­ful gifts.

  • Watch. This gift was orig­i­nal­ly con­sid­ered unde­sir­able for lovers and cou­ples, but the belief has moved into the realm of gifts for every­one. Stop­ping the clock is asso­ci­at­ed with the end of a rela­tion­ship, and such an inter­pre­ta­tion is unlike­ly to bring pos­i­tive emo­tions.
  • Hand­ker­chiefs. It’s sim­ple: a per­son will have to shed many tears, and they may not be tears of joy.
  • Mir­ror. Many peo­ple believe that mir­rors are capa­ble of accu­mu­lat­ing neg­a­tive ener­gy, so the choice of this house­hold item is left exclu­sive­ly to them­selves.
  • Slip­pers and oth­er footar. This sign is asso­ci­at­ed with part­ing — a per­son seems to inde­pen­dent­ly dress and see off the gift­ed per­son from his life.
  • Table­cloths and tols. For super­sti­tious peo­ple, they are asso­ci­at­ed with quar­rels and fam­i­ly prob­lems.
  • Comb. Like a mir­ror, this object is cred­it­ed with the abil­i­ty to remem­ber infor­ma­tion about a per­son. Keep­ing a con­nec­tion with the donor, the comb will con­vey all the secrets to the ill-wish­er.
  • Knives, forks. Like any pierc­ing and cut­ting devices, this kitchen uten­sil can be asso­ci­at­ed with threat and neg­a­tiv­i­ty.

The only way not to step on the “super­sti­tious rake” is to find out in advance about a per­son­’s atti­tude to signs.

If you are sen­si­tive to the pref­er­ences and lifestyle of the moth­er-in-law, the gift will sure­ly please the birth­day girl.

And the main gift is still love and atten­tion to a loved one.

You can learn more about what to give your moth­er-in-law to please and hit the tar­get.