birth­day gifts

What to give your husband for his birthday?

The ques­tion of choos­ing a gift for her hus­band on his birth­day every year con­fronts every mar­ried woman. And the main task of the wife is to ensure that the moment of pre­sent­ing the present is remem­bered for a long time by the hus­band, and the thing itself turns out to be very nec­es­sary and use­ful.

Features of choice

When choos­ing a gift for a hus­band, you must be guid­ed by his pas­sions, hob­bies and hob­bies. Men, as a rule, do not like use­less gifts, so you should approach the pur­chase very seri­ous­ly. Long before the event, you need to start lis­ten­ing to a man and try to catch his desires. This should be done care­ful­ly and unob­tru­sive­ly — so that the hero of the occa­sion does not guess about the upcom­ing sur­prise. The excep­tion is large anniver­sary gifts, the pur­chase of which agreed in advance with the birth­day per­son and dis­cussed at the fam­i­ly coun­cil.

It is also nec­es­sary to remem­ber that most men pre­fer gifts intend­ed for them per­son­al­ly, so an attempt to com­bine the pur­chase of a com­mon house­hold item with a gift for a hus­band will fail.

More­over, before buy­ing a gift, you need to clear­ly under­stand what things to give to your loved one is not rec­om­mend­ed. Below is a list of gifts, from the pur­chase of which, due to super­sti­tion or vio­la­tion of the rules of eti­quette, it is bet­ter to refrain.

  • Shav­ing and bath acces­sories - not the gifts that should be giv­en for a birth­day. Such things are more appro­pri­ate for Feb­ru­ary 23, New Year or any oth­er gen­er­al hol­i­days. The same applies to socks, shorts and under­pants, which are more than inde­cent to give to a birth­day man.
  • dec­o­ra­tive inte­ri­or items, such as fig­urines, vas­es or table sou­venirs are also poor­ly per­ceived by men and do not cause them spe­cial pos­i­tive emo­tions. There­fore, gifts should be intend­ed exclu­sive­ly for the hero of the occa­sion, and not his apart­ment.
  • Goods of poor qual­i­ty should also not be bought. If there is not enough mon­ey, then it is bet­ter to opt for a small, but high-qual­i­ty thing, rather than buy some­thing large and low-grade, which will quick­ly fail.
  • If the fam­i­ly is pay­ing off a mort­gage loan or just going through hard times, with Buy­ing a gift that is too expen­sive is worth delay­ing. Oth­er­wise, a big bur­den will fall on the gen­er­al bud­get, which will force the man to look for a way out of this sit­u­a­tion and over­shad­ow all the joy of the gift. In such cas­es, it is bet­ter to pre­pare an inex­pen­sive, but orig­i­nal gift, pos­si­bly made by your­self. More­over, even if the fam­i­ly’s finances are in order, it is not rec­om­mend­ed to make a present worth more than the hus­band’s aver­age month­ly income. This is explained by the fact that donat­ing items that he is not able to pay for in every­day life will cause the birth­day per­son a feel­ing of dis­com­fort and will neg­a­tive­ly affect his self-esteem.
  • Mon­ey is also not a good option for a gift from a wife. Anoth­er thing is from rel­a­tives, col­leagues and friends. From them, such a present is per­ceived per­fect­ly, while the hus­band expects much more atten­tion and care from his wife than just an enve­lope with mon­ey. You can give cash only at the request of the spouse him­self, hov­er, in this case, it is bet­ter to beat the gift. To do this, you can put the bills in a beau­ti­ful wal­let or purse, pack them beau­ti­ful­ly and only then present them to your hus­band.

As for pop­u­lar super­sti­tions, there is an opin­ion that the gift of pierc­ing and cut­ting objects can pro­voke fre­quent quar­rels, and a wrist­watch will put an end to rela­tion­ships by stop­ping. Hov­er, it is worth not­ing that nice watch are one of the most com­mon gifts for beloved men, and damask knives with a bang are per­ceived by hus­bands-hunters.

There­fore, the expec­ta­tion of unpleas­ant con­se­quences from their dona­tion is noth­ing more than a prej­u­dice and should not become an obsta­cle to the pur­chase of these items beloved by men.

Hobby related gifts

Hob­by-relat­ed gifts are usu­al­ly high­ly appre­ci­at­ed by hus­bands and make it eas­i­er for them to choose. So, for a fish­er­man spouse, an excel­lent option would be mod­ern spin­ning or a new reel for it. He will not refuse a set of spin­ners, a fold­ing table with chairs, anti-glare sun­glass­es and a box for stor­ing fish­ing acces­sories. More expen­sive options to look at rub­ber boat, new tent or ice screw.

For a hus­band who loves trav­el and extreme sports, you can choose a warm sleep­ing bag, a roomy bacweack, a set of camp­ing unbreak­able dish­essome climb­ing gear and a portable device to charge your mobile phone. In addi­tion to a large gift, it is worth buy­ing a fire starter, a first-aid kit, a drink­ing sys­tem, or portable tool kit and fix­tures — mul­ti­tool.

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For old­er spous­es who pre­fer to mess around in the garage, a good gift would be a set of wrench­es, a new elec­tric drill or a cir­cu­lar saw. Hov­er, it is bet­ter to agree on such a gift, if not with the spouse him­self, then with one of his friends who under­stand a lot about por tools and know for sure what the birth­day man would like to receive for his work­shop.

For an ath­lete hus­band, you can pur­chase sports equip­ment, the choice of which will depend on the sport that the hus­band is involved in. For a spouse who runs in the morn­ing, a wrist­band or a pedome­ter will be a good gift, for a cyclist — a styl­ish acces­so­ry in the form of expen­sive bicy­cle glass­es, bicy­cle gloves or a bicy­cle com­put­er, and for a win­ter sports fan — a new snow­board, ther­mal under­ar or brand­ed hock­ey stick.

If the spouse is a music lover, then you can give him a new music album of a pop­u­lar band, wire­less head­phones or speak­ers. For an active Inter­net user, a flex­i­ble key­board, a new mouse or a mug warmer pored by a USB port will be a good gift. An avid sum­mer res­i­dent will be an excel­lent birth­day gift option new bra­zier, gar­den tool or bath setwhile for the anniver­sary you can give a cul­ti­va­tor or a walk-behind trac­tor. You can give your hus­band an aquar­ist a cer­tifi­cate to a spe­cial­ized store.

You should not buy any­thing your­self, since fish breed­ing is a rather del­i­cate and spe­cif­ic busi­ness, out of igno­rance you can buy some­thing wrong.

Useful things

One of the main cri­te­ria by which most hus­bands eval­u­ate a gift is its prac­ti­cal use. The nec­es­sary things include items that the hus­band will use not from time to time, such as a ten­nis rack­et, but much more often. It can be a soft ter­ry bathrobe with com­fort­able slip­pers, a new knit­ted sater or a DVR in the car. You can buy a truck­er hus­band chair back mas­sagerand for a hot cof­fee lover - brand­ed ther­mo mug. Nec­es­sary gifts include a lap­top bag, a purse and an expen­sive umbrel­la.

If you focus on the pro­fes­sion­al activ­i­ties of the spouse, then a good option would be to pur­chase new over­alls for him, a good mod­ern mon­i­tor, or pay for train­ing in a spe­cial­ty of inter­est to him. If the hus­band works in the office, then a good present will be a sol­id tie, a gold clip for it and the same cuf­flinks. A mil­i­tary or police spouse can be pre­sent­ed with a new safe for stor­ing ser­vice apons or a case for trans­port­ing secret papers.

Wrist­watch­es, a new iPhone, a lap­top, and per­son­al wardrobe items fall under the cat­e­go­ry of use­ful gifts.

Use­ful anniver­sary gifts are more expen­sive than ordi­nary presents. Their task is to empha­size the impor­tance of the event and show the sig­nif­i­cance of the spouse for his sec­ond half. Among the expen­sive and nec­es­sary pre­sen­ta­tions include gold Swiss watch­es, apons, per­son­al com­put­ers, tele­scopes and echo sounders. For a car enthu­si­ast, it is worth buy­ing a set of good tires, and for a spouse who takes care of their health, — exer­cise bike or tread­mill.

Universal Options

It is clear that the choice of a gift for a hus­band must be approached with all respon­si­bil­i­ty and take into account the wish­es and aspi­ra­tions of the birth­day man him­self. Hov­er, sit­u­a­tions often arise when there is sore­ly not enough time to cook some­thing unusu­al. In such cas­es, a list of uni­ver­sal gifts for hus­bands will come to the res­cue, which will always come in handy and will be guar­an­teed to be ll received by them. Pop­u­lar pre­sen­ta­tions include:

  • a large mug for beer with an orig­i­nal inscrip­tion or pat­tern;
  • a ther­mos bag or a cool­er bag designed for long road or rail trav­el;
  • a T‑shirt with a pho­to of the birth­day man, as ll as an engraved cup and a com­men­da­tion let­ter “Best Hus­band”;
  • penknife;
  • head­rest for long trips and ortho­pe­dic pil­low;
  • leather belt, wal­let, brief­case or purse;
  • flash dri­ve large vol­ume;
  • elec­tric bar­be­cue;
  • paja­mas;
  • elec­tron­ic book;
  • Park­er pen and leather-bound diary;
  • chess and backgam­mon.

Of the intan­gi­ble, but no less uni­ver­sal gifts, one can note a sub­scrip­tion to a gym or a swim­ming pool, a cer­tifi­cate for a knife throw­ing mas­ter class and a tick­et to a con­cert of your favorite artist.

original ideas

Some­times it hap­pens that most of the funds re spent on a fes­tive ban­quet, and the issue with the gift remained unre­solved. In such cas­es, bud­getary, but at the same time orig­i­nal gifts, which are usu­al­ly very pop­u­lar and remem­bered by birth­day peo­ple, will help.

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Such pre­sen­ta­tions include per­son­al­ized mug with a por­trait of a spouse and warm wish­es from his wife, as ll as a set of choco­lates with the cov­er of “Beloved Man”, which you can make both on your own and in any pho­to salon. Will be a cool gift a song or poem writ­ten and per­formed by a spouse, or a piece of music ordered from the radio specif­i­cal­ly for the hus­band.

Not too expen­sive, but quite an orig­i­nal gift will be heat­ed slip­pers that are pored by a reg­u­lar USB port or fun­ny mit­tens and socks with an orig­i­nal pat­tern that can be ordered from craftswomen.

We give emotions

Hov­er, you can sur­prise and please your hus­band not only with a use­ful and prac­ti­cal gift. Recent­ly, gifts-emo­tions have been very pop­u­lar, which make the spouse either get his por­tion of adren­a­line, or, on the con­trary, set him up in a roman­tic mood. It should be not­ed right away that not all of them are bud­get options and some can be safe­ly clas­si­fied as expen­sive gifts. It only helps that there are a great many inter­est­ing ideas, which allows you to choose a sur­prise for every taste and bud­get.

Below are some of the most spec­tac­u­lar cre­ative gift options that make a last­ing impres­sion on hus­bands.

  • Extreme gifts. This cat­e­go­ry includes activ­i­ties such as kart­ing, hot air bal­loon­ing and sky­div­ing. And if the major­i­ty of hus­bands react quite pos­i­tive­ly to the first two options, then you should be very care­ful with a para­chute. You can offer your hus­band a cer­tifi­cate and take him to the air­field only if the birth­day man is not afraid of heights and has repeat­ed­ly expressed a desire to jump.

Oth­er­wise, the idea can turn into a spoiled mood and wast­ed mon­ey. Less extreme options are kayak­ing on a moun­tain riv­er and rid­ing an ATV or snow­mo­bile.

  • Prac­ti­cal jokes. You can give such a “gift” only if you are absolute­ly sure that your spouse has a sense of humor, every­thing is in order and he will appre­ci­ate the efforts of his wife. A pop­u­lar trick that caus­es a real emo­tion­al explo­sion in a spouse is the fol­low­ing option: the spous­es joint­ly buy out a hall in a cafe specif­i­cal­ly for cel­e­brat­ing a birth­day. Then they call their friends togeth­er, invite them to the cel­e­bra­tion and enlist their unan­i­mous con­sent.

On the day of the ban­quet, friends one by one call the birth­day man and, apol­o­giz­ing, report that they will not be able to come, while refer­ring to fair­ly good rea­sons. The hus­band, of course, is upset, and the wife is try­ing in every pos­si­ble way to sup­port him. Then, lit­er­al­ly a cou­ple of hours before the ban­quet, the wife is urgent­ly called “to work”. The cou­ple arrange a meet­ing direct­ly in the cafe, where the hero of the occa­sion goes with­out any mood. It is not dif­fi­cult to guess that when he enters the hall upset, he is met there by a friend­ly, jubi­lant com­pa­ny of friends, head­ed by the orga­niz­er of all this “dis­grace” — a beau­ti­ful wife.

  • Quest “Find a present.” It is also a very inter­est­ing gift-emo­tion, which requires quite thor­ough prepa­ra­tion and time. The essence of the quest is as fol­lows: the wife hides the box with the main gift in a safe place and lays out tips through­out the apart­ment where to look for it. Each such note indi­cates the place where the next one lies and con­tains a wish or dec­la­ra­tion of love.

Next to each note, you can put a cute lit­tle thing, like a key­chain, car air fresh­en­er, or a new mouse pad. As a result, while the spouse finds the main gift, he will already have many small but use­ful things.

  • Movie. Such a gift also caus­es a storm of emo­tions and is remem­bered for a long time by the birth­day man. To do this, the wife will, of course, have to work hard, edit­ing a film from chil­dren’s, school and stu­dent pho­tos of her hus­band and choos­ing her own music for each plot. Hov­er, the efforts of the wife will ful­ly pay off with the enthu­si­asm and pos­i­tive emo­tions of her hus­band.

In addi­tion to large sur­prise events, there are a num­ber of small­er pleas­ant options. For exam­ple, if your hus­band has a birth­day in the warm sea­son, you can get up ear­ly, and while the spouse is sleep­ing, write a con­grat­u­la­tion or a dec­la­ra­tion of love with chalk on the pave­ment. A sim­ple but very set option is break­fast in bed, which lifts your spouse’s mood for the whole day and charges him with pos­i­tive emo­tions.

You can also pre-record a video greet­ing and send it to your husband’s email in the morn­ing, or slow­ly replace his old melody on your phone with a con­grat­u­la­tion or a dec­la­ra­tion of love.

There are also mate­r­i­al gifts-emo­tions.

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  • The most pop­u­lar of them are Puz­zlewhich depicts a joint pho­to of the spous­es, and por­traitdrawn from a pho­to­graph. Hov­er, the last present should be tak­en seri­ous­ly and only the pho­to that the hus­band likes should be giv­en as a sam­ple. This is due to the fact that peo­ple, in prin­ci­ple, rarely like them­selves in pho­tographs, and men in this mat­ter are not far behind women.

  • If the spouse loves beer, then you can “pre­pare” an unusu­al cake for him. To do this, you need to tie beer cans togeth­er, dec­o­rate the “cake” with var­i­ous snacks and pack it in beau­ti­ful wrap­ping paper. For a spouse who does not drink beer, you can order a real cake with his pho­to and warm con­grat­u­la­tions.

  • If your birth­day falls on a work day, then you can cook a deli­cious din­ner for your hus­band and deliv­er it direct­ly to his wor­welace by couri­er. As it gets dark, you can order fire­works or launch Chi­nese lanterns into the sky.

  • If the hus­band’s birth­day coin­cid­ed with the hol­i­days of both spous­es, then as a gift you can go on a roman­tic trip on a boat.

DIY masterpieces

And final­ly, the final cat­e­go­ry of gifts for a hus­band is gifts made by him­self. Such things look very touch­ing and car­ry a por­ful ener­gy of love, warmth and care.

  • The sim­plest and cheap­est options such gifts are a greet­ing card and an album, made and designed using the scrap­book­ing tech­nique. You can put pic­tures in the album in chrono­log­i­cal order, rang­ing from a pho­to tak­en at the gate of the hos­pi­tal to a spec­tac­u­lar self­ie a ek ago. Mak­ing such a gift usu­al­ly takes quite a lot of time, so you should start mak­ing it a cou­ple of months before the hol­i­day.

It is advis­able to take those child­hood pho­tographs that the spouse does not even sus­pect and which are kept by his moth­er. In this case, you need to seek help from the moth­er-in-law and scan rare pic­tures.

  • The next pop­u­lar DIY gift is an embroi­dered pic­ture.. Hov­er, such a present requires cer­tain skills and a lot of free time. Embroi­dery would be the per­fect gift for a wife on mater­ni­ty leave. This will allow her to calm­ly deal with the gift while her hus­band is not at home.
  • An excel­lent present would be any warm thing con­nect­ed by the wife with love.. The fastest and sim­plest prod­uct is a long scarf, which even a per­son with­out expe­ri­ence can knit, and more expe­ri­enced craftswomen can knit socks, a hat or gloves.

  • If noth­ing works out at all, and the birth­day is just around the cor­ner, then from pieces of old thin leather you can sew a cool phone case. To do this, make a pat­tern with an allowance of 1.3 cm and on one of the blanks any sim­ple pat­tern is embroi­dered with beads. Then, on both blanks, with the help of an awl, even round holes are made at a dis­tance of 0.7 cm from the edge, and with the help of a silk cord or floss threads, the cov­er is col­lect­ed over the edge.
  • You can also make a set gift with your own hands, for exam­ple, a cake. You can put your hus­band’s name and a short con­grat­u­la­tion on it, for­tu­nate­ly, there are a huge amount of mate­ri­als for dec­o­rat­ing cakes.
  • An orig­i­nal gift will be an edi­ble bou­quet of her hus­band’s favorite prod­ucts. It is not dif­fi­cult to make such a bou­quet, the main thing is to show inge­nu­ity and inven­tion in its man­u­fac­ture. As ingre­di­ents, you can use sev­er­al vari­eties of smoked sausages and cheeses, green dill, pars­ley, olives, gar­lic and nuts. You can also make a mono-bou­quet using sev­er­al types of dried fish for this. The main thing in this busi­ness is to dec­o­rate the gift beau­ti­ful­ly and make it orig­i­nal and pre­sentable.

  • A set-toothed hus­band can arrange a set news­pa­per. To do this, beau­ti­ful pic­tures are glued onto what­man paper, dec­o­rat­ed with sequins, bright stick­ers, and choco­late and oth­er sets are glued on. Com­ic poems, rid­dles and wish­es are writ­ten on the news­pa­per. Odd­ly enough, but such a semi-child­ish wall news­pa­per caus­es a lot of pos­i­tive emo­tions in most men, it is quick­ly eat­en and not for­got­ten for a long time.

What­ev­er the gift for the hus­band on his birth­day, the main thing is that it be made with love and care, then he will be remem­bered for a long time by the hero of the occa­sion.