birth­day gifts

What to give your husband for 40 years?

They say life begins at 40. Those who have crossed this line know this truth first­hand, so choos­ing a gift for a 40-year-old man is not so dif­fi­cult. He begins to change his views on life, to be inter­est­ed in new areas of the world around him, and almost any new thing delights him. But if it is not dif­fi­cult for guests to choose a suit­able gift, then for the wife of the birth­day man it is a real prob­lem. There­fore, offer the wives of 40-year-old men to use the fol­low­ing options.

traditional gifts

Who, if not a wife, knows best about her hus­band’s hob­bies! If he is a col­lec­tor, he will be hap­py to receive a new copy for his col­lec­tion, if he is a bath lover, then bath acces­sories will come in handy.

At this age, men still like to spend time with their friends, so the birth­day man will be hap­py with the evening orga­nized by his wife with friends.

The fol­low­ing items can also be used as gifts.

  • Sub­scrip­tion to the gym. It’s no secret that by the age of 40, many men are wor­ried about changes in their fig­ure, so the hero of the day will be glad to vis­it the gym. Even if the spouse is in great shape, he will not be offend­ed by the oppor­tu­ni­ty to vis­it the instruc­tor and once again sup­port his body.
  • Sport equip­ment. This option is suit­able for those who pre­fer to train at home. You can buy, for exam­ple, new dumb­bells, ights, equip­ment, home exer­cise equip­ment.
  • Car acces­sories. By this age, usu­al­ly all men have cars, and the wife always knows what exact­ly her hus­band lacks for a car deal­er­ship. If the wife is not par­tic­u­lar­ly versed in cars, then you can lim­it your­self to a cer­tifi­cate to an auto acces­sories store.
  • Bar­be­cue or bar­be­cue. At 40, a favorite vaca­tion for most men is a trip to nature. Many of them are engaged in the con­struc­tion of their own house, and some­one becomes the own­er of a dacha, and new equip­ment for orga­niz­ing a pic­nic is a very prac­ti­cal and pleas­ant gift.
  • Gad­get. Mod­ern gad­gets are always a rel­e­vant gift. Suit­able, for exam­ple, a smart­phone, lap­top, micro­phone, e‑book, GPS.
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Original presents

If you want to sur­prise your hus­band on this day, then you can give an orig­i­nal gift.

  • Por­trait of a hus­band on can­vas. You can per­form either an indi­vid­ual por­trait or a gen­er­al pho­to­graph. This gift will always remind the spouse of a hap­py mar­riage.
  • Gift with per­son­al­ized engrav­ing. As a present, a flash dri­ve, a flask, a pen are suit­able. In psy­chol­o­gy, it is believed that a per­son likes to see his name, so such a gift will always cheer up the birth­day man.
  • Set for play­ing pok­er or monop­oly. The hus­band def­i­nite­ly does not expect such a sur­prise. This present will bright­en up fam­i­ly evenings, bring spous­es togeth­er, and will be a great occa­sion to invite friends to vis­it.
  • Home pet. Per­haps the man is an ani­mal lover, but the wife does not agree to his pro­pos­al to have a four-legged fam­i­ly mem­ber. If the wife is still ready for a pet, then the 40th anniver­sary is a great occa­sion to give a fluffy gift. Most like­ly, the spouse is aware of the pre­ferred breed.
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romantic surprise

If the hus­band and wife decid­ed not to cel­e­brate the 40th anniver­sary in a noisy com­pa­ny, then you can arrange a sur­prise for your spouse and orga­nize a roman­tic din­ner in the open air. At this age, romance is not such a fre­quent com­pan­ion of mar­i­tal rela­tions, and the hus­band’s anniver­sary is a good occa­sion to remem­ber your feel­ings.

There are many rooftop restau­rant rentals avail­able for roman­tic evenings, but be sure to check the ather fore­cast care­ful­ly.

You can lim­it your­self to din­ner at a reg­u­lar restau­rant. It would be nice to have a menu in advance. Per­haps the spouse has long dreamed of try­ing some­thing exot­ic, but there was no time to vis­it the restau­rant or this dish is too expen­sive. On your birth­day, you can afford to spend a lit­tle.

Anoth­er roman­tic and orig­i­nal idea is to pre­pare a gift with your own hands. For exam­ple, you can buy or make a pret­ty chest your­self and put forty pieces of paper in it, each of which will say why the spouse loves her hus­band. You can use tra­di­tion­al options, for exam­ple, “For courage”, “For courage”, or you can pick up cool and even inti­mate words, for exam­ple, “For the fact that only you know how to kiss my ears so pas­sion­ate­ly” or “For being so cute wrin­kle your nose when you laugh.

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To real­ly sur­prise your hus­band, you can sing a roman­tic song for him, or take gui­tar lessons in advance and per­form a beau­ti­ful com­po­si­tion.

If the hol­i­day is cel­e­brat­ed in a noisy com­pa­ny, then you can pre-order a video sur­prise. For exam­ple, you can ask all friends and close rel­a­tives to send video greet­ings, beau­ti­ful­ly process video cards and show the video in the fes­tive hall to beau­ti­ful music.

What Not to Give

There are super­sti­tions asso­ci­at­ed with pro­hi­bi­tions on gifts. These include the fol­low­ing.

  • Hand­ker­chief. It is believed that in this fam­i­ly there will be a sea of ​​​​tears.
  • Forks and knives. Attract quar­rels and sep­a­ra­tion into the house.
  • Alco­hol. If the hero of the day leaves the gift for “lat­er”, he will lose his health. You should open the bot­tle on the same day and drink to the health of the birth­day man.
  • Tol. Leads to sep­a­ra­tion.
  • Watch. They short­en the life of their own­er.

Remem­ber that all this is just super­sti­tion, and you should not focus too much on these points.