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What to give your brother for 30 years?

No mat­ter how old a man turns on his next birth­day, he is look­ing for­ward to this date, because he knows that not only a fun hol­i­day awaits him, but also gifts from loved ones. Espe­cial­ly when it comes to the broth­er’s 30th birth­day. Such a day should be mem­o­rable, so a mod­est feast and triv­ial presents are indis­pens­able. In this arti­cle, will con­sid­er what is so orig­i­nal that you can give your broth­er for 30 years to pleas­ant­ly sur­prise him and empha­size your con­cern for him.

Intelligence service

A gift from a sis­ter or broth­er is always spe­cial, because they, as a rule, know the birth­day man best of all and are privy to many of his secrets. They con­stant­ly share their dreams and desires, so you don’t have to “puz­zle” over what to give. The idea of ​​a gift will appear by itself, you just need to be atten­tive dur­ing a con­ver­sa­tion or “fish out” infor­ma­tion by ask­ing lead­ing ques­tions. If for some rea­son it is not pos­si­ble to talk heart to heart with your broth­er and find out about his desires, but you real­ly want to buy a gift for his birth­day, then you will have to think on your own.

In order not to make a mis­take with the present and pre­pare some­thing real­ly nec­es­sary and desired, the idea can be based on a hob­by, pas­sion or child­hood dream of a broth­er. And you also need to try to remem­ber what he said ear­li­er, per­haps secret desires re repeat­ed­ly voiced. If noth­ing comes to mind, then know­ing the tastes and pref­er­ences of your beloved rel­a­tive, you can choose an orig­i­nal present for him. from among tech­ni­cal inno­va­tions, mod­ern fash­ion acces­sories, dec­o­ra­tive items and oth­er things.

Since the 30th anniver­sary is a spe­cial round date, the gifts should be appro­pri­ate. Triv­ial things will be out of place here, name­ly:

  • socks and under­ar;
  • footar and clothes for the house;
  • shav­ing and hygiene kits;
  • crock­ery and cut­lery;
  • tol;
  • bed sheets;
  • ash­tray;
  • alco­hol and con­tain­ers for its con­sump­tion.

The list of “bad” gifts for a man for an anniver­sary can be con­tin­ued for a long time, but it should be not­ed that there may be excep­tions to it. For exam­ple, tools are also not a good gift idea, but if this is a big expen­sive set that a broth­er has long dreamed of, then he will be incred­i­bly hap­py with it.

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There­fore, when choos­ing a sur­prise, you should first of all be guid­ed by the wish­es and needs of the birth­day per­son, and not by gen­er­al­ly accept­ed rules and stan­dards.

Eternal classic

For a birth­day, a loved one is often giv­en some­thing that he can­not afford or, for some rea­son, is in no hur­ry to real­ize his desires. Know­ing about the dreams of the birth­day man, it is not dif­fi­cult to pre­pare a sur­prise for him. But if they remain a mys­tery behind sev­en seals, then a clas­sic men’s gift would be a win-win option.

  • Wrist watch. Despite all the super­sti­tions, such a present is giv­en quite often, and regard­less of the sta­tus of a per­son and his type of activ­i­ty. Today, the mar­ket offers watch options for every taste and bud­get — from expen­sive mod­els made of pre­cious met­als, encrust­ed with dia­monds, to sim­ple items with a min­i­mal­ist design. For lovers of mod­ern tech­nol­o­gy, it is rec­om­mend­ed to choose a smart watch.
  • Purse. Styl­ish, leather purse will please any man. But it should be not­ed that it is not cus­tom­ary to present such a present emp­ty, you need to put a ban­knote inside. If the broth­er is a busi­ness­man, then in addi­tion to the purse it is rec­om­mend­ed to buy a busi­ness card hold­er.
  • Tech­nique. A mod­ern gad­get is always a good, but at the same time quite an expen­sive gift. If finances do not allow, then it is bet­ter to refuse such an idea. Buy­ing cheap equip­ment will be an irra­tional waste, because it has mea­ger char­ac­ter­is­tics and quick­ly fails.
  • Cer­tifi­cate. When you are afraid to make a mis­take with the choice of a gift for a loved one, you can pur­chase a cer­tifi­cate for the pur­chase of goods. It can be a hard­ware store, per­fumery and cos­met­ics, apons, and so on.

Comes from childhood

No mat­ter how sol­id and grown-up a broth­er looks at the age of 30, a boy still lives in his soul who will be glad to receive a toy on his birth­day. But in this case, are not talk­ing about a ted­dy bear or wood­en sol­diers, it is worth con­sid­er­ing a few orig­i­nal ideas.

  • Game con­sole. Not only school­child­ren, but also adult guys dream of SPS or Xbox, so you can safe­ly give a game con­sole. And in order to sur­prise your broth­er and remind him of his hap­py child­hood, you can look for the pre­fix “Dandy”, which at one time was incred­i­bly pop­u­lar.
  • Lego. Who said that assem­bling a design­er is inter­est­ing only for chil­dren. Mod­ern Lego sets are so diverse and enter­tain­ing that even men who are 30 years old enjoy build­ing entire cities from this con­struc­tor for hours.
  • Radio con­trolled tech­nol­o­gy. Guys of all ages dream of cars, heli­copters and quadro­copters with a remote con­trol. Of course, a high-qual­i­ty toy with a wide range of func­tions will cost a lot, but it’s worth it.
  • Board games. If a broth­er has many friends and likes to have par­ties at home, then a board game will def­i­nite­ly please him. But it is rec­om­mend­ed to give pref­er­ence not to a sim­ple monop­oly, check­ers or loto, but to choose some­thing with humor. Quite pop­u­lar games are “I nev­er…”, “Truth or Dare” and so on.
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Gifts with a joke

If par­ents and col­leagues most often present prac­ti­cal gifts, then sis­ters and broth­ers often choose com­ic gifts. In this way, they empha­size their close­ness and spe­cial rela­tion­ship. A cool gift can be a com­plete­ly famil­iar thing, but with an orig­i­nal design or in an unusu­al pack­age. To please a broth­er, on his 30th birth­day, you can present the fol­low­ing giz­mos:

  • a cup or plate with sharp phras­es;
  • pack­ag­ing of socks in a tin can;
  • a set of shorts with a cool print or inscrip­tions;
  • mon­ey meter — a desk­top device with a com­part­ment for ban­knotes and a scale for mea­sur­ing the size of a stack of mon­ey;
  • flash dri­ve with orig­i­nal design;
  • hel­met with hold­er for cans with drinks;
  • com­ic license/certificate.

Hav­ing bought some cool sou­venirs, you can hide them in dif­fer­ent parts of the apart­ment and arrange a fun quest for your broth­er.

Original presents

The anniver­sary of 30 years will def­i­nite­ly be remem­bered by the broth­er if he not only cel­e­brates it cheer­ful­ly, but also receives orig­i­nal gifts. Sur­pris­ing a birth­day per­son is not so dif­fi­cult, you just need to show your imag­i­na­tion, look for infor­ma­tion about unusu­al sur­pris­es and make some efforts. Depend­ing on the option cho­sen, the orig­i­nal present can be bought ready-made, made with your own hands or ordered from pro­fes­sion­als. It is worth con­sid­er­ing a few orig­i­nal solu­tions.

  • Edi­ble bou­quet. No, these are not flors at all, but a set con­sist­ing of alco­hol and var­i­ous snacks, but it can also be sets and oth­er sets. For exam­ple, beer, cray­fish and shrimp, or whiskey, lemon, jerky and cheese. There are many options for bou­quets, and they are made tak­ing into account the wish­es of the client.
  • Extreme gift. If a broth­er has long dreamed of sky­div­ing, fly­ing in a heli­copter or an air­plane, then orga­niz­ing such a sur­prise is not dif­fi­cult. But such a plea­sure is not cheap, and the work sched­ule of orga­ni­za­tions pro­vid­ing such ser­vices may not coin­cide with the date of birth. For exam­ple, in win­ter, order­ing a para­chute jump will not work.
  • Col­lage. A self-made col­lage on a large draw­ing paper with pho­tographs or wish­es and small gifts in the form of sets and sou­venirs will cer­tain­ly touch the broth­er to the core and be remem­bered for many years. Ideas for such a gift and instruc­tions for its imple­men­ta­tion can be found on the Inter­net.
  • Per­son­al­ized acces­sories. Gifts with per­son­al engrav­ing always look styl­ish and expen­sive. It can be any­thing — a pen, a T‑shirt, a cup, a key­chain, a phone case, and more.
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A great addi­tion to any broth­er’s birth­day gift would be card and cake. Of course, 30 years is a sig­nif­i­cant date, but you should not think that on this occa­sion it is nec­es­sary to pre­pare a very expen­sive sur­prise.

The main thing is to show atten­tion and care, and this can be done with a min­i­mal bud­get.

For infor­ma­tion on what else you can give your broth­er for 30 years, see the next video.