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What to give your best friend for her birthday?

The best friend is the named sis­ter, there is no per­son clos­er to her in the world. You can share your joys and trou­bles with her, and she will nev­er judge and will come to the res­cue. On my best friend’s birth­day, I want to sur­prise her with a nice sur­prise. What to do if you have already giv­en a lot of nec­es­sary and inter­est­ing things, but the ideas are over? We have a ton of great gift ideas for you.

Selection Guide

A beloved friend will be delight­ed with any sur­prise, but it’s still bet­ter to take into account the gen­er­al­ly accept­ed rules and under­stand what you can give for your birth­day and what you can’t. What rec­om­men­da­tions should be con­sid­ered when choos­ing a gift for the named sis­ter.

  1. Pref­er­ences. It is unlike­ly that a close friend who loves sports style in clothes will take advan­tage of the new clas­sic clutch. Your best friend who loves clas­si­cal music should­n’t be gift­ed a tick­et to a rock con­cert. You need to think over the sur­prise and find out what the girl would like at the moment or what will always come in handy. Then your gift will real­ly be appro­pri­ate. If you have no ideas at all or a friend is very picky, it is bet­ter to ask her about her desires. She will tell you frankly what she needs, and you won’t have to puz­zle over what to buy.
  2. Age. What is suit­able for a young girl will not please a lady over 30. You must take this into account and select gifts accord­ing to the age of your girl­friend. Chil­dren’s trin­kets are inap­pro­pri­ate for an adult woman, and, con­verse­ly, an elite per­fume is not suit­able for a teenag­er. Who bet­ter than you know the inter­ests of this girl? Approach the choice of sur­prise con­scious­ly, and then you will find the best solu­tion.
  3. Appro­pri­ate­ness of the gift. If a girl works two jobs and dreams, when she comes home, just fall down and fall asleep, then a gift in the form of a pup­py or a kit­ten would be inap­pro­pri­ate. Con­sid­er your girl­friend’s lifestyle and abil­i­ties when it comes to choos­ing a sur­prise. Too busy lady will do what does not cause unnec­es­sary prob­lems.
  4. Time to pur­chase. When think­ing of some­thing grandiose and com­plex in hon­or of the birth­day of your beloved girl­friend, be pre­pared for the fact that the imple­men­ta­tion of the project will take a lot of time. It is unlike­ly that on the eve of the hol­i­day you will be able to orga­nize a mega-par­ty or glue a huge col­lage. And to buy a cer­tain thing is not always pos­si­ble in a cou­ple of hours. Goods in stores can be snapped up.
  5. Finance. Too expen­sive a gift can con­fuse your friend. She will feel oblig­at­ed to you and be ner­vous about it. Frank non­sense is also inap­pro­pri­ate as a gift on this solemn occa­sion. It is impor­tant to find a mid­dle ground and present some­thing in the mid­dle price cat­e­go­ry and pleas­ing to the girl’s heart.
  6. Reac­tion of the oth­ers. Con­sid­er how oth­er guests invit­ed to the hol­i­day will react to your gift.

Do not give some­thing inti­mate in the pres­ence of strangers. This may con­fuse them and your friend. It is bet­ter not to give too pre­ten­tious and unusu­al things. Your mes­sage may not be under­stood.

Universal gifts

Don’t pan­ic if you haven’t come up with some­thing orig­i­nal yet. You can present not too pre­ten­tious, but a uni­ver­sal gift that will def­i­nite­ly come in handy.

  • HDD. Such an acces­so­ry will not be super­flu­ous, even if the own­er has it for the third time. Now so much infor­ma­tion can be stored dig­i­tal­ly: movies, music, pho­tos, that a few hun­dred extra giga­bytes of mem­o­ry will always come in handy.
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  • Store cer­tifi­cate. You cer­tain­ly know what stores your close friend loves. Maybe she dreams of a new blouse or toi­let water from adver­tis­ing? Give her a cer­tifi­cate for any amount and send her for shop­ping.
  • Head­phones. We all love to lis­ten to music and watch movies. Head­phones will always come in handy: bright­en up the sub­way ride, lie down at home and watch a movie before going to bed while every­one is sleep­ing. This is the per­fect gift for your gift.

  • Pro­ce­dures in a beau­ty salon. Any girl takes care of her­self and dreams of once again allow­ing her­self to go to a beau­ty salon. You can give your friend this oppor­tu­ni­ty by giv­ing her a cer­tifi­cate for any pro­ce­dure or a whole com­plex of them in a hair­dress­ing salon, nail stu­dio or spa.

  • Jel­ry box. Jels dear to the heart delight the eyes of any girl, and if they are put in a beau­ti­ful box, then it is dou­bly pleas­ant to admire them. By giv­ing a jel­ry box, you will also make a mem­o­rable gift. When­ev­er your friend ars ear­rings and a pen­dant, she will be immersed in mem­o­ries of you.

  • Sets set. Col­lect the tasti­est can­dies and cook­ies in one big bas­ket. Add cof­fee and tea to the set, as ll as a mug with a fun pat­tern. This is a very nice and impres­sive gift. More­over, it will be seen from it with what love you col­lect­ed these tasty lit­tle things.

  • Beau­ti­ful slip­pers. It’s so nice to come home and immerse your tired feet in cozy soft slip­pers. They ar out quick­ly, so such a sur­prise will sure­ly please the own­er.

  • Wal­let. Always a must have. Choose a mod­el with more room and more com­part­ments for cards. So it will be more ver­sa­tile.

  • Cozy blan­ket. This acces­so­ry will always be need­ed, as cool evenings are not uncom­mon. Get a soft and cozy blan­ket to please your best friend on her per­son­al hol­i­day.

original ideas

If tra­di­tion­al girl­ish sur­pris­es are not for you, try prepar­ing some­thing unusu­al. Use your think­ing and imag­i­na­tion to make a cre­ative sur­prise.

  • Name cake. Order a cake from the mas­ter with a cool inscrip­tion or with a pho­to of the two of you. You can also make fig­urines on it that sym­bol­ize some­thing mean­ing­ful to both of you.
  • T‑shirt with print­ed joint pho­to. If you are real­ly best friends, then order two iden­ti­cal T‑shirts with your fun­ny pho­to togeth­er at the near­est print shop. This gift will always remind the girl of your friend­ship.
  • Por­trait. Many girls dream of receiv­ing their por­trait paint­ed by an artist as a gift.

Do not be stingy with such a sur­prise if you have ever heard such a wish from your girl­friend.

  • Extreme Adven­ture. Sky­div­ing, scary quest, kart­ing and oth­er sim­i­lar adven­tures will help to play on your girl­friend’s nerves and make her next birth­day one of the most mem­o­rable in her life.
  • Mas­ter class in any occu­pa­tion. Sup­pose that your friend is an enthu­si­as­tic per­son who strives for self-devel­op­ment. To please her cre­ative nature on a hol­i­day, get her a mas­ter class in play­ing the gui­tar, paint­ing, put­ty­ing walls, mak­ing toys or aving baubles. She will be very hap­py with such an unusu­al present.

  • Unusu­al key­chain. This con­ve­nient and beau­ti­ful acces­so­ry allows you to store all the keys in one place and not to lose them on the night­stands and pants pock­ets. Pick the right drar that match­es your girl­friend’s hall­way inte­ri­or, and you’ve prob­a­bly stud­ied it ll.
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  • Chan­de­lier in the form of a dis­co ball. For a cheer­ful girl, such a gift is suit­able and will delight her every day. Incen­di­ary music will accom­pa­ny the evenings with a new inter­est­ing burn­ing chan­de­lier.

  • Pro­jec­tor. Watch­ing movies while lying on your back and star­ing at the ceil­ing is a dream of many peo­ple. Make a dream come true for your girl­friend: give her a pro­jec­tor that works with any mod­ern gad­gets. She will be delight­ed with such a present.

  • Con­grat­u­la­tions on TV or radio. Order a con­grat­u­la­tion for your girl­friend in the cor­re­spond­ing pro­gram and ask her to be near the TV at a cer­tain time or turn on a cer­tain fre­quen­cy. She will be delight­ed if some local celebri­ty says her name out loud and says a few nice words in hon­or of the hol­i­day.

  • A beau­ti­ful pig­gy bank. At any age, dream of rais­ing an amount for some of our dreams.

You can push your girl­friend to ful­fill her cher­ished desire by giv­ing her a big pig­gy bank. She will imper­cep­ti­bly begin to save mon­ey and remain very grate­ful to you.

Budget options

If you do not have enough funds to buy an impres­sive gift, do not wor­ry. Not hav­ing a lot of mon­ey, you can also arrange a chic sur­prise that will be remem­bered for a long time. Bud­get options are as fol­lows.

  • Tick­ets to the cir­cus, cin­e­ma or water park. They are not so expen­sive, but the event will allow you to spend time with plea­sure. Buy two tick­ets for the next ekend (a friend won’t go alone to enjoy such an event) and hand them in a beau­ti­ful enve­lope to your friend.
  • DIY present. If you are fond of needle­work, draw beau­ti­ful­ly or just have a wild imag­i­na­tion, try to make a gift with a min­i­mum of costs, but with soul. Draw a beau­ti­ful pic­ture for your friend, knit a sater or glue togeth­er an inter­est­ing col­lage from pho­tos.
  • Book. Who bet­ter than you to know your friend’s favorite author. Buy her a nov­el­ty from the book indus­try or buy a ll-known clas­sic wor­thy of a place in your home library.

You can also pur­chase a book relat­ed to your close friend’s hob­by. With it, she will expand her knowl­edge about her favorite busi­ness.

  • Board game. It’s so nice some­times to get togeth­er with friends and rel­a­tives at the table and play some­thing. It takes every­one away from inter­net addic­tions. The board game will be a use­ful and inex­pen­sive gift for your best friend.

  • Soft toy and flors. Not only a guy can give such a present. Such lit­tle things are always pleas­ant and will take their right­ful place on the table of your girl­friend.

  • Box of can­dies. All girls love sets, and even if they are on a diet, they still will not refuse to eat can­dy on their main hol­i­day. Present your favorite sets in a beau­ti­ful box to your friend and you will see a smile on her face.

  • Make­up kit. Many stores sell beau­ti­ful sets with cos­met­ics, and not all of them cost fab­u­lous mon­ey.

Con­sid­er the pref­er­ences of your girl­friend and get her such a sur­prise.

  • Table­ware. This includes vas­es, plates, mugs and every­thing that is need­ed in the house every day. Find out what the girl needs at the moment and choose some­thing suit­able. And most impor­tant­ly, you will meet a very mod­est bud­get.
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  • Alco­hol. An adult girl can buy a bot­tle of good alco­hol for the hol­i­day: mar­ti­ni or cham­pagne. They are not that expen­sive, but would be appro­pri­ate as a birth­day present.

  • Indoor plant. Give your friend a spe­cial sym­bol­ic plant. For exam­ple, “wom­en’s hap­pi­ness” or “mon­ey tree”. Such a gift is inex­pen­sive, but if pre­sent­ed cor­rect­ly, it will make the girl hap­py.

Useful gifts

If you want to make a use­ful gift, since both you and your girl­friend are prac­ti­cal peo­ple, then this is com­mend­able. It will come in handy and will real­ly be used, and one of the fol­low­ing presents will give a friend pleas­ant emo­tions.

  • Sub­scrip­tion to the gym. Any girl wants to remain beau­ti­ful at any age. Now you can take care of your­self and your body, and a gym mem­ber­ship will help in this mat­ter best.
  • Robot vac­u­um clean­er. This mir­a­cle of tech­nol­o­gy appeared on the mar­ket not so long ago, but has already man­aged to win the trust of many busy peo­ple. Such a sur­prise will become a real helper in the house. The elec­tron­ic vig­i­lante is sure to make your best friend hap­py on her birth­day.
  • Hair dry­er or hair straight­en­er. If she does not have such devices or she often trav­els on busi­ness trips and dreams of the com­pact size of these things, give her friend such acces­sories. Well-groomed hair is an every­day attribute of most mod­ern girls.

  • Every­thing for hand­made. Many women are fond of some kind of needle­work. If your friend is one of them, then give her attrib­ut­es for her birth­day for her hob­by: brush­es, paints and paper, knit­ting nee­dles and hooks, sewing kits and fab­rics, or some­thing else. Any addict­ed per­son will be delight­ed with objects that will help his cre­ativ­i­ty.
  • Portable accu­mu­la­tor. Such a thing is sim­ply irre­place­able. You nev­er know when a dead phone or tablet will catch you by sur­prise. If a friend leads an active lifestyle, often trav­el­ing, she will sure­ly be delight­ed with such a use­ful sur­prise.
  • mas­sager. After a whole day of run­ning around or sit­ting in an office chair, it is very nice to come home and get a mas­sage. There is no time for a mas­sage ther­a­pist every day, but an elec­tric mas­sager can work won­ders.

  • Mon­ey. Prob­a­bly the most prac­ti­cal gift is mon­ey. On them, your friend can buy what­ev­er her soul desires. Get them a beau­ti­ful enve­lope and hand it over with a smile.
  • Mul­ti­cook­er. If the girl still does not have this kitchen unit, you can buy her this irre­place­able thing. The mul­ti­cook­er helps to save time and pre­pare healthy meals with­out excess fat.
  • A set of qual­i­ty tols. Bath tols quick­ly lose their col­or as they are washed reg­u­lar­ly.

If you buy a beau­ti­ful set of these bath acces­sories, you can’t go wrong. In any case, they will be need­ed.

  • Nice umbrel­la. Even if a friend already has an umbrel­la, the sec­ond will be use­ful. Get a com­pact ver­sion that fits com­fort­ably in a small bag or car glove com­part­ment.

Any gift made from the heart will be received accord­ing­ly. Do not be stingy with nice words and com­pli­ments dur­ing the pre­sen­ta­tion, and your best friend will be flat­tered by the atten­tion and delight­ed with the sur­prise.

For infor­ma­tion on what to give your best friend for her birth­day, see the next video.