The­mat­ic gifts

What to give for the birth of a girl?

The appear­ance of a baby in the fam­i­ly is an event that delights, caus­es a not only among fam­i­ly mem­bers, but also among the imme­di­ate envi­ron­ment. It is rare for a fam­i­ly to be left unat­tend­ed by rel­a­tives and friends: every­one wants to con­grat­u­late their loved ones on such a hap­py event. Ques­tion — how to con­grat­u­late? What is it like to give if, for exam­ple, a girl was born in the fam­i­ly?

Selection rules

Is there eti­quette in this mat­ter, a set of good man­ners? Rather, it fits into the con­cepts of the gen­er­al appro­pri­ate­ness of gifts, cour­tesy, etc. First, you should decide on this: do you want to give the birth of a girl some­thing that the baby may need right now, or make a beau­ti­ful present for the future. Both options are eli­gi­ble for con­sid­er­a­tion.

Ahead of fur­ther rea­son­ing is the ques­tion: maybe direct­ly ask the par­ents what the child needs? Or rather, what do they need for the good of the new­born? If a daugh­ter was born to a real­ly close per­son, such a ques­tion is appro­pri­ate and prac­ti­cal. But, it should be not­ed, more and more often even young par­ents pre­fer sur­pris­es.

At the same time, they insure them­selves: for exam­ple, they cre­ate a viber chat for all those invit­ed to vis­it on the occa­sion of the birth of a baby and tell what they have already bought.

Fear­ing that the gift will be dupli­cat­ed, many decide what to give for the future — this is rea­son­able. All devices from the “for the first time” series need sev­er­al months, very often rock­ing chairs, cra­dles, devel­op­ing rugs are inher­it­ed by young par­ents from rel­a­tives and friends.

That’s why the algo­rithm is like this.

  • If you learned about the birth of a child from a loved one when the moth­er and the baby re still in the hos­pi­tal, it would be use­ful to send a small bag of prod­ucts for the moth­er and a beau­ti­ful greet­ing card there. At this stage, such a sign of atten­tion is enough.
  • When young par­ents indi­cat­ed their desire to see you at a par­ty, to meet a new­born niece (god­daugh­ter, just a daugh­ter of friends), it’s time to ask how best to con­grat­u­late the fam­i­ly.
  • If the par­ents declined to ansr, you also have two options for how to pro­ceed. You can coop­er­ate with oth­er invi­tees, buy a big com­mon gift. If every­one joint­ly decides that the best gift is mon­ey, that’s fine too. To come to vis­it with bal­loons (which will not be in the baby’s room, of course), flors for mom and an enve­lope is a very good sce­nario.
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The next ques­tion is the val­ue of the gift. There are no uni­ver­sal tips here. Usu­al­ly, if you go to your sis­ter, broth­er (close rel­a­tives), the amount is larg­er than if you go to con­grat­u­late a friend.

Original gifts

Do not want to give some­thing gen­er­al­ly accept­ed, stan­dard? Well, no need, think about a sur­prise for a new­born. Here are some orig­i­nal gifts.

  • Jel­ry for mem­o­ry. Of course, this is a gift for the future, it has become orig­i­nal in recent decades. Once upon a time, it was quite a tra­di­tion­al act — to present a new­born with a com­mem­o­ra­tive piece of jel­ry. Small gold ear­rings or a cross (by agree­ment with par­ents), a pen­dant is more than a wor­thy gift. By the way, if the moth­er of the child is a per­son very close to you, the jel­ry can be addressed to her. For exam­ple, a pen­dant on a bracelet or chain with the word “moth­er” is a won­der­ful sign of atten­tion to a young moth­er.
  • Bal­let shoes, gym­nas­tic leo­tard, rack­et, etc. If a daugh­ter was born to a dancer or ath­lete, rel­a­tives often try to make a gift for a new­born the­mat­ic. It is touch­ing, sym­bol­ic and always brings tears of ten­der­ness to a young moth­er. Of course, it can be sou­venir bal­let shoes or a rack­et.

  • Deliv­ery of birth­day shirts. You can arrange with a com­pa­ny that makes T‑shirts or body­suits that on a cer­tain day of each month, their deliv­ery will send T‑shirts to the moth­er of a new­born with the inscrip­tion “I am 1 month old”, “I am 2 months old”, etc. And so on — until of the year. It’s nice, unusu­al, and very con­ve­nient for a pho­to shoot: after all, in the first year, babies usu­al­ly take pic­tures of all her lit­tle birth­days. By the way, the idea of ​​T‑shirt deliv­er­ies can be sim­pli­fied.

Buy clothes of dif­fer­ent sizes (so that the gap is up to a year), take them to a print shop, they will be print­ed. Well, you can deliv­er them by mail or with the help of couri­ers.

  • New­born pho­to ses­sion cer­tifi­cate. Today there are many pho­tog­ra­phers whose spe­cial­iza­tion is pho­to shoots with new­borns. They shoot babies who are not yet 28 days old, and the pic­tures are very touch­ing.

Remem­ber that the prac­ti­cal­i­ty of a gift is not its main val­ue. You can and should give impres­sions and emo­tions. This is such a valu­able, so quick­ly pass­ing time that it makes sense to des­ig­nate it, mark it with unex­pect­ed and sen­ti­men­tal gifts.

Useful gifts

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Not all young par­ents are set on sym­bol­ic gifts: some­one wants max­i­mum prac­ti­cal­i­ty. Well, there’s noth­ing wrong with that either. The most obvi­ous thing is the gift box. This is a large box (bas­ket, box) in which you put every­thing that a new­born needs right now: bot­tles, baby cos­met­ics, paci­fiers, first aid kit, etc. It’s a good idea to put it all in a bath, tie it with a rib­bon and present it like that. What else can you give away:

  • sling - the thing is nec­es­sary, fash­ion­able, very use­ful if the moth­er is set for an active mater­ni­ty leave;
  • chil­dren’s table­ware — in six months, the baby will need it, plates with suc­tion cups, as ll as drink­ing bowls will be most lcome;
  • toys - with­out them it is dif­fi­cult to imag­ine the devel­op­ment of a mod­ern child, a child needs safe “devel­op­ers”;
  • clothes - you don’t need a lot of it, but how con­ve­nient it is when body­suits, vests, over­alls, hats are stacked in a chest of drars;
  • bed sheets - even if the par­ents have already tak­en care of this, a replace­ment kit will not be super­flu­ous;
  • are­na - where with­out it, choose a con­ve­nient mod­el;
  • elec­tric swing — but it is worth coor­di­nat­ing their need with your par­ents (in the same way, do not buy walk­ers and jumpers with­out your par­ents’ opin­ion about their need).

A cra­dle can be very use­ful, sim­ply invalu­able for a moth­er. This is a cra­dle on wheels, it is used only until the time the baby has learned to sit. We need a cra­dle for only six months, but how con­ve­nient it is for mom to move this crib on wheels around the house, take it out to the bal­cony, etc.

A use­ful gift would be baby mon­i­tor and bot­tle ster­il­iz­er and infant car­ri­er. If young par­ents have not yet acquired high chair, give it to them — the gift will def­i­nite­ly be need­ed and demand­ed for a long time. Among use­ful gifts and the first bathing cir­cle, and a set of water­proof dia­pers for the crib, and a large sup­ply of dia­pers.

What can be done with your own hands?

If you assume that young par­ents will appre­ci­ate a home­made gift, that’s fine — there will be a kind memen­to that evokes pleas­ant asso­ci­a­tions. What can you do with your own hands?

  • Box “moth­er’s trea­sures”. This is a dec­o­rat­ed box where the moth­er will keep the tags from the hos­pi­tal, the first cut hairs, the first tooth that fell out, the baby’s first socks, etc. You can dec­o­rate the box using dif­fer­ent tech­niques: decoupage, scrap­book­ing, etc. The styles are also dif­fer­ent, one of the most pop­u­lar — shab­by chic.
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  • Album I’m Growth. It is more dif­fi­cult to do this, but if you work ll in var­i­ous graph­ic and pho­to edi­tors, you can com­plete­ly think over the lay­out, and pro­fes­sion­al print­ers will print an album for you.
  • dia­per cake. A clas­sic of the genre, of course, but you can refer to it.

  • Baby bed linen. Know how to sew, order a fab­ric with the cutest chil­dren’s pat­tern and sew the first bed set for a girl using sam­ples from the Inter­net. Make an inte­ri­or toy in tone a nice bonus.
  • Knit­ted plaid. And if you knit, then the same Inter­net will offer you a sea of ​​u200bu200bideas of won­der­ful blan­kets for kids — they are indis­pens­able for a walk.
  • Pho­to­shoot. If you your­self are strong in pho­tog­ra­phy, offer young par­ents to make the first pho­to shoot with the baby. Then print the best pho­tos, put them in a beau­ti­ful fes­tive enve­lope and present them on the girl’s first mini-birth­day (or on anoth­er day).

  • Set of knit­ted hats. Today, hats knit­ted in the style of “lit­tle gnome” are very pop­u­lar. If you knit, then mas­ter this sim­ple mod­el. Make sev­er­al hats — 4–5, in dif­fer­ent col­ors.
  • Beads for a paci­fi­er. Also a nec­es­sary thing: if a paci­fi­er is lost, this is a dra­ma for the whole fam­i­ly. Beads will help the baby keep the “seda­tive” with him.

But first, famil­iar­ize your­self with the safe­ty pre­cau­tions — what you need to make such beads from so that the baby can­not be injured by them.

  • Trav­el bag. You can make a bag or a bacweack for your moth­er your­self, where every­thing that even the­o­ret­i­cal­ly can be use­ful for a walk can eas­i­ly fit.

  • Knit­ted octo­pus­es. The gift is rel­e­vant for those par­ents whose baby was in a hur­ry with the birth of the world. More­over, you can present such a gift with­out wait­ing for an invi­ta­tion to vis­it (while the baby is in the hos­pi­tal, doc­tors often ask you to bring knit­ted toys made of high-qual­i­ty yarn). Such toys help the child, wake him up so that he does not fall asleep sound­ly (which is dan­ger­ous for pre­ma­ture babies).

The main thing is to real­ize that all these chores with gifts for new­borns are very pleas­ant, touch­ing, nec­es­sary.. Do not for­get to sin­gle out a young moth­er, be sure to give her flors, this is sup­port, delight, and care in one sim­ple ges­ture.

How to make a dia­per cake is described in the next video.