TOP sets “Clever” for age 3+

Smart Girl®. Cubes “I read eas­i­ly”

The author’s tech­nique for sim­ple learn­ing to read. With these extra­or­di­nary cubes, your child will read his first word on his own in the very first les­son. You may not even know the let­ters! The secret is in the spe­cial design of dynam­ic cubes. The child learns to count by syl­la­bles, it is eas­i­er and faster than by let­ters.

Smart Girl®. Series “not HochU” Three sets: “I don’t WANT to sleep”, “I don’t WANT to go to kinder­garten”, “I don’t WANT to clean”

These kits teach you to find the rea­sons for the “bad” behav­ior of the child and deal with them care­ful­ly. With the help of com­pe­tent psy­cho­log­i­cal fairy tales and ther­a­peu­tic games, you will be able to estab­lish WHY the child behaves in this way and gen­tly elim­i­nate prob­lems.

Smart Girl®. Series “Book warm-up”

5 sets for those who are study­ing or have recent­ly learned to read The right books for the first read­ing: short, with clear plots, large print, and most impor­tant­ly — the text is placed sep­a­rate­ly from the pic­ture. The child reads the text, and then looks at the illus­tra­tion, this helps him not to be dis­tract­ed. Each set con­tains books of dif­fer­ent lev­els of com­plex­i­ty, from the sim­plest to the most dif­fi­cult.

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Smart Girl®. “First Math­e­mat­ics”

Set of 5 board games for learn­ing to count. The games are arranged in order of increas­ing dif­fi­cul­ty, some can be played alone, oth­ers have a com­pet­i­tive ele­ment. The kid learns to count by him­self from the first les­son, and math­e­mat­ics for him will imme­di­ate­ly turn out to be sim­ple and fun.

Smart Girl®. Geo­graph­ic

A set of games for kids aged 2–5 to get to know the plan­et: con­ti­nents, oceans, coun­tries. Activ­i­ties include games on a huge world map where you can crawl and draw, and all mini-jour­neys are detailed in the guide­books.