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What gift can be given to a pregnant woman?

A preg­nant woman deserves a gift even if there are no oth­er hol­i­days dur­ing preg­nan­cy. Hov­er, giv­en that the “inter­est­ing sit­u­a­tion” lasts three quar­ters of the year, at least one of the com­pa­ny’s lists falls with­in this peri­od — a birth­day, New Year or March 8th. As a rule, the fact of preg­nan­cy itself great­ly affects what a girl is giv­en, so it’s worth sort­ing out the pos­si­ble options for a present.

Best Useful Options

Despite the fact that preg­nan­cy for most women is a lcome and very joy­ful event, it still caus­es a lot of incon­ve­nience. From now on, a girl who is ready to pro­vide replen­ish­ment in the fam­i­ly will have much less free time, and she also needs increased com­fort, so gifts for preg­nant women often have a prac­ti­cal use. Con­sid­er the things that are most often giv­en to wives, daugh­ters, sis­ters and girl­friends.

  • Kitchen appli­ances. Now it will be nec­es­sary to cook food much more often — both the moth­er her­self and the child need to eat reg­u­lar­ly. Prod­ucts should be healthy, and the diet should be bal­anced, so you won’t get off with the day before yesterday’s soup. In addi­tion, a few months after the birth of the child, he will need his own fresh­ly pre­pared food, so all these slow cook­ers, blenders, juicers and yogurt mak­ers will come in very handy.

Thanks to such equip­ment, the cook­ing process will become auto­mat­ed, and the freed up time can be spent on your­self, and a lit­tle lat­er on the child.

  • Robot vac­u­um clean­er. Anoth­er very use­ful assis­tant that can take on all the hard­ships of clean­ing. Con­sid­er­ing that chil­dren will soon appear in the house, who are tra­di­tion­al­ly very prone to aller­gies to lit­er­al­ly every­thing, per­fect clean­li­ness in the house will not hurt, besides, young moth­ers are also prone to aller­gic reac­tions.
  • Wash­ing machine with del­i­cate wash func­tion. Most mod­ern house­holds already have such equip­ment, but if for some rea­son they still haven’t bought it, it’s time to think about it. Such a unit will pro­vide con­stant­ly clean clothes, while wash­ing small and frag­ile things very care­ful­ly.
  • Sling. Such a new­fan­gled sur­prise is a shoul­der strap that allows you to always keep the baby with you, while leav­ing your hands free. Such a gift will sure­ly appeal to active moth­ers, since now they can go out to the store and take a walk with­out a stroller, and even do minor house­work with­out leav­ing the child unat­tend­ed.

At the same time, will not blind­ly praise such a deci­sion, but will be ade­quate — not all experts con­sid­er this option use­ful both for the child him­self and for his moth­er.

  • Books about moth­er­hood. There is no such per­son who from birth would know absolute­ly every­thing. Knowl­edge about how to prop­er­ly care for a child, what to pre­pare for, how to prop­er­ly devel­op and edu­cate him, do not come from nowhere. If a preg­nant woman is prepar­ing to give birth for the first time and has nev­er watched the care of small chil­dren with her own eyes, many things may come as a sur­prise to her.
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Nobody can­celed the tri­al and error method, but, of course, it is bet­ter to do with­out mis­takes, and the expe­ri­ence of pre­vi­ous gen­er­a­tions will great­ly help in this.

  • Mon­ey. In many cas­es, this gift is con­sid­ered banal and, as it re, shows that the giv­er sim­ply did not rack his brains and waste time choos­ing a present, but for a preg­nant woman, cash is a very prac­ti­cal thing that will be appre­ci­at­ed. A young fam­i­ly prepar­ing for the arrival of their first child is often very finan­cial­ly con­strained, so any exter­nal invest­ment will be received with enthu­si­asm.

Original gifts

Each per­son has a dif­fer­ent con­cept of orig­i­nal­i­ty of pre­sen­ta­tions, but in the case of preg­nant women, you can choose sev­er­al unusu­al solu­tions that are suit­able for the sit­u­a­tion and can­not be con­sid­ered a hack­neyed option at all. Let’s look at a few of these ideas.

For exam­ple, one of the most excit­ing moments for a future moth­er is watch­ing a baby in the womb — you can see it on an ultra­sound scan, and some­times you can even lis­ten to a heart­beat. At home, you won’t be able to see the fruit, but enter­pris­ing man­u­fac­tur­ers have launched a device that allows you to track the heart­beat of an unborn baby. For a preg­nant woman, this is a vari­ant of feed­back from the child, because she can talk to him, but the reac­tion is mon­i­tored only in the form of move­ments.

If the moth­er under­stands med­i­cine, such a solu­tion will also help her mon­i­tor the health of the fetus. Inter­est­ing­ly, the gad­get can even be con­nect­ed to a com­put­er to record a heart­beat.

There is anoth­er unit, which is called Baby­kick. It tracks the activ­i­ty of the child in terms of move­ments — they usu­al­ly appear from about 24 eks. As in the case of a device for lis­ten­ing to a heart­beat, such a gad­get with an abun­dance of stored infor­ma­tion can pro­vide a lot of use­ful infor­ma­tion to a doc­tor lead­ing a preg­nan­cy, because the patient her­self will be hap­py to mon­i­tor the baby at home.

With such a device, it is also very easy to iden­ti­fy pat­terns in the motor activ­i­ty of the fetus, which means that you can quick­ly notice any changes in behav­ior.

A rather orig­i­nal solu­tion is the Bel­ly Art set. While some­one leaves a mem­o­ry of him­self in the form of foot­prints or hand­prints, a preg­nant moth­er with the help of such a gift will be able to make a plas­ter cast of her own bel­ly.

To be hon­est, such a gift is not for every­one, but those who appre­ci­ate unusu­al works of art and would love to dec­o­rate their home with art-house sculp­tures may like this option.

Mem­o­ries of preg­nan­cy in gen­er­al are often a cause for nos­tal­gia in women, many of them per­ceive this con­di­tion as a sym­bol of fem­i­nin­i­ty and are proud of it. For this rea­son, pho­tos tak­en in an inter­est­ing posi­tion are sure to be among the most beloved.

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Mod­ern tech­nolo­gies have almost killed pro­fes­sion­al pho­tog­ra­phers, but in this case it is bet­ter to turn to them, because such spe­cial­ists, and even in a duet with a make­up artist, will make a tru­ly beau­ti­ful pho­to shoot that will delight the eye for decades to come. Can be giv­en as a gift cer­tifi­cate for attend­ing such a pho­to ses­sion.

Selection Tips

Regard­less of who you give a gift to, you always want the recip­i­ent to be hap­py with the gift, so you need to give some­thing that the per­son wants, or that he def­i­nite­ly would not hurt. You can always give some­thing of your own choice, but be pre­pared for the fact that due to the increased hor­mon­al back­ground, preg­nant women are often very capri­cious and not always inclined to hide their emo­tions.

For this rea­son, it makes sense to con­duct at least a min­i­mal pre­lim­i­nary recon­nais­sance — you can care­ful­ly ask what the young fam­i­ly lacks, and what they def­i­nite­ly won’t buy in the near future.

It is also dif­fi­cult to choose a good gift for a preg­nant woman because her cur­rent con­di­tion is tem­po­rary, and often your present will either not come in handy soon, or is use­ful now, but may become unnec­es­sary in a cou­ple of months. Of course, in such a sit­u­a­tion it is bet­ter to focus on things, the need for which will not dis­ap­pear. In this regard, it seems very prac­ti­cal any gifts like a trans­former — for exam­ple, there is even a jack­et of such a cut that will always be a moth­er’s fig­ure, even after child­birth.

Please note that any items you give to a preg­nant woman must be of high qual­i­ty in terms of envi­ron­men­tal friend­li­ness of mate­ri­als. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, too many prod­ucts these days are made from low-qual­i­ty plas­tics or paint­ed with low-qual­i­ty paints and var­nish­es.

Con­sumers pur­chase such prod­ucts, con­sid­er­ing such a pur­chase to be prof­itable because of its low price, but the health of an ordi­nary adult is one thing, which, by the way, can also suf­fer, and quite anoth­er is a preg­nant moth­er and her com­plete­ly frag­ile baby.

Giv­en the increased ten­den­cy to aller­gies, any gift to a preg­nant woman should be not only envi­ron­men­tal­ly friend­ly, but also hypoal­ler­genic.

While a woman is only in an inter­est­ing posi­tion, she may sud­den­ly have quite a lot of free time. This hap­pens if mater­ni­ty leave began quite ear­ly, and a car­ing hus­band does not allow you to inten­sive­ly load the body with phys­i­cal exer­cis­es, at least in the form of minor house­work. In such a sit­u­a­tion, a preg­nant woman may sim­ply get bored, because not the worst gift for her can be some kind of enter­tain­ment, be it a book of any direc­tion or pleas­ant relax­ing music.

Among oth­er things, such gifts are also good because they dis­tract from bad emo­tions, allow you to relax more pro­duc­tive­ly and tune in a pos­i­tive way, unless, of course, the donor thought of giv­ing some­thing gloomy.

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Final­ly, many of the fair sex already in the first months of preg­nan­cy are ner­vous because they are not sure of their abil­i­ty to return a nor­mal fig­ure after child­birth. In this case, a good gift option might be spe­cial cos­met­ics for preg­nant women, there are even spe­cial creams for stretch marks. A set of such funds can be quite expen­sive, and the fam­i­ly has oth­er impor­tant expens­es, so donate a whole bas­ket. By doing this, you will return the girl’s self-con­fi­dence, and the future dad will appre­ci­ate the prac­ti­cal present.

What is better not to give?

When choos­ing a good gift, it is impor­tant to focus not only on ide­al solu­tions, you should imme­di­ate­ly fig­ure out what is def­i­nite­ly not suit­able. For exam­ple, when hand­ing over the same kitchen appli­ances, you need to do it in such a way as to great­ly sim­pli­fy every­day duties; if the gift is a hint that it is time to take respon­si­bil­i­ty for house­hold chores, this can only piss you off. It is espe­cial­ly tact­less to give such gifts to your hus­band, because the same slow cook­er or blender is good, but a fry­ing pan is already bad.

When choos­ing a gift, start not only from the usu­al habits and pref­er­ences of the recip­i­ent, but also from her cur­rent posi­tion. Imag­ine for a sec­ond that before preg­nan­cy, the girl con­sid­ered her­self a fash­ion­ista and loved evening dress­es very much, now such a birth­day present will only upset her.

Indeed, in posi­tion, she sim­ply won’t fit into such clothes, after giv­ing birth she won’t have time for par­ties for a long time, which means that it will be pos­si­ble to real­ly ar such a gift only after about a year and a half, and even then, if she man­ages to return to her orig­i­nal form .

Few peo­ple will be hap­py with a present that can only be used in the dis­tant future, so this is a clear mis­take in terms of choice.

Per­fume and eau de toi­lette should be giv­en very care­ful­ly in any case, and giv­ing them to a preg­nant woman is fraught with a lot of trou­ble. First­ly, if you do not know the gift­ed per­son per­fect­ly, you may sim­ply not guess with the aro­ma, because each per­son has his own tastes and a spe­cial idea of ​​u200bu200bthe ide­al image. Sec­ond­ly, the girl’s increased sus­cep­ti­bil­i­ty to pun­gent odors often makes preg­nant ladies use per­fume less inten­sive­ly.

Sets are con­sid­ered anoth­er pop­u­lar gift that is not suit­able for the role of the main one, but is often present as a sec­ondary one.. Most girls can be con­sid­ered a set tooth and will refuse to abuse such prod­ucts, except per­haps because they care for a slen­der fig­ure.

It’s good if the only con­se­quence is addi­tion­al dif­fi­cul­ties when return­ing to its for­mer shape after child­birth, hov­er, overight can adverse­ly affect the baby’s health, so it’s bet­ter not to tempt the expec­tant moth­er with such food once again.

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