Men’s ter­ry dress­ing gown is a uni­ver­sal and prac­ti­cal gift for a man for any occa­sion: birth­day, Feb­ru­ary 23, New Year, anniver­sary, dding anniver­sary. This is the very gift that will help express love and care with­out fur­ther ado! The bathrobe is made of dou­ble-sided pre­mi­um ter­ry cloth, den­si­ty 400 g/m2, 100% cot­ton. The high qual­i­ty of the ter­ry pro­vides com­fort and cre­ates an atmos­phere of cozi­ness. The men’s dress­ing gown is soft, warm and per­fect­ly absorbs mois­ture. A ter­ry bathrobe is per­fect for every­day use at home, in a bath, in a sauna or in a pool. Men’s dress­ing gown is suit­able for tall and short, men of dif­fer­ent types of fig­ures, there are large sizes in dark blue. In order for the ter­ry bathrobe to serve for a long time and not lose its for­mer soft­ness, fol­low the rules for car­ing for it. Wash the men’s dress­ing gown in a del­i­cate mode, at a low tem­per­a­ture and using emol­lients.

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