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What to give a guy for 21 years?

Tnty-one years is a seri­ous age for a young man. At this time, the per­son­al­i­ty is ful­ly formed, there is a choice of life val­ues. To give an orig­i­nal gift to a guy on his 21st birth­day, you need to explore all pos­si­ble options. It is worth not­ing that the price of the gift does not mat­ter.

If you choose the right one, for a small amount you can buy a great gift for your broth­er, son, hus­band on their 21st birth­day.

What is the best to present?

  • Book, com­ic, mag­a­zine. You should choose from the inter­ests of the man him­self. If he is fond of video games, it is bet­ter to buy a com­ic book on the game uni­verse, if he likes to read sci­ence fic­tion, you can buy sev­er­al books in the cor­re­spond­ing genre (for exam­ple, S. King). The book in all its man­i­fes­ta­tions has been and will be at the head of the choice of a gift, because it com­bines a max­i­mum of use­ful and pleas­ant qual­i­ties: self-devel­op­ment, leisure, new infor­ma­tion.
  • Tech­nique. An exter­nal hard dri­ve, a tablet, a speak­er, head­phones, an e‑book — each of the presents will def­i­nite­ly please the guy, the main thing is that it match­es the birth­day man’s hob­bies. With prop­er com­mu­ni­ca­tion, you can find out what a young per­son does not cur­rent­ly have and what he would like to pur­chase, and then buy or order goods on the Inter­net.

  • Impres­sion. A para­chute jump, a shoot­ing les­son or the oppor­tu­ni­ty to take part in a paint­ball bat­tle, a mas­ter class in extreme dri­ving is an adren­a­line rush that can be giv­en to a man for 21 years.

It is impor­tant to give a cer­tifi­cate only to socia­ble and open peo­ple. Calm or clamped guys will obvi­ous­ly not like such a gift.

  • Wrist watch. The watch will not become obso­lete, like any oth­er gad­get. An ordi­nary wrist acces­so­ry is a sym­bol of sta­bil­i­ty and alth, as ll as the abil­i­ty to always keep up with the times. The design of the mod­el should be select­ed based on the pref­er­ences of a man in clothes: if the guy ars neu­tral suits, the clas­sic ver­sion of the watch will do, and if he prefers a sporty or mod­ern style, but you can present options with addi­tion­al options (they are also called “smart”): health track­ing , SMS and call man­age­ment, GPS and more.
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  • Per­fume. Per­fume dif­fers from deodor­ants in that it has a bright, indi­vid­ual smell. As a rule, such a present should be giv­en to those men who do not have a favorite scent, oth­er­wise the gift will gath­er dust in the chest of drars.

  • Cer­tifi­cate. You can con­sid­er any store for buy­ing a cer­tifi­cate: clothes, appli­ances, per­fumes. This is done so that the guy will def­i­nite­ly get him­self an indi­vid­ual present. A gift cer­tifi­cate can be com­pared to mon­ey in an enve­lope. But when pre­sent­ing a cer­tifi­cate, the guy will def­i­nite­ly not be left with­out a gift — he will go and buy some­thing, and not spend mon­ey on tri­fles.

A gym mem­ber­ship is also suit­able — a son or broth­er will def­i­nite­ly be hap­py with such a sur­prise.

What is not worth giving?

  • Mon­ey in an enve­lope. In itself, a gift in the form of mon­ey is a good option. Hov­er, often at the age of 21, the amount of mon­ey is spent not on a gift, but on pay­ing for food, accom­mo­da­tion, and small pur­chas­es. Gift mon­ey sim­ply goes to house­hold expens­es. An excep­tion to the rule is that you can give mon­ey if the guy is sav­ing up for some kind of expen­sive pur­chase (lap­top, video cam­era). In this case, the bills will def­i­nite­ly not be wast­ed.
  • Hygiene acces­sories. This includes: shor gel, soap (with the excep­tion of hand­made soap), razors, skin cream, socks, shorts, T‑shirts. The guy will buy all these things him­self in the quan­ti­ty that he needs.
  • Umbrel­la. An umbrel­la is very use­ful when walk­ing in the rain, but it is not suit­able as a gift for the tnty-first birth­day. An umbrel­la is a thing that a man, if nec­es­sary, will acquire him­self.
  • Bracelets, chains, rings. The male sex pays less atten­tion to jel­ry. A beau­ti­ful state­ly ring may not please a man, because aring acces­sories is unac­cept­able for him. Many guys pre­fer to ar only a dding ring on their fin­ger and a cross around their neck.
  • Flors. Flors are an imprac­ti­cal gift. In addi­tion, flors in men are usu­al­ly asso­ci­at­ed with women.
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What to consider when choosing?

  • Guy’s inter­ests. There is a stereo­type like “all men love foot­ball, so you can give a tick­et to the match.” Of course, such a gift is pos­si­ble, but male rep­re­sen­ta­tives also have hob­bies and inter­ests besides sports. If before the birth­day you unob­tru­sive­ly find out what the young man has been keen on late­ly, the issue with the gift will be resolved.
  • Banal birth­day gifts spoil the impres­sion. On this hol­i­day, every­one wants to get some­thing bright, dynam­ic and fun. A box of choco­lates, a mug with a pho­to — all these are already out­dat­ed gifts that do not evoke emo­tions. If there are no ideas for a present, then you can direct­ly ask what the birth­day per­son would like — at this age, a per­son will even be hap­py with such a ques­tion.
  • Qual­i­ty is the basis for a gift. Be sure to choose from sev­er­al options to buy the best one pos­si­ble. Giv­ing a gift of dubi­ous qual­i­ty is not rec­om­mend­ed.
  • You don’t have to give some­thing that some­one else will use.. Such a gift will not be use­ful to a guy.

Budget options

There are not always finan­cial resources to pur­chase a gift. You can con­grat­u­late a per­son on his birth­day with­out spend­ing large sums, it is enough to show resource­ful­ness and inge­nu­ity — use­ful gifts are far from always expen­sive.

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  • USB acces­so­ry. Most peo­ple use lap­tops and desk­top com­put­ers. You can take advan­tage of this fact and buy a device that works from the USB con­nec­tor as a gift. There are many options: a flash­light, a mini-fan, a warmer for a mug.

Such a present will be an orig­i­nal, use­ful and nec­es­sary acces­so­ry when work­ing with com­put­ers, and the price of such devices fluc­tu­ates around 3$ for sev­er­al pieces.

  • Ther­mos. A ther­mos is use­ful in any sit­u­a­tion, because not only fish­er­men and hunters spend a lot of time out­doors. Hot tea, cof­fee or fruit drink will warm a per­son who is out of the house. As a gift for 21 years, you can buy a ther­mos of medi­um vol­ume (1–1.5 liters). More will be a lot, and a small­er vol­ume is too small for two mugs of drink.
  • Anti­stress. Every­one has to deal with a lot of prob­lems some­times. Nerves some­times fail, and there is depres­sion, irri­tabil­i­ty. An acces­so­ry designed to relieve stress is per­fect for a gift. It can be a soft ball, a cube with numer­ous but­tons and levers — there are plen­ty of options on AliEx­press.

No need to think that at the age of 21 such a thing will seem stu­pid — some­times anti-stress toys help peo­ple con­trol them­selves.

  • Case for smart­phone. It is enough to find out the phone mod­el to pur­chase a beau­ti­ful and styl­ish case. If a girl makes such a gift to her boyfriend, it is bet­ter to choose a roman­tic design: two cats, a lot of hearts and so on. The cov­er will appeal to those guys who like to cus­tomize their tech­nique.

  • Hand­made gift: key­chain, soap or pic­ture. Any gift made from the heart is val­ued above all else. You can not spend mon­ey at all, but use impro­vised means. The main thing is the accu­ra­cy and indi­vid­u­al­i­ty of the gift. Shops sell kits for cre­at­ing home­made gifts, so mak­ing a per­son­al­ized gift is not dif­fi­cult.