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What to give a friend for 30 years?


  1. Pecu­liar­i­ties
  2. Gift types

At the age of 30, a lot of oppor­tu­ni­ties open up before a per­son. By this age, the choice of a life path, as a rule, has already been made, a life part­ner has been found, and there are first suc­cess­es in a career. Even if your friend prefers the path of a “free artist” and is in no hur­ry to real­ize him­self in the fam­i­ly and work, this age becomes a cer­tain bound­ary for him. On the one hand, it is already pos­si­ble to sum up some results, and on the oth­er hand, many new dis­cov­er­ies and adven­tures lie ahead.

Today’s young peo­ple have a wide vari­ety of oppor­tu­ni­ties to make their lives brighter, which re pre­vi­ous­ly unimag­in­able. They have access to extreme sports, unusu­al hob­bies, trav­el to any coun­try in the world. Know­ing what a per­son is inter­est­ed in, you can always pick up a use­ful and at the same time unusu­al gift for him, which he has not yet had. From this arti­cle you will find out what presents of dif­fer­ent price cat­e­gories you can please a guy on his 30th birth­day.


Choos­ing a gift is always dif­fi­cult, espe­cial­ly if the birth­day boy is tru­ly dear to you. The price does not always guar­an­tee joy­ful emo­tions from a gift, because it is pos­si­ble that it will turn out to be unnec­es­sary and will gath­er dust some­where on the mez­za­nine.

To make the right pur­chase, con­sid­er the fol­low­ing points:

  • sphere of activ­i­ty of the hero of the day;
  • favorite ways of rest — active, pas­sive, in the com­pa­ny;
  • hav­ing a sense of humor;
  • his dreams that he shared with you;
  • moments expe­ri­enced togeth­er from the past, if you have known each oth­er for a long time;
  • your finan­cial posi­tion.

Gift types

30 years is the age when you can already afford to live the way you want, and at the same time there is still enough strength and ener­gy to make these desires come true. Depend­ing on what inter­ests the young man puts in the first place, you can choose a vari­ety of gifts.

For families

If are talk­ing about a fam­i­ly man who most often spends time in the cir­cle of house­hold mem­bers, then why not give him a present for fam­i­ly use.

  1. Pic­nic set. It usu­al­ly includes a slid­ing table and chairs, it is also some­times sup­ple­ment­ed with an umbrel­la, bar­be­cue and oth­er “gad­gets” for out­door recre­ation. With such a gift you will please not only a friend, but also his whole fam­i­ly.
  2. Cof­fee mak­er. Most men drink cof­fee, and not only them. Women appre­ci­ate this noble drink made from real grains no less. And if you buy good cof­fee for the cof­fee mak­er, the gift will def­i­nite­ly be a suc­cess.
  3. Cool­er bag. With it, your friend and his whole fam­i­ly can go to the beach, to the for­est, to a pic­nic and many more inter­est­ing places. For fam­i­ly trips by car, it is sim­ply irre­place­able. In it, drinks will keep cool, and sand­wich­es will not dete­ri­o­rate in the heat.
  4. lawn mor. Many fam­i­ly peo­ple tend to buy a sub­ur­ban area so that the whole fam­i­ly can enjoy spend­ing time there. If your friend is one of the lucky own­ers of a sum­mer house, then a lawn mor will come in handy. This is not the most bud­getary gift, but if you are sure that a friend would like to acquire this use­ful unit, then it is not a sin to chip in on it with oth­er birth­day com­rades.
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This cat­e­go­ry includes many dif­fer­ent gifts: high-qual­i­ty uten­sils, air grills, sets for active games, inflat­able pools, ham­mocks and oth­er use­ful things.

For the car enthusiast

Auto shops abound with dri­ver sup­plies, so if your friend has a soft spot for cars, head there. Among the range of goods, such best­sellers can be dis­tin­guished.

  1. Music gad­gets. Radio tape recorders, sub­woofers and oth­er acoustics are undoubt­ed­ly able to please a guy and will be a good present for his 30th birth­day.
  2. DVR. It has become a must-have acces­so­ry for dri­vers of all ages. For those who care about the safe­ty of their “iron horse” this will be a great gift.
  3. GPS nav­i­ga­tor. The gad­get allows you to nav­i­gate on unfa­mil­iar roads, as if on your own. With it, trav­el will be much more com­fort­able, and you can get to know your home­town bet­ter.
  4. Car care kit. Var­i­ous sham­poos, pol­ish­es, cloths will appeal to car lovers. Hov­er, before buy­ing such a “clean­ing bas­ket”, you need to con­sid­er whether your friend has time for self-clean­ing in the car and whether he likes to do it. Some dri­vers entrust the care of their “swal­low” exclu­sive­ly to car wash­es.

For creative people

An extra­or­di­nary cre­ative per­son is always pleased to receive gifts that bring emo­tions.

The birth­day boy will deeply appre­ci­ate your sub­tle under­stand­ing of his desires.

It all depends on what sphere of arts his inter­ests are direct­ed to.

  1. Graph­ics tablet. These gad­gets are usu­al­ly used by graph­ic design­ers, but just draw­ing lovers do not bypass them. With them, you can draw and see your art on the mon­i­tor. The touch brush­es that have appeared recent­ly are espe­cial­ly good for those who like to exper­i­ment with elec­tron­ic draw­ings.
  2. Gui­tar. To choose the right instru­ment for a musi­cian, you need to know your friend very ll. If you are sure that you know what kind of gui­tar he needs, or trust­ed the choice of the sell­er, then feel free to take up this idea.
  3. Pho­to equip­ment. A good cam­era can have a lot of “gad­gets” that can improve the qual­i­ty of pic­tures or achieve cer­tain effects. Hav­ing some idea about this busi­ness and know­ing about the desires of a friend, please him with anoth­er gad­get.
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If your friend is not seri­ous­ly involved in any of the arts, but loves every­thing relat­ed to cre­ativ­i­ty or just try­ing every­thing new, you can rec­om­mend buy­ing him a pot­tery set, exot­ic musi­cal instru­ments from dis­tant lands, or home­made karaoke.

For careerists

Usu­al­ly they include var­i­ous office sup­plies. It can be an expen­sive leather-bound diary, writ­ing uten­sils from a lux­u­ry brand, a flash dri­ve in the form of a gold bar, good busi­ness card hold­ers, a table clock, high-sta­tus office sou­venirs, a dec­o­ra­tive foun­tain, etc.

The sales assis­tant will tell you which of these giz­mos will empha­size the sta­tus and taste of a busi­ness man.

For lovers of jokes


  • car­i­ca­ture with a pic­ture of a friend
  • cer­tifi­cate to par­tic­i­pate in a live quest;
  • sur­prise par­ty;
  • T‑shirt with a fun­ny inscrip­tion or pho­to.

For gamers

Today, the games indus­try works not only for chil­dren and teenagers.

Com­put­er games, comics, robots are of inter­est to many adult men who, despite hav­ing a job and a fam­i­ly, find time for such seem­ing­ly child­ish enter­tain­ment.

Some devote a cou­ple of days a month to their favorite dances, oth­ers col­lect minia­tures based on famous games and go to cos­play fes­ti­vals.

  1. Radio con­trolled toy. Many men would like to buy a heli­copter that can be launched into the sky, or a rail­way with all its attrib­ut­es. Few dare to admit that it is pre­cise­ly such a thing that he lacks for hap­pi­ness. If your friend is one of today’s cre­ative peo­ple and is not shy about let­ting out the “inner child” some­times, then he will be very hap­py to receive some­thing like this for his birth­day.
  2. Game joy­stick or key­board. To make it more con­ve­nient to kill mon­sters and roam the dun­geons, there are many gad­gets. Help your friend to become the leader in the rat­ing of gamers with the help of gad­gets for the con­sole or com­put­er.
  3. Cer­tifi­cate for the game. You can bring gam­ing bat­tles to life on the laser tag or paint­ball field. These games are designed for adults who want to leave every­thing for a moment and “play war”. The main thing is to gath­er a team of like-mind­ed peo­ple.
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For lovers of jokes

An orig­i­nal, cool and fun­ny gift is what you need for a child­hood friend, class­mate. Hov­er, some­times you can con­grat­u­late a col­league in this way. Here are some ideas for such non-stan­dard solu­tions.

  • A set of “indul­gences” from his wife. It con­tains com­ic per­mis­sions for going to a sports bar with friends, buy­ing a new fish­ing rod, play­ing on the com­put­er. As a main or addi­tion­al gift, it will def­i­nite­ly cheer up the hero of the day and make all the guests of the par­ty smile.
  • cre­ative watch. There are mod­els of watch­es on which, instead of num­bers, time is trans­mit­ted by oth­er signs — dash­es, cir­cles. To under­stand what time it is, you have to break your head. For the orig­i­nal and con­nois­seur of every­thing unusu­al, this will be a pleas­ant sur­prise.
  • Blue­tooth gloves. In win­ter, many have to deal with the fact that in order to ansr the phone, you need to remove the glove. The same must be done for the use of mobile Inter­net. These “smart” gloves are suit­able for use with touch screens and serve as wire­less head­sets. At the same time, they are quite warm and will save a friend from the cold.
  • Globe bar. This sol­id dec­o­ra­tion of an intel­lec­tu­al’s office is not as sim­ple as it seems — inside it has a niche for bot­tles and glass­es. The gift com­bines busi­ness with plea­sure: you can relax after a work­ing day, study geog­ra­phy or just dream about a place for a future trip.
  • Car­i­ca­ture. A per­son with a sense of humor will be pleased to receive his por­trait, made with humor and grotesque. If you and the birth­day boy have known each oth­er for a long time, you can tell the artist about the most out­stand­ing char­ac­ter traits of the hero of the day, and the mas­ter will try to beat them in the draw­ing. The main thing is that the car­toon should bring joy to the birth­day man and car­ry only a good mes­sage.

Gifts are nice not only to receive, but also to give. Make an unfor­get­table gift that brings a lot of pos­i­tive emo­tions.

In cas­es where fan­ta­sy com­plete­ly refus­es to work, do not despair — present mon­ey to a young man for his 30th birth­day.

Don’t for­get to send heart­felt wish­es and con­grat­u­la­tions to your friend in addi­tion to them.

For infor­ma­tion on what you can give a friend for his birth­day, see the fol­low­ing video.