You can con­grat­u­late not only hus­bands, broth­ers and dads on Feb­ru­ary 23, but also the small­est future defend­ers. After all, it is so impor­tant from child­hood to form in a child the right atti­tude towards his home­land, as ll as towards those who need a strong shoul­der. And the gifts from our selec­tion will help you explain to your child in a play­ful way why men have such a seri­ous task — to pro­tect loved ones!


Well, which of the boys does not dream of lead­ing his own army of sol­diers? More­over, you can play war games not only with friends, but also with old­er broth­ers and even with dad. Such games will be of inter­est to all the men in your house. So you can safe­ly choose the right heroes and give them to the future com­man­der!

RC tank

A radio-con­trolled car is good, but a whole tank… And if there are two of them in a set, then you can gen­er­al­ly arrange tank bat­tles. The game will help devel­op log­ic, as ll as fine motor skills, because con­trol­ling a tank with a remote con­trol is not an easy task.

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Board game

Sure­ly, you remem­ber how, as a child, you played sea bat­tle on check­ered pieces of paper. The game was so excit­ing that you could sit all day draw­ing squares of 10 cells and ships. Today there are dif­fer­ent options for naval com­bat, but the most impor­tant thing is that for the game you just need to place the fig­ures of the ships in their places. Such board games devel­op inge­nu­ity, log­ic and help chil­dren learn from their mis­takes.


Assem­bling some­thing big from small parts is a rather time-con­sum­ing task. But this is good! So your son can devel­op patience and per­se­ver­ance, and this in turn will help him to be more bal­anced and thought­ful in the future.


Since don’t encounter com­bat vehi­cles every day (and that’s a good thing!), know very lit­tle about them! And chil­dren are inter­est­ed in every­thing! Ency­clo­pe­dias about trans­port, com­bat vehi­cles, tanks and mis­sile sys­tems will be an excel­lent gift for inquis­i­tive “why-why”. Yes, and you will learn a lot of new and inter­est­ing things.

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And , from the edi­tors of WB Guru, con­grat­u­late all men on the upcom­ing hol­i­day! May you always have strength for your­self, for your loved ones and rel­a­tives, and you only have to pro­tect them from the wind with strong hugs.