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What to give for 30 years?

Anniver­saries are not just a date. This is a round fig­ure, and they mark it, regard­less of the costs. Often in a sim­i­lar sit­u­a­tion, invi­tees are wor­ried about what to buy for their 30th birth­day. We often think that a gift may not be liked, or a per­son already has one. There is a lot of hes­i­ta­tion about this. The arti­cle gives advice and gives exam­ples of what to give for 30 years, how to make an orig­i­nal sur­prise.

Selection Guide

Pay atten­tion to the fact that you need to give a gift from a pure heart. Be real, give peo­ple kind­ness.

There are sev­er­al fac­tors to con­sid­er when choos­ing a gift.

  1. Deter­mine your per­son­al­i­ty type. Main types: busi­ness­men, col­lec­tors, house­wives, exec­u­tives. Divide peo­ple, start­ing from the pro­fes­sion: edu­ca­tor, cook, beau­ti­cian, sec­re­tary and oth­ers. Based on what the per­son is doing, the per­son is fond of, come up with a gift.
  2. Gift choice designed for women and men, is also dif­fer­ent.
  3. Focus on age. Dif­fer­ent age groups have their pref­er­ences.
  4. Take note of your rela­tion­ship with the per­son. Busi­ness they or rel­a­tives.

What to give a man?

Both men and women love to receive gifts. Any­one would like to receive a birth­day present that they have long dreamed of. You need to know exact­ly what he will like. Buy­ing the wrong thing, you will offend the birth­day man.

The deliv­ery of a sur­prise for the 30th anniver­sary should be tak­en seri­ous­ly.

Before you go to the anniver­sary, find out how much mon­ey you have, the con­tin­gent of peo­ple present, how big the event is. It is bet­ter not to ask what gift to give him. Per­haps you will not have such an amount for a sou­venir.

Do not for­get about a sur­prise for a friend, col­league, boss. We should not for­get about our beloved hus­band, rel­a­tives, rel­a­tives, good friends. They will be pleas­ant­ly sur­prised.

Give the employ­ee what­ev­er you want. Usu­al­ly employ­ees add mon­ey, buy an inter­est­ing present. Orig­i­nal sou­venirs for the hero of the day can be:

  • writ­ing mate­ri­als;
  • going to the the­ater, to the exhi­bi­tion;
  • gym mem­ber­ship;

  • pay­ment for a birth­day ban­quet in a restau­rant;
  • gift cer­tifi­cate to the elec­tron­ics store, home appli­ances.

If you decide to give a wor­thy thing only from your­self, then lim­it your­self to a note­book, an ele­gant pen. By giv­ing per­son­al atten­tion, you show respect for your col­league.

Give your boss an unusu­al sur­prise per­son­al­ly from your­self. It can be:

  • inter­est­ing book;
  • wall, wrist watch;
  • office tools.

Present a work of art from all work­ers, for exam­ple, a beau­ti­ful pic­ture, a deli­cious cake with a pho­to­graph of the boss. The man­ag­er is pleased to receive such a sou­venir.

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An acquain­tance, a good friend will be pleased if you do not for­get to con­grat­u­late them.

A mem­o­ra­bil­ia does not have to be from the cat­e­go­ry of “expen­sive”. The main thing for a friend is atten­tion, not cost.

Per­haps you have com­mon inter­ests that bind you. Based on his pref­er­ences, come up with an orig­i­nal sur­prise for a friend:

  • attrib­ut­es for fit­ness;
  • acces­sories need­ed for dogs;
  • car acces­sories.

Best friend should choose a wor­thy gift. You know his pref­er­ences ll.

For an anniver­sary, it is advis­able to give what he real­ly needs. If a friend is an ath­lete who is fond of a cer­tain sport, donate an orig­i­nal ball, leg­gings, sports shoes, box­ing gloves.

Who likes to trav­el, present a com­fort­able trav­el pil­low, a good bacweack, a cute pen­dant with a pic­ture of a world map.

For a fish­ing lover, present a vari­ety of spin­ning rods for catch­ing fish, inter­est­ing sou­venir fish, a lantern.

Give a con­nois­seur of beau­ty gift sets of chess, a fig­urine, an ele­gant pic­ture, a spy­glass.

Give a fam­i­ly man a vari­ety of tools for the home, a flash dri­ve, a per­son­al diary.

It would be good for a beloved, dear hus­band to give:

  • for a com­fort­able car ride, hand in a nav­i­ga­tor, seat cov­ers;
  • give the ath­lete good clothes for sports;
  • if his hob­by is fish­ing, then give the miss­ing attrib­ut­es for catch­ing fish so that the rest is com­fort­able.

      You can present a cool sur­prise, for exam­ple, an “edi­ble poster”. It can even be done with chil­dren. To do this, you will need to arm your­self with var­i­ous sets. Paste good­ies in ran­dom order on what­man paper, accom­pa­ny them with fun­ny inscrip­tions.

The main thing in choos­ing a delight­ful sur­prise is that it is made from the heart, no mat­ter what the price is.

Presents for women

The age-old ques­tion is what to give a woman for her birth­day. Wom­en’s gift is much more dif­fi­cult to choose than men’s. This issue needs to be tak­en seri­ous­ly. It is bet­ter to think a hun­dred times, and then buy a use­ful thing.

She can buy com­mon­place dish­es such as pots and teapots on her own.

On the 30th anniver­sary of the fair sex, it’s nice to present jel­ry dec­o­ra­tion. Any lady will be delight­ed, no mat­ter what it will be — gold or sil­ver. If you are in doubt about choos­ing a sur­prise (since there are a lot of jel­ry on store shelves), choose a prac­ti­cal present that is suit­able for all occa­sions, for exam­ple, a bracelet on your wrist. Do not for­get about a bou­quet of mag­nif­i­cent ros­es — the birth­day girl will sim­ply melt from this.

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The hero of the day will be hap­py to receive a pic­ture with her image. A tal­ent­ed artist will con­vey all the charm of the image from the pho­to in the pic­ture. She will hang this work of art on the wall and admire it every day.

If a woman wants to learn some new art, pay for the cours­es she would like to take. For exam­ple, for begin­ner con­fec­tion­ers, hair­dressers, make-up cours­es. There are a lot of thoughts. Choose what she likes.

An orig­i­nal, gen­er­ous thing can be leather bag, wal­let, busi­ness card. Such prod­ucts are val­ued by women, but there is still a mat­ter of taste. Take a clos­er look at what she ars, buy her what she likes in the end.

Get a friend tea-set. Do not spare mon­ey on this, and buy qual­i­ty prod­ucts. This option will always come in handy in the kitchen and will be a great table dec­o­ra­tion.

The sit­u­a­tion is more com­pli­cat­ed with a woman who has every­thing. How can you sur­prise her? It is not nec­es­sary to look after her a sou­venir for a lot of mon­ey. You can give her some­thing amaz­ing. It is bet­ter to choose such gifts until the age of 30. This is exact­ly the age when a girl under­stands jokes. Over thir­ty, such sur­pris­es will already be inap­pro­pri­ate. Present:

  1. a T‑shirt with an inter­est­ing, bright, cool inscrip­tion;
  2. a famous mag­a­zine with her name, a wall cal­en­dar with her pic­ture;
  3. a fridge mag­net, a plate with text like “don’t eat after six”.

Gift to your beloved wife fur coat, sheep­skin coat or leather jack­et. If you are not fash­ion savvy, stop at the assort­ment of scarves, spring shawls, stoles, shawls. You can’t go wrong.

present to your wife tick­et to a con­cert of a famous artist, going to the cin­e­ma, the­aterR. Togeth­er vis­it the exhi­bi­tion of the famous artist, art gallery. After the event, take your spouse to a restau­rant. You will dis­tract her from ordi­nary every­day life.

    If your sis­ter’s birth­day is give her a vac­u­um clean­er, an elec­tric oven, a cof­fee mak­er, a slow cook­er. The elec­tric grill is very pop­u­lar. She will be her indis­pens­able assis­tant in the kitchen. The main thing is to please her with your atten­tion.

Universal gifts

Each of us from time to time is puz­zled by the ques­tion of what to buy for a birth­day. It depends on who you give the gift to. It is nec­es­sary to con­ceive some­thing unusu­al, spe­cial, which would be nec­es­sary for a per­son.

Every­one loves to lis­ten to music. You will be right on tar­get if you look for a styl­ish acces­so­ry. Flash dri­ves, cool head­phones, wire­less charg­er for phone, lap­top, tablet, smart watch. You can see a decent case for the phone.

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A cre­ative idea, per­haps, would be a con­grat­u­la­to­ry poster made by your­self. It can charm mom, dad, broth­er, sis­ter, friend. Include wish­es, mem­o­ries, touch­ing events expe­ri­enced by the birth­day man in the wall news­pa­per. Insert his pho­to into the poster.

If you decide to donate mon­ey, you need to present it in a spe­cial way. For exam­ple, if you are giv­ing a present to a 30-year-old lady, then put the bills in bal­loons, rolled up and secured with a rib­bon. Be sure to buy a beau­ti­ful bou­quet for a large bunch of bal­loons.

Choco­late sets, con­fec­tionery, tea, cof­fee are known to every­one. But you can arrange such a gift in dif­fer­ent ways, the main thing is that it be spe­cial. Dark choco­late fig­urines are pop­u­lar.

Porce­lain fig­urines are not for every­one. Some­one con­sid­ers it a waste of mon­ey, but for some­one it is a whole work of art. Many peo­ple col­lect them. Such fig­ures can be picked up for any occa­sion: birth­day, dding.

A good sur­prise — flors, but not sim­ple, but in pots. Spicy herbs in flor pots will delight the head of the fam­i­ly or the host­ess who loves to cook. Greens will add cozi­ness, aro­ma to your home, dish­es with its addi­tion will become tasti­er. It is easy to choose an ordi­nary thing, but for the hero of the occa­sion to real­ly be sur­prised by him — this is real cre­ativ­i­ty, which should be appre­ci­at­ed with dig­ni­ty.

A good sur­prise idea is when you donate some­thing that isn’t what it real­ly seems.. It will look bright and fun. In a sim­ple post­card, pack a cer­tifi­cate for some spe­cial enter­tain­ment. Hide some acces­so­ry or jel­ry in a box of choco­lates. The birth­day boy will be delight­ed, because he cer­tain­ly did not expect such a turn of events.

You can enjoy a spe­cial event. It will remain in mem­o­ry for many years and will be pre­served on video, pho­to. Pre­pare a dance greet­ing, where invit­ed guests will par­tic­i­pate. Flash­mob will be remem­bered for a long time.

Hire artists for the ban­quet, actors in fun­ny cos­tumes. The script of the par­ty can be made absolute­ly any­thing. It’s nice to lis­ten to your favorite clas­sic jazz tunes all evening long. Invite a car­i­ca­tur­ist, a pho­tog­ra­ph­er who takes exclu­sive pho­tos. Show bal­let will be an excel­lent option for a fes­tive pro­gram, dec­o­rat­ing any hol­i­day.

You can learn more about gifts for 30 years in the next video.