The­mat­ic gifts

What to give a hockey player?

Hock­ey is a rather inter­est­ing sport that com­bines fast pace, active skat­ing and, of course, rival­ry. And if you need to buy a gift for a hock­ey play­er, many peo­ple have ques­tions. Con­sid­er what cri­te­ria to choose gifts for an ath­lete in order to sur­prise and delight him.

How to make a surprise?

For dif­fer­ent ages, the gift will be dif­fer­ent. For exam­ple, younger hock­ey play­ers will be very hap­py to receive a brand new puck, a pro­fes­sion­al stick, or a bright uni­form auto­graphed by their favorite famous play­er.

Pro­fes­sion­al hock­ey play­ers are more inter­est­ed in prac­ti­cal things.

For hock­ey fans, a tick­et to an inter­est­ing match along with a com­mem­o­ra­tive cal­en­dar with pho­tos of the most famous hock­ey teams will be a won­der­ful gift.

Give a t‑shirt, sat­shirt, sater, jack­et, cap or warm scarf with the logo of his favorite team. The board game of hock­ey will be a great sur­prise, the game can be played with friends. For hock­ey col­lec­tors, fig­urines of world-famous ath­letes will be a sig­nif­i­cant sur­prise. You can give a sil­ver or gold puck-shaped pen­dant.

Original gifts

Any hock­ey play­er will be pleased to know that his sports hob­by is also inter­est­ing for his loved ones, rel­a­tives and friends. There­fore, if you want to con­grat­u­late your broth­er or nephew, pre­pare a real­ly unusu­al sur­prise.

Record an inter­est­ing video greet­ing for your hock­ey play­er, where there will be the best moments of his games with wish­es from his true friends. You can edit the video your­self or con­tact a spe­cial­ist.

A poster with a pho­to show­ing your hock­ey play­er with his team, signed with orig­i­nal con­grat­u­la­tions, will be the per­fect gift.

A cake dec­o­rat­ed in the form of a hock­ey field, a stick or a puck will be an excel­lent and orig­i­nal gift.

For com­fort­able train­ing, give a hock­ey play­er a con­ve­nient shake, from which he will drink puri­fied spring water, a bright sports uni­form, in which he will run in the morn­ing. A spe­cial bracelet that mea­sures the phase of sleep, heart rate and the num­ber of steps tak­en will be an incred­i­bly pleas­ant, and most impor­tant­ly, use­ful gift for any ath­lete.

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Even wire­less head­phones are con­sid­ered an excel­lent choice if you want to sur­prise a hock­ey play­er. The ath­lete will be pleased to lis­ten to his favorite music dur­ing train­ing.

By the way, when choos­ing gifts, it is not nec­es­sary to stop your eyes on the hock­ey theme. Give your hock­ey play­er a ded­i­cat­ed lunch box with sep­a­rate com­part­ments. An e‑book, for exam­ple, will be need­ed by a hock­ey play­er on a long trip and will help him get dis­tract­ed.

Useful things

Spe­cial­ized util­i­ty items relat­ed to sports and used on the road will great­ly facil­i­tate the trip of any play­er. Thus, the pro­duc­tiv­i­ty of the ath­lete increas­es sig­nif­i­cant­ly.

Here are use­ful gift ideas that your loved one, friend, or hock­ey boy is sure to love.

Pur­chase of new hock­ey equip­ment. Skat­ing skill­ful­ly in order to get around an oppo­nent at speed is quite dif­fi­cult. And when choos­ing a gift for a hock­ey play­er, the first thing that comes to mind is a hock­ey stick, but to sur­prise the ath­lete, you can opt for some­thing else. A use­ful gift would be gloves and skates.

The main thing is to pur­chase such pro­fes­sion­al equip­ment in trust­ed brand stores.

And even if you can’t decide on a brand or size, just buy a gift card, which makes a great gift.

After all, a hock­ey play­er will be able to come to the store and choose what he real­ly wants, the right col­or and size. Or you need to go to the store with a hock­ey play­er friend so that he can choose a gift for him­self and imme­di­ate­ly try it on.

Every hock­ey play­er will be just hap­py to receive a new hock­ey stick as a gift.. This is the sim­plest and best gift, because the stick is the most impor­tant ele­ment for a hock­ey play­er. When buy­ing a hock­ey stick, you should pay atten­tion to the char­ac­ter­is­tics that man­u­fac­tur­ers indi­cate on the rod, to such impor­tant para­me­ters as bend­ing and cur­va­ture. You need to know that clubs are for the left or right hand.

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Cus­tom made clubs will be the best gift. For exam­ple, an Amer­i­can club man­u­fac­tur­er Zeal Hock­ey will make a unique stick espe­cial­ly for your hock­ey play­er. Such a gift will be not only unique, but per­son­al­ized. A stick with an indi­vid­ual design is the best gift for a hock­ey play­er.

  • Com­fort­able dai­ly shoes. In addi­tion to ice, hock­ey play­ers move in ordi­nary shoes along the streets and in slip­pers at home. Give him some com­fort­able and styl­ish shoes, for exam­ple, with the logo of his team.
  • Anoth­er use­ful and nec­es­sary gift will be hock­ey stick pro­tec­tor out­side the ice. Such a pro­tec­tor as a pro­tec­tive film will allow the play­er to use his very expen­sive club on any rough sur­face with­out dam­ag­ing it. Thus, the hock­ey play­er will be able to prac­tice his skills in the game not only on the ice.
  • The­mat­ic sou­venirs. An excel­lent, and most impor­tant­ly, orig­i­nal gift for a hock­ey play­er will be a wood­en glass with a carved emblem of his favorite hock­ey club (or a set of glass glass­es). Give your sports friend a hock­ey puck with a pic­ture of the city where he first won his first match.


In fact, there are a thou­sand sou­venir ideas — T‑shirts with the­mat­ic inscrip­tions, logos and emblems. Mugs with appro­pri­ate attrib­ut­es or pleas­ant wish­es.

Even ordi­nary but­tons can be turned into an orig­i­nal cloth­ing acces­so­ry by dec­o­rat­ing with an inscrip­tion or the coat of arms of his team.

The options are as fol­lows.

  1. Christ­mas dec­o­ra­tions with pho­tos of your hock­ey play­er will be not only orig­i­nal, but also mem­o­rable, every year, dec­o­rat­ing the Christ­mas tree, the ath­lete will be pleased to see this unusu­al gift again.
  2. You can give a lit­tle hock­ey play­er for his birth­day orig­i­nal pil­low with a pic­tureon which a child in a hock­ey uni­form on ice.
  3. Tols and sports bagsdec­o­rat­ed with the coat of arms of his team, will be the most prac­ti­cal and use­ful gifts.
  4. Key ring. This is per­haps the most inter­est­ing acces­so­ry that you can give for any occa­sion. Let the key­chain on one side be your hock­ey play­er with the team, and on the reverse side the coat of arms and the slo­gan of his team.
  5. Soft over­sized blan­ket with a themed image. This lit­tle thing will please any hock­ey play­er. The blan­ket can be dec­o­rat­ed with inscrip­tions from his favorite teams and play­ers.
  6. Slide Board will be the best gift for any hock­ey play­er. He will be able to train at home and will be hap­py with such a gift. The main thing is to choose such a sim­u­la­tor in brand­ed stores, which, in addi­tion to pleas­ant dis­counts, can give a guar­an­tee on their prod­ucts.
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Hock­ey is played by real men, strong in spir­it. And even when your hock­ey play­er is engaged in such a sport unpro­fes­sion­al­ly, you need to under­stand that this hob­by occu­pies an impor­tant place in his life. On the eve of Feb­ru­ary 23, moth­ers and wives begin to think about what gift to present to their son or hus­band.

It is very dif­fi­cult for an enthu­si­as­tic hock­ey play­er to choose the per­fect gift. And here you need to include all your imag­i­na­tion and imag­i­na­tion.

A gift for a hock­ey play­er should be nec­es­sary. Watch videos on the top­ic.