The­mat­ic gifts

What to give a programmer?

We all love to spend time with our fam­i­ly and friends. In par­tic­u­lar, like to buy gifts for rel­a­tives and friends, thus show­ing our love and care.

There are a lot of pro­gram­mers in our soci­ety and peo­ple who have absolute­ly no under­stand­ing of pro­gram­ming. And when it comes time to cel­e­brate birth­days, anniver­saries or oth­er cel­e­bra­tions, for ordi­nary peo­ple you can choose some­thing valu­able and nec­es­sary, but what to buy for a pro­gram­mer?

Just buy­ing a gift is not a dif­fi­cult task, but choos­ing the right present that will be appre­ci­at­ed will have to work hard.


If talk about gifts for pro­gram­mers, then here you need to think care­ful­ly and choose the gift that will please him and be real­ly need­ed. If you man­age to choose the right thing that the pro­gram­mer will use every day, then the per­son will remem­ber you as good owls very often, and this is real­ly nice. It is espe­cial­ly impor­tant to choose the right gift for a pro­gram­mer who is your col­league, boss or boyfriend.

When choos­ing any gift, the bud­get that you can allo­cate for it is con­sid­ered impor­tant. A gift that is too expen­sive for a good friend will not jus­ti­fy the invest­ment, but if it is an expen­sive thing for a beloved hus­band, boyfriend, broth­er or very close friend, then this is a com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent mat­ter.

This arti­cle will list gift ideas that will cost less than $100.

Top gifts for programmers

Here are some of the best gifts you can give your fel­low pro­gram­mers.

Thermal mug with a thematic picture or photo

All pro­gram­mers spend a long time at the com­put­er and love to drink their favorite drink, be it cof­fee or tea, with­out leav­ing the wor­welace. There­fore, a gift such as a mug will be real­ly use­ful, your friend will use it dai­ly.

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And if you buy not an ordi­nary mug, but a ther­mo one, in which a pat­tern begins to appear when boil­ing water is poured, this will add orig­i­nal­i­ty to the gift.

Flash drive and modern gadget

Any IT spe­cial­ist uses flash dri­ves every day. It’s just a nec­es­sary tool for the job. There­fore, buy­ing a flash dri­ve as a gift to a pro­gram­mer, you will not lose. And if you choose a flash dri­ve of the orig­i­nal form with a large vol­ume, you can not only please your friend, but also pleas­ant­ly sur­prise him.

Mod­ern man­u­fac­tur­ers of tablets and lap­tops sur­prise with the prices of their prod­ucts, so it is quite pos­si­ble to pick up an inex­pen­sive tablet that will be a great gift for an IT spe­cial­ist.

Pluralsight Membership

Pro­gram­mers will cer­tain­ly appre­ci­ate such a gift, because Plu­ral­sight is like Net­Flix for soft­ware devel­op­ers. It con­tains over 50 $ online cours­es on all hot top­ics such as front-end and inter­nal devel­op­ment, machine learn­ing, and more. Plu­ral­sight also includes inter­ac­tive tests, exer­cis­es and the lat­est cer­ti­fied mate­ri­als. Because learn­ing is an impor­tant part of being a pro­gram­mer, Plu­ral­sight mem­ber­ship is a great way to iden­ti­fy your com­peti­tors.

You can buy an annu­al Plu­ral­sight mem­ber­ship which costs about $299. It’s a lit­tle pricey, but this course will offer a lot of options for learn­ing, and your pro­gram­mer friend will def­i­nite­ly appre­ci­ate such a gift and be grate­ful to you. If you are wor­ried about the cost, then the month­ly mem­ber­ship is also a good option, which costs around $29.

Amazon Prime Music subscription

Anoth­er thing pro­gram­mers love is music, they just nev­er get tired of lis­ten­ing to music. In fact, many pro­gram­mers need music for per­for­mance and pro­duc­tiv­i­ty. Ama­zon Music is the music store with the largest col­lec­tion of music. Here your pro­gram­mer friend will sure­ly find what he likes. He will cer­tain­ly appre­ci­ate your efforts, and every time he will think of you when lis­ten­ing to music.

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Like gad­gets and music, pro­gram­mers are also very fond of books. A lot of pro­gram­mers like fan­ta­sy, but those nov­els won’t be as valu­able as some­thing like Soft Skills are soft­ware devel­op­er’s guides that every pro­gram­mer can read. Such a gift will be appre­ci­at­ed.

Fitness Club Membership

This is anoth­er amaz­ing gift that you can give your loved one.

Since many pro­gram­mers lack phys­i­cal activ­i­ty, you can pos­i­tive­ly influ­ence his lifestyle by mak­ing him more active with such a gift.

After all, health is alth, and have only one body for life, so it needs to be mon­i­tored and kept in shape.

modern keyboard

Every pro­gram­mer needs a good key­board, and your friend will agree. Some pro­gram­mers need a qui­et and soft key­board for work, while oth­ers need a por­ful gam­ing one.

Computer games

Almost all pro­gram­mers love games. We all grew up play­ing games Nin­ten­do, Super Mario Bros, Mor­tal Com­bat. You can buy your friends a game con­sole such as Xbox or Nin­ten­do PI, or, if a friend already has it, you can pur­chase games such as Minecraft. This is some­thing he will sure­ly enjoy.

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Gift Course from Udemy

Pro­gram­mers love online cours­es, and Ude­my is the largest col­lec­tion of such cours­es. There are more than 850 $ pro­grams for edu­ca­tion, for exam­ple, for learn­ing pop­u­lar pro­gram­ming lan­guage such as Java and Python. You can learn a lot of inter­est­ing things about advanced tech­nolo­gies: machine learn­ing, arti­fi­cial intel­li­gence, cloud com­put­ing.

If you know what your man likes, you can choose some amaz­ing cours­es from Ude­my, oth­er­wise just buy a gift card.

10 great gift ideas for pro­gram­mers have been list­ed here. By choos­ing some­thing from the pre­sent­ed list and pre­sent­ing it to your friend or col­league, you will not go wrong. Such gifts can be made not only for a birth­day or New Year, but also for any oth­er hol­i­days.

Tips & Tricks

In addi­tion to use­ful gifts, do not for­get to please loved ones with deli­cious sets: select­ed cof­fee beans, expen­sive choco­late or cook­ies. Things will be use­ful for orga­niz­ing the work­space: an orga­niz­er, cal­en­dars, orig­i­nal sta­tionery. Bright acces­sories or unusu­al­ly shaped table lamps are also con­sid­ered a great gift, these things always cheer you up.

Give your com­put­er friend an inter­est­ing pil­low for sleep­ing at the com­put­er, a set of eye masks that will pro­tect against the pen­e­tra­tion of bright sun­light.

In fact, choos­ing a gift for a loved one is the most dif­fi­cult thing, so spend so much time and effort to choose what our loved one will real­ly like. There­fore, con­sid­er not only his inter­ests, but also his needs in order to guess with a gift for sure.