The­mat­ic gifts

The best gift for a hunter

One can argue for a long time about the ethics of hunt­ing and the jus­ti­fi­ca­tion of this activ­i­ty. But the indis­putable fact is that every city has its hunters. And there­fore, many peo­ple need to know how and what to give them for their birth­day or New Year.

Suitable gifts

sleeping bag

Speak­ing about the best gift for a hunter (both a young guy and an expe­ri­enced hunter, gray-haired), one can­not ignore sleep­ing bags. They are much more effec­tive than any blan­kets pro­tect from the cold. The clas­sic design of the “blan­ket” bag resem­bles a rec­tan­gle in appear­ance. A fas­ten­er is sewn around its perime­ter. This sleep­ing bag is designed only for rel­a­tive­ly uncom­pli­cat­ed con­di­tions of sum­mer, ear­ly autumn.

The “cocoon” design is dis­tin­guished by a warmed hood, it is nar­ror in the legs than at the waist. A sim­i­lar prod­uct is rec­om­mend­ed for the most dif­fi­cult exits in win­ter forests and for hik­ing in moun­tain­ous areas. Sleep­ing bags “cocoons” are also rel­a­tive­ly com­pact. This is very impor­tant for hunters who have to car­ry a lot of car­go.

To keep warm as much as pos­si­ble, it is nec­es­sary to give pref­er­ence to sleep­ing bags filled with bird down.

But for damp areas, bags with syn­thet­ic fillers are much bet­ter suit­ed. You can elim­i­nate errors if you take into account the ther­mal con­di­tions for which the sleep­ing bag is designed. At the same time, tem­per­a­ture indi­ca­tors are dis­tin­guished for being in a tent and in the open air. If not enough atten­tion is paid to this, if the hunt­ing bag is select­ed only by appear­ance, it can cre­ate many prob­lems.

Win­ter bags are usu­al­ly filled with bird down, and if syn­thet­ics are used for them, then it should be laid out in 3 lay­ers.

When select­ing sleep­ing bags for the off-sea­son, there are much more prob­lems than with pure­ly sum­mer or pure­ly win­ter sam­ples. Suit­able prod­ucts can only be found in the assort­ment of the largest com­pa­nies. The main atten­tion when choos­ing will have to be giv­en to air tem­per­a­ture. The fact is that the drop in tem­per­a­ture to crit­i­cal val­ues ​​​​dur­ing this peri­od is very fre­quent. And if the bag is not warm enough, there can be seri­ous health con­se­quences.

You should not choose bags with syn­thet­ic win­ter­iz­er. If only because it is frankly cheap mate­r­i­al, such a pur­chase will rea­son­ably be per­ceived as dis­re­spect­ful to the hunter. In addi­tion, the ser­vice life of a sleep­ing bag on a syn­thet­ic win­ter­iz­er does not exceed 2 years. And with very tight pack­ing in a bacweack, the insu­la­tion will ar out a lot. As for the out­er coat­ing, it is bet­ter that it is not made of nylon, but of mem­brane mate­ri­als. Addi­tion­al cri­te­ria for choos­ing a qual­i­ty prod­uct will be:

  • fas­tened hood (less risk of unau­tho­rized open­ing of the bag);
  • dark col­or (it is less eas­i­ly soiled, warmer, pro­motes accel­er­at­ed dry­ing);
  • qual­i­ty seams;
  • strength and reli­a­bil­i­ty of light­ning.
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A hunter who has a sleep­ing bag can safe­ly give a tent. After all, these are mutu­al­ly com­ple­men­tary acces­sories for hunt­ing. When there is both at once, going out into the for­est or into nature imme­di­ate­ly becomes more com­fort­able and safer. An indis­pens­able require­ment is the den­si­ty and mechan­i­cal strength of the “field house”. A good tent, unlike clothes, is made not from nat­ur­al, but from syn­thet­ic threads. The high­er the den­si­ty of the fibers, the bet­ter the fin­ished prod­uct.

Con­nois­seurs invari­ably advise check­ing this para­me­ter accord­ing to the accom­pa­ny­ing pass­port, not being sat­is­fied with the words of the sell­ers. Equal­ly impor­tant is a spe­cial impreg­na­tion. Even solo hunters will be hap­py if they have a dou­ble rather than a sin­gle tent. Then it will be more con­ve­nient to stack var­i­ous acces­sories, loot and sup­plies. Oth­er things being equal, tents with increased resis­tance to water per­form very ll.

They are com­fort­able even when it is rain­ing out­side, there is thick fog. Impor­tant and addi­tion­al equip­ment stove. Even in the sum­mer months, it gets cold at night in the wild. And already in light frost, an unheat­ed tent becomes a real tor­ment. The best options are those where the hearth is includ­ed, because then the design is ini­tial­ly con­sis­tent.

If it is pos­si­ble not to save mon­ey, feel free to buy the most expen­sive stoves. It will even be pos­si­ble to cook food on them, regard­less of the ather out­side the walls. It is worth pay­ing atten­tion to the mass of the struc­ture. The small­er it is, the more pleas­ant it is to use. But of course, to rea­son­able lim­its — after all, the peo­ple them­selves and all the things they need should fit freely in the tent.


When choos­ing a gift for a friend who is fond of hunt­ing, it is use­ful to pay atten­tion to bacweacks. No mat­ter how impor­tant tents and bed­ding may be, the main equip­ment and the main part of the booty are car­ried over their shoul­ders. And there­fore, a per­son is always not indif­fer­ent:

  • what is the capac­i­ty of the bacweack;
  • what is its strength;
  • how many branch­es are there;
  • whether the struc­ture is water resis­tant.

But if you can still pick up a tent, rug or sleep­ing bag in absen­tia, then the bacweack is cho­sen only togeth­er with the peo­ple who will use it. Like boots or a hat, a bacweack should be care­ful­ly tried on and checked to see if every­thing is com­fort­able and if there is any dis­com­fort. A tiny incon­ve­nience in the first min­utes can turn into a real night­mare for many hours, espe­cial­ly many days of run­ning hunt­ing.

Only rare online pur­chas­es are suc­cess­ful. As for vol­ume, most hunters believe that 25–35 liters is enough for a one-day out­put. If there are no spe­cial require­ments for the prod­uct, you can lim­it your­self to hik­ing army bag. Even some expe­ri­enced peo­ple use such equip­ment. True, they warn that dis­com­fort may occur on a long trip or under heavy load.

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A hunt­ing bacweack dif­fers from a tourist one, by the way, by min­i­mal noise. Any sound can star­tle ani­mals. It is rec­om­mend­ed to check how loud­ly the filled bacweack is removed and put on, whether it makes noise when walk­ing. With regard to ar resis­tance, the best ver­sions are made using the aving method.

The final choice can be made accord­ing to reviews on inde­pen­dent sites.


When a per­son loves hunt­ing, this means the desire to leave civ­i­liza­tion for a while. But it is not nec­es­sary to give up all its ben­e­fits. If you can keep warm in the tent and in the park­ing lot with the help of fires, stoves, then ther­moses help dur­ing the hike. It is rec­om­mend­ed to choose mod­els with an extend­ed neck. Such prod­ucts will allow you to pre­pare hot food in the morn­ing and eat it warm in the evening.

A ther­mos with a glass flask is not suit­able for hunters. Much bet­ter met­al con­struc­tion. As with the selec­tion of oth­er acces­sories, it is rec­om­mend­ed to read the reviews. It is nec­es­sary to check whether the lid will not unscrew from the flask on its own. Of course, you should give pref­er­ence to prod­ucts of famous com­pa­nies.


It is very impor­tant for a man who is fond of hunt­ing to have a camp­ing lantern. Often such prod­ucts are attached to the bar­rel of a gun to free their hands. And this is the case when rely­ing on reviews is hard­ly rea­son­able. It is bet­ter to con­sult with the recip­i­ents them­selves — they know exact­ly what they need. In any case, it is nec­es­sary to take into account the cor­re­spon­dence of the flash­light and spe­cif­ic mod­els of the gun.

The ratio­nal length of the field lamp is 0.145–0.15 m. The diam­e­ter is not high­er than 1 inch. Weight max­i­mum 0.3 kg (oth­er­wise the shoot­ing bal­ance will dete­ri­o­rate). Of course, strength is also impor­tant. The best prod­ucts are made of alu­minum, do not let water through, turn on and off eas­i­ly.

What to consider when choosing?

It is not so impor­tant whether a hunt­ing gift is giv­en for a birth­day, New Year or Feb­ru­ary 23rd. The main rule is the same as in oth­er cas­es — the recip­i­ents should expe­ri­ence the joy of the present. When choos­ing a sur­prise for a hus­band or one intend­ed for a father, you can casu­al­ly ask and find out the indi­vid­ual require­ments of the birth­day man. If the gift is giv­en to friends, acquain­tances, col­leagues or dis­tant rel­a­tives, the choice becomes much more com­pli­cat­ed.

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For the boss, you can also give spe­cif­ic hunt­ing presents. But it is bet­ter to aban­don the “cool” things. Only close and ll-known shoot­ers make sense to give some­thing with humor. In order not to make a mis­take when choos­ing a sur­prise for peo­ple who are not ll known, you need to devote some time to get­ting acquaint­ed with the top­ic of hunt­ing in a par­tic­u­lar area.

You should not choose elite gifts if a return gift of the same lev­el will be expen­sive for a per­son. This imme­di­ate­ly puts both par­ties in an awk­ward posi­tion. It’s worth talk­ing right away about what you def­i­nite­ly shouldn’t give as a gift. This apon is one that all hunters buy for them­selves (even if they are inter­est­ed in oth­er peo­ple’s reviews). It is fool­ish to give sou­venir, dec­o­ra­tive apons as ll — the only excep­tion is those peo­ple who are specif­i­cal­ly inter­est­ed in them.

Do not give con­sum­ables (ammu­ni­tion, gun­pow­der, canned food, flares). Donat­ing mon­ey is not rec­om­mend­ed. But pay­ing for a license on your own or pur­chas­ing spe­cial lit­er­a­ture is very cor­rect.

Speak­ing about an orig­i­nal gift for an anniver­sary or for anoth­er occa­sion, it is worth point­ing out that per­son­al tastes come first. So, those who obvi­ous­ly do not drink alco­hol are unlike­ly to fit sets of glass­es and glass­es, even if they are dec­o­rat­ed with the­mat­ic draw­ings. More­over, almost any per­son will have every right to be offend­ed when receiv­ing such a present. In the absence of imag­i­na­tion, “win-win” options will come to the res­cue:

  • satel­lite nav­i­ga­tor;
  • walkie-talkie;
  • water­proof tablet for doc­u­ments;
  • alu­minum or plas­tic flask;
  • minia­ture teapot;
  • tourist boots;
  • Swiss knife;
  • cam­ou­flage robe;
  • binoc­u­lars;
  • night-vision device;
  • shock-resis­tant water­proof mobile phone.

How to give?

Not so impor­tant — it was decid­ed to give hunt­ing sou­venirs or more “ighty” things. A lot depends on the pre­sen­ta­tion. Any hunter is pleased when a gift is found unex­pect­ed­ly. For exam­ple, it appears on the table on the sched­uled day.

If you decide to con­grat­u­late open­ly, it is bet­ter to think over the words that will accom­pa­ny the gift.

Small items are pre­sent­ed in dec­o­ra­tive bags. They are sold in gift shops, and even in book­stores. Giv­en the strict­ness and seri­ous­ness of most hunters, it is nec­es­sary to aban­don the draw or think it over very care­ful­ly. If you plan a joint trip to a restau­rant, cafe, a roman­tic din­ner at home, dona­tion can be com­bined with these events. The fol­low­ing will help to present the gift in an orig­i­nal way:

  • cake box;
  • sports bag;
  • anoth­er, non-the­mat­ic gift (next to or along with it, inside which is the main thing).

For infor­ma­tion on what to give the hunter, see the next video.