Indeed, can a wash­cloth be a gift? Why not! Our hand­made wash­cloths and mit­tens are made of polypropy­lene wash­cloth threads. Due to the fact that polypropy­lene threads are durable, the wash­cloth will last longer than oth­er wash­cloths, it will not lose col­or over time.

Each wash­cloth mit­ten is hand­made in the shape and with the muz­zle of an ani­mal. A craftswoman, mak­ing a wash­cloth mit­ten, will not be able to repeat the pre­vi­ous one by 100%! This is the unique­ness of the wash­cloth mit­tens in the form of a toy.

There­fore, , the KOTOFEi store, can con­fi­dent­ly declare that our wash­cloths and mit­tens can be pre­sent­ed to both a child and an adult. We care­ful­ly wrap your wash­cloth mit­tens in beau­ti­ful craft paper, and if you decide to give a hand­made wash­cloth mit­ten to your moth­er, father, grand­moth­er, grand­fa­ther, broth­er, sis­ter, nephew, niece, grand­son, grand­daugh­ter, god­son, god­daugh­ter, friend, girl­friend, girl, beloved or beloved, you do not need to think about pack­ag­ing. KOTOFEi thought about that too.

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And if mom­my decides to buy our wash­cloth mit­ten, then bathing in the bath­room with a baby wash­cloth mit­ten will not make the baby bored.

So all the same, why do rec­om­mend a wash­cloth mit­ten from the KOTOFEi store as a gift. It’s sim­ple, any wash­cloth is an indi­vid­ual item that every­one should have their own. The wash­cloth should be changed every three months. Also, our hand­made wash­cloth mit­ten per­fect­ly cir­cu­lates blood through­out the body, and at the same time they also per­form anti-cel­lulite mas­sage, ker­a­tinized skin is exfo­li­at­ed in the process, and this con­tributes to the fact that the skin becomes soft and ten­der. After a shor, you feel a surge of strength and ener­gy.

The KOTOFEi store is sure that it con­vinced you that a wash­cloth mit­ten can and should be giv­en to every­one for any hol­i­days, such as New Year, Christ­mas, Feb­ru­ary 23, March 8, Birth­day, Name Day, East­er, and just like that for no rea­son at as a sign of atten­tion.

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