No mat­ter how much you remem­ber the grad­u­a­tion date, no mat­ter how much you mark this day on the cal­en­dar, no mat­ter how you pre­pare for it, it still comes quick­ly. Espe­cial­ly for par­ents!

There re so many days and hours togeth­er, so many unique price­less emo­tions. And sud­den­ly you real­ize that you want to keep it in mem­o­ry. Some­thing in my own, some­thing in the mem­o­ry of those to whom I am grate­ful.

And now comes the very moment when there is a lump in the throat from excite­ment, but I want to say so much … To turn per­son­al­ly with atten­tion to each sub­ject teacher and direc­tor, to the head teacher and beloved first teacher, dear class teacher and the best Eng­lish teacher, to the best math­e­mat­ics teacher and the rest of the staff of the native school.

Help your­self in this moment by giv­ing each teacher a choco box with tar­get­ed words of grat­i­tude. Start your speech with them. Gift sets with sin­cere wish­es will pleas­ant­ly sur­prise their recip­i­ents.

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Pre­pare gifts with care and give with love and grat­i­tude!