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Top birthday surprises for boyfriend

When the birth­day of a loved one is approach­ing, I want to sur­prise him and make sure that the gift pre­sent­ed on this day remains a pleas­ant mem­o­ry for a long time and pleas­es the birth­day man. When it comes to the ques­tion of what to give a young man, it is worth being smart and imag­i­na­tive. Espe­cial­ly if you are going to make a gift with your own hands. This arti­cle con­tains the top best birth­day sur­pris­es for a guy.

What to gift?

First, you should find out the inter­ests and hob­bies of your young man, ask what his hob­by is, what he likes to do, what he lives with. When choos­ing a gift, even if it is made by hand, it is worth start­ing from his needs.

There­fore, there is no sin­gle ansr what to give as a gift, because each per­son has his own hob­bies and hob­bies that you should iden­ti­fy in advance.

Here are some sim­ple guide­lines. As men­tioned above, guys have dif­fer­ent inter­ests. Hov­er, many of them, for exam­ple, love cars, bicy­cles or motor­cy­cles. If you have a culi­nary tal­ent, then it is quite pos­si­ble to sur­prise your boyfriend with a grandiose cake in the form of a car / motor­cy­cle / bicy­cle. If you don’t know how to make cakes, you can order a sim­i­lar treat from a mas­ter who will do the work for you.

An ath­lete can make woven bracelets with the logo of a brand that pro­duces sport­sar, and a pro­gram­mer can be sur­prised with a home­made post­card with an encrypt­ed mes­sage writ­ten in the dec­i­mal sys­tem.

Ideas for surprise gifts

There are many inter­est­ing options for sur­prise gifts.

  • Pho­to col­lage. Mak­ing it is extreme­ly easy. Ask your friends, acquain­tances or rel­a­tives to take a pic­ture with the let­ters print­ed on A4 sheets. The inscrip­tions can be dif­fer­ent, for exam­ple, “Hap­py birth­day!”, “Hap­py anniver­sary, my dear!” and oth­ers. Each let­ter of con­grat­u­la­tions should be held by one per­son. Then you need to print the pho­tos, stick them on what­man paper of the size that you need.
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Pho­to col­lage can be arranged in a beau­ti­ful frame.

  • Gift cer­tifi­cates. This is not about those cer­tifi­cates that are exchanged for some extra­ne­ous ser­vice. We are talk­ing about self-made cer­tifi­cates. Take an ordi­nary A4 sheet and print on it this same gift cer­tifi­cate, for exam­ple, for 1000 points. Next, write “ser­vices”. They can be any­thing. For exam­ple, “mas­sage” — 200 points and so on. In total, all “ser­vices” must come out more than 1000 points so that the guy can choose the most deli­cious options.
  • Wish ful­fill­ment tick­ets. Tick­ets are made as easy as gift cer­tifi­cates. Hov­er, unlike the lat­ter, there is no points sys­tem in the tick­ets. Print on the tick­ets var­i­ous pos­si­ble desires of your boyfriend. For exam­ple, tick­et num­ber 1 is the ful­fill­ment of any desire. Dec­o­rate these tick­ets beau­ti­ful­ly: choose an inter­est­ing font, add some illus­tra­tion.

  • Can­dy cake. Cre­at­ing such a cake does not require much effort or culi­nary tal­ent. You just need to choose a tem­plate accord­ing to which you will col­lect the cake, buy sets, choco­late in the store and start prepar­ing a gift. Ask your young man in advance what treats he prefers the most. Hov­er, remem­ber that not all guys like sets.

  • Record a video greet­ing. Ask your friends for help and cre­ate a greet­ing. Say con­grat­u­la­tions sin­cere­ly, with­out being shy. And you can also con­nect friends for con­grat­u­la­tions. Have each of your friends say a few words to the birth­day boy.

Edit­ing a video is easy. Your com­put­er prob­a­bly has a pro­gram that is includ­ed in the required min­i­mum of pro­grams. It’s called Win­dows Movie Mak­er. There are many inter­est­ing ideas that you can cap­ture on a video cam­era. You can even make a small movie if you have video edit­ing skills.

  • Make a film about the birth­day boy. This is a very fun idea that your boyfriend will love. Shoot the young man on cam­era at dif­fer­ent moments. It is advis­able to do this dis­creet­ly. Then you just have to mount video moments, option­al­ly add inter­est­ing inscrip­tions, wish­es, and so on.
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  • Pre­sen­ta­tion in chronol­o­gy. Include pic­tures that re tak­en since birth in your pre­sen­ta­tion. And so on through the years to the present. Such a gift is like­ly to delight your young man and sur­prise him.

An orig­i­nal gift in video for­mat would be if you ask strangers (passers-by on the street) to say a cou­ple of pleas­ant words to the birth­day man. This unusu­al greet­ing should please your boyfriend.

Congratulations on paper

If you do not know how to edit a video, you can give pref­er­ence to an equal­ly inter­est­ing gift, such as a con­grat­u­la­tion on paper.

There may be sev­er­al design options. We offer you a cou­ple of ideas to choose from.

  • Pho­tos of your young man on what­man paper with sig­na­tures, wish­es, emoti­cons, stick­ers and so on.
  • Wish card. You will need set treats. Attach choco­late or can­dies to what­man paper with sig­na­tures. Exam­ple: “Let your life be heav­en­ly plea­sure, like Boun­ty.” Draw an arrow from the wish to the pre-attached Boun­ty choco­late bar. Turn on your imag­i­na­tion and cre­ate.
  • Pho­tos of the birth­day boy from the moment of birth to the present.
  • Ordi­nary pho­to col­lage.

Top most original gifts

We com­plete the selec­tion of ideas with the top of the most inter­est­ing sur­pris­es, which you can orga­nize your­self, and which will remain in the mem­o­ry of your young man for a long time.

  • An excit­ing quest. You can arrange a game at home by leav­ing let­ters with clues in var­i­ous places in the apart­ment. All let­ters will lead a per­son to one place, where his long-await­ed gift is stored. And you can also take this game to the lev­el of the city, per­haps with the help of friends.
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  • Extreme. Give your young man a ride in a hot air bal­loon, a para­chute jump or a jump from a bridge on a spe­cial rope. Such a gift will def­i­nite­ly not leave him indif­fer­ent. Hov­er, keep in mind: if your boyfriend has a neg­a­tive atti­tude towards extreme recre­ation, then such a gift is unlike­ly to please him.

  • Paint­ball. Assem­ble a team in advance, but in such a way that your young man does not know about your inten­tion. Let the taxi dri­ver take him to the right place. For greater effect, you can blind­fold the guy so that the trip to the end remains an intrigue for him. Then, when he arrives at the play­ground, it will be a big sur­prise for him.

There are many ways to sur­prise a young man on his birth­day. We have giv­en sev­er­al exam­ples that will help you when choos­ing an orig­i­nal sur­prise. Hav­ing shown your inge­nu­ity enough, you can come up with incred­i­ble gifts that you can make with your own hands. After all, a present made by you per­son­al­ly is always much more valu­able than a brand­ed one. The main thing is to always build on the inter­ests of the guy so that the gift brings him plea­sure on his birth­day.

In con­clu­sion, sug­gest you watch a video on how to orga­nize an inter­est­ing hol­i­day for a guy.