The bowl is a unique and styl­ish table­ware that will come in handy for table set­ting, par­ties and even pic­nics. It con­tains sev­er­al dish­es at once, which will not mix with each oth­er.

If you are still in doubt about whether a cab­i­net is need­ed in the kitchen, pay atten­tion to its advan­tages:

  • Such dish­es save space on the table.
  • It allows you to bring sev­er­al dish­es from the kitchen at once.
  • Diver­si­fy the table set­ting.
  • It will be easy for guests to reach the desired dish.
  • You will not mix the ingre­di­ents, which means that each guest will choose what he likes.
  • Baf­fles ensure that dish­es do not mix and retain their unique taste and smell.

Based on all the plus­es, the con­clu­sion is obvi­ous — the cab­i­net must be tak­en for the home, as it will not lie idle. Such dish­es will delight you with con­ve­nience, and sur­prise guests with their unusu­al appear­ance.

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The drar is made of birch 100% nat­ur­al wood. Divid­ed into 5 sec­tions. Own pro­duc­tion is locat­ed in the Russ­ian Repub­lic of Bashko­r­tostan.