Socks are not nec­es­sar­i­ly nec­es­sary cloth­ing. Socks can be a lux­u­ry. They can cre­ate a mood with­out words. And they might even be a doc­tor.

Of course, there are socks that are meant for shoes. Nobody argues.

But, you must admit, how nice it is to see grace­ful white socks on your child — not like every­one else. And even if the child did not put on slip­pers, will not scold him. After all, it is warm and beau­ti­ful.

- Why are these socks not the same as every­one else’s? – you will think. Because the socks are knit­ted by hand in a very small amount

For a long time now, no one has any doubts about the ben­e­fits of aring woolen socks. Knit­ted beau­ti­ful socks help our chil­dren’s feet to stay warm and not to freeze.

But socks don’t just keep you warm. They have a wide vari­ety of prop­er­ties. For exam­ple, they strength­en the immune sys­tem. Or help you recov­er faster.

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