The­mat­ic gifts

The best personalized gifts

We all love not only to receive, but also to give gifts. Sur­pris­es are dif­fer­ent, but the most unex­pect­ed and inter­est­ing of them are nom­i­nal ones. In this arti­cle, will talk about the vari­eties of such pre­sen­ta­tions.


There are quite a few options for the most pop­u­lar per­son­al­ized gifts. These gifts are dec­o­rat­ed var­i­ous inscrip­tions and engrav­ings. This is how pay spe­cial atten­tion to the recip­i­ent of the sur­prise. We express our respect and good atti­tude to the hero of the occa­sion.

Now let’s take a clos­er look at the most com­mon options.

Crockery and kitchen utensils

A per­son­al­ized gift always attracts atten­tion. Often dish­es are used as such pre­sen­ta­tions.

  • Cup. The most com­mon gift is a tea mug. This kind of present will be per­fect­ly appre­ci­at­ed at work: a thing with a name inscrip­tion is unlike­ly to be tak­en by any­one oth­er than the own­er. Hov­er, such a sur­prise will come in handy for the house as ll.

Drink­ing cof­fee or tea, you will def­i­nite­ly be remem­bered and thanked.

  • Dec­o­ra­tive plate. Anoth­er kitchen appli­ance is a dec­o­ra­tive plate. It can be dec­o­rat­ed with the let­ters of the name or the image of the future own­er. There are a lot of options. And, most like­ly, such an item will serve as a dec­o­ra­tion, and not dish­es.

This plate will be a styl­ish addi­tion to any inte­ri­or. In addi­tion, it may ll be framed in a com­ic genre.

  • Kitchen set. Such a kit may include a per­son­al­ized spoon, cut­ting board, rolling pin, tol, apron. This is a spe­cial sur­prise. You can make such a gift with your own hands, for exam­ple, cut a board out of wood and sew a tol.

On the apron, you can embroi­der an orig­i­nal draw­ing or inscrip­tion. Cross-stitch­ing is high­ly val­ued and is now con­sid­ered fash­ion­able. In gen­er­al, this present will be very nec­es­sary and use­ful.

  • Glass­es for wine and cham­pagne. An excel­lent gift, it is per­fect for pre­sent­ing on a dding anniver­sary or for the cel­e­bra­tion itself. Nom­i­nal wine glass­es in them­selves are a very expen­sive present. Such a sur­prise can be kept for a life­time and used only dur­ing sub­se­quent anniver­saries.
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And if it is also crys­tal, then this sou­venir will be not only use­ful, but also very sol­id.

office souvenirs

Per­son­al­ized can be small gifts for the office.

  • Diary and pen. This tra­di­tion­al office gift can be strict or fun­ny. It all depends on the nature of the recip­i­ent. Such a set will please any­one, from a col­league to a boss.
  • Cal­en­dar. A prac­ti­cal and fair­ly com­mon gift. It is best to give for the New Year. The name of the recip­i­ent can be indi­cat­ed on each page of the month, and if you also add a pho­to, you will get a very inter­est­ing and unfor­get­table present. Your employ­ee will use such a sur­prise all year round and thank you for it.
  • Flash dri­ve. An item that often goes miss­ing. An incon­spic­u­ous thing is often tak­en for use by mis­take. If you make it nom­i­nal, then the pos­si­bil­i­ty of sav­ing this lit­tle thing will increase sig­nif­i­cant­ly. The per­son­al­ized flash dri­ve will def­i­nite­ly be returned to the own­er and will not be allod to dis­ap­pear.

Useful gifts

Prac­ti­cal gifts with a per­son­al­ized inscrip­tion always look orig­i­nal and unusu­al.

  • Lighter. Of course, on an inex­pen­sive lighter, the name inscrip­tion will look fun­ny or even strange, so first you need to buy a great brand­ed lighter. Then such a gift, dec­o­rat­ed with a per­son­al­ized inscrip­tion, can be safe­ly pre­sent­ed. It will look taste­ful and rich.
  • Cig­a­rette case. Styl­ish and ele­gant item. Now it is becom­ing more wide­spread and becom­ing fash­ion­able again. An engrav­ing with a name or ini­tials will look sim­ply gor­geous. It will not be a shame to present such a gift for any occa­sion.
  • Pho­to album. In the mod­ern world, such a gift is grad­u­al­ly becom­ing obso­lete. Increas­ing­ly, flash dri­ves and oth­er media are used to store pic­tures. Hov­er, a bright and inter­est­ing per­son­al­ized pho­to album is still an excel­lent gift. It can become not only a use­ful stor­age for pho­tographs, but also a great addi­tion to the inte­ri­or.
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Such gifts include choco­late, sets, sou­venir per­son­al­ized gin­ger­bread, a cake with the name of the recip­i­ent. Exquis­ite­ly and beau­ti­ful­ly designed set sur­prise will sure­ly please every­one. You can print words with con­grat­u­la­tions on a col­or print­er and make orig­i­nal wrap­pers for sets.

The name of the birth­day per­son, a beau­ti­ful poem, a wish dec­o­rat­ed with berries, pieces of fruit or set cream will look great on a birth­day cake. It will be nice not only to eat such a gift, but also to admire the design.

Comic surprises

In every hol­i­day there are com­ic, fun­ny moments. For such cas­es, the fol­low­ing cool per­son­al­ized gifts.

  • Medal. The inscrip­tion can be any­thing: “To the best friend”, “Cool chef” and the like. The main thing is that on a fun gift there must be the name of the hero of the occa­sion.
  • “Oscar” or nom­i­nal Hol­ly­wood star. The issued award is indi­vid­ual for the hero of the occa­sion. Such a gift can be a seri­ous rea­son for pride. Not every­one is com­pared to a star and giv­en an Oscar. Even if it will be in a com­ic form.

  • Nom­i­nal coin. This sou­venir is per­fect for a col­lec­tor. You can also make a coin with your own hands, for exam­ple, cut it out of paper or plas­tic, pick up and exe­cute a suit­able inscrip­tion. And you can ask the mas­ter to knock out the name on a real coin. Such a gift will cer­tain­ly be appre­ci­at­ed.

Pleasant trifles

  • Stuffed Toys. Cool and fun gift. Espe­cial­ly if the toy has an exter­nal resem­blance to the future own­er. Such a gift can be giv­en for the New Year. It will look very orig­i­nal and beau­ti­ful on the Christ­mas tree as a dec­o­ra­tion.
  • Stick­ers. Dec­o­ra­tive stick­ers for refrig­er­a­tor, table, fur­ni­ture, etc. All these things can be arranged as a per­son­al­ized sur­prise. Put a min­i­mum of imag­i­na­tion to get a com­ic gift. You can use it both at home and in the office.
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  • Pil­low. An extra­or­di­nary gift that adds charm to the inte­ri­or and is suit­able for any hol­i­day. Such a gift can be pre­sent­ed to both a man and a woman.

On the pil­low itself, you can embroi­der the names of loved ones, for exam­ple, hus­band and wife, it will turn out very touch­ing. A vin­tage gift that the fam­i­ly will love.

For loved ones

Choos­ing per­son­al­ized gifts for loved ones can be quite dif­fi­cult. This issue must be approached whole­heart­ed­ly. Can be donat­ed named icon. She will pro­tect her loved one, and you can eas­i­ly find the name you need.

Can be donat­ed unusu­al pen­dant, medal­lion, ring or oth­er engraved jel­ry. Regard­less of whether it is a man or a woman, such a gift will in any case be enthu­si­as­ti­cal­ly received. A loved one will be espe­cial­ly pleased to ar such an orna­ment.

More mas­cu­line gift are per­son­al­ized backgam­mon, chess, check­ers. The gift is not only pleas­ant, but also use­ful. A loved one will devel­op intel­lec­tu­al­ly. Yes, and you can spend time in the evenings with a loved one, this will bring you clos­er.

A note­book with a name is a great sur­prise. A loved one will be hap­py with such a gift. Using a present, he will remem­ber you.

As you can see, there are a lot of options for per­son­al­ized gifts. They can be orig­i­nal, fun­ny, prac­ti­cal. Some gifts are quite valu­able, some are very sim­ple and do not require large invest­ments.

What­ev­er you come up with and donate, the main thing is atten­tion, not a gift. There­fore, make sur­pris­es, pre­pare sou­venirs and give presents. Do it from the bot­tom of your heart. And then get the desired result from what you have done.

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