birth­day gifts

It is not easy to make a gift for a man, and some­times it turns into a real prob­lem. There are men who like to have fun, play pranks and cheer up. For birth­day peo­ple with a good sense of humor, you can choose com­ic gifts, inter­est­ing presents and orga­nize fun­ny pranks. Such a hol­i­day will remain a pleas­ant mem­o­ry for a long time.

Comic Presents

The choice of cool birth­day gifts for a man is large. You can look at and order them in the online store. At the same time, it is worth remem­ber­ing that men do not like use­less presents. You need to choose a gift that is prac­ti­cal and com­ic at the same time. There are many exam­ples of such pre­sen­ta­tions.

A com­put­er mouse in the form of a gold bar is a good gift idea for a boss, financier or econ­o­mist. For a lover of women, a mouse is in the form of a female fig­ure, and for a set tooth — in the form of a choco­late bar.

Stress is expe­ri­enced by every­one in life. In this case, gifts to improve mood will be use­ful. Humor­ous over­tones will add val­ue to them. It can be:

  • a small fire­place that fits on the table;
  • an elec­tron­ic gad­get that, when pressed, imi­tates the sound of burst­ing bub­bles on a pack­ag­ing film — you can hang it on the keys like a key­chain;
  • a piece of film with bub­bles in a frame with a play­ful inscrip­tion “In case of stress, break the glass and use it” or put it in a bag labeled “Stress reliev­er”;
  • a large roll of pack­ag­ing film with bub­bles to last a long time.

Presents with alco­hol are a sep­a­rate cat­e­go­ry of play­ful gifts. If a man does not abuse, but loves to cel­e­brate the hol­i­days, take a clos­er look at these gifts. Their choice is large.

  • Bar “Gas sta­tion” - fill­ing col­umn with a dis­pens­ing gun for fill­ing.
  • Tic-tac-toe game The set includes trans­par­ent glass­es with zeros and cross­es. With such a present, you can have fun cel­e­brat­ing the hol­i­day by play­ing an inter­est­ing game.
  • “Beer” darts - with fun­ny, use­ful tasks and mag­net­ic darts.
  • A man with a sub­tle sense of humor will like glass with the inscrip­tion “Opti­mist / Pes­simist“which is locat­ed in the mid­dle of the glass.
  • Game-table “Peri­od­ic sys­tem of use” intro­duce you to dif­fer­ent drinks and cock­tail recipes.
  • Cake from bot­tles of beer and a bou­quet of dried fish appre­ci­at­ed by a lover of foamy drink.

An orig­i­nal watch is suit­able for a com­ic gift:

  • a clock in the form of spoons and forks on the wall will be hap­py to receive a cook;
  • clock in the form of vinyl records — a great gift for a music lover;
  • a wood­en watch in an unusu­al pack­age, on which you can write the name of the birth­day man or a com­ic con­grat­u­la­tion, will suit any­one;
  • Wrist­watch with reverse motion — for a busy per­son.

For the boss, you can choose any of the fol­low­ing options:

  • “Map of con­quer­ing the world”;
  • mug with the inscrip­tion BOSS;
  • sign “Chief is always right”;
  • cup “Con­queror of the World” with an engraved name.
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An orig­i­nal cake for a man with a set tooth of any form under the order — a suit­case, a cam­era, a car. Here you need to know the hob­bies and pref­er­ences of a man.

A fun­ny car­toon or an old por­trait with a birth­day boy. You can order a rec­og­niz­able pic­ture, where the hero of the occa­sion will be the main fig­ure, or a fun­ny car­toon that will cause a storm of pos­i­tive emo­tions. Pig­gy bank in the form of a gold­en loaf — for the financier.

A lover of adven­ture and pirate par­ties will love a pig­gy bank in the form of a chest. The hand of the skele­ton takes the coin into the pig­gy bank.

A fun­ny present can be ordi­nary gifts, but dec­o­rat­ed in an orig­i­nal way:
  • T‑shirt with 3D pat­tern;
  • socks in a sealed tin or with a fun­ny inscrip­tion on the sole;
  • apron with a cool image;
  • a tol in the form of a Scot­tish skirt;
  • slip­pers with LEDs and non-slip soles;
  • heat­ed slip­pers.

For peo­ple who work with mon­ey — mon­ey meter. For a man who likes to retire — golf for the toi­let.

For a hus­band, a T‑shirt with a paint­ed road will be a good gift. Chil­dren will be hap­py to play on dad. Lumi­nous sus­penders for a par­ty-goer. Mask with a beard for a ski­er.

Souvenirs with humor

Presents with a bit of humor can cheer up the birth­day per­son. But in order to avoid resent­ment and dis­ap­point­ment, after a fun­ny gift, give a real one. Sou­venirs with humor for men can be very dif­fer­ent.

  1. Points “Cen­sor­ship” for social net­works — for those who like to surf the Inter­net and take cool pic­tures.
  2. Cup with 3D pat­tern. At the bot­tom, when heat­ed from a hot drink, a pat­tern appears: the mouth of a shark or a hip­popota­mus. The choice of such mugs is large.
  3. For a beloved man, you can pre­pare a roman­tic gift. For this need play­ing cards. We will make a deck code-named “36 rea­sons why I love you.” Each should be glued with one rea­son for love, make holes with a hole punch and fas­ten all the cards. For a good mood, you can do it cre­ative­ly and come up with humor.
  4. Toi­let paper roll with Don­ald Trump. Many men are watch­ing polit­i­cal events, and they will be hap­py to receive such a present.
  5. Hair­brush for bald menwho can laugh at them­selves. There is also an addi­tion to the comb — this is a tem­po­rary tat­too for the bald.
  6. Comb-knife. At first glance, this is a fold­ing knife, but as soon as you press the but­ton, instead of a blade, a comb will pop out.
  7. “Cough­ing” ash­tray with the image of a skull — the ash­tray coughs when the ash­es are shak­en into it. It will be a good reminder of the health of a man and a sou­venir with humor.
  8. Beer hel­met with mounts for cans with straws — for busy birth­day peo­ple who can’t take a break. So that they do not suf­fer from thirst, you can give such a hel­met. Cans may con­tain beer or set soda.
  9. Male umbrel­la in the form of a samu­rai sword - an acces­so­ry for the rep­re­sen­ta­tives of the stronger half who love ori­en­tal, mar­tial arts.
  10. Night­lights in the form of a tooth or a female breast.
  11. Fly­ing alarm clock for sleepy­heads and those who are con­stant­ly late for work. It is impos­si­ble to over­sleep with this alarm clock. In order to turn it off, you need to catch it. Like it or not, you have to wake up.
  12. Oral “Com­man­der” — a gift to raise author­i­ty. With this sou­venir, the author­i­ty and com­mand­ing voice ris­es at times.
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funny pranks

A gift can be pre­sent­ed cheer­ful­ly, provoca­tive­ly, with fic­tion and fun. How exact­ly to do this depends on the man’s sense of humor. With fun­ny pranks, you can cre­ative­ly con­grat­u­late the birth­day man, hav­ing great­ly amused him. Here are some exam­ples of such gifts.

Soap with the smell of mon­ey is a gift with mon­ey inside. For him you will need a trans­par­ent glyc­erin soap and a bill. To play, you need to do the fol­low­ing:

  • drill a hole inside the soap;
  • place a fold­ed bill in it;
  • seal the hole with crumb, which was obtained from drilling;
  • arrange a gift in a trans­par­ent film;
  • stick a fun­ny inscrip­tion “Soap with the smell of mon­ey”, “To wash your wal­let.”

For more fun, you can give a few pieces for a year’s sup­ply of clean­li­ness in your wal­let.

If a man dreams of a phone, you can give:

  • iPhone 6 lighter — at first glance it is not clear that this is a lighter;
  • put an old Nokia phone in a box from under a smart­phone;
  • case in the form of a tube of the 90s for a smart­phone.

If there is no way to ful­fill a man’s big dream, then give the “First Step to a Dream” gift. Exam­ples of such gifts are as fol­lows:

  • brick and shov­el for build­ing your house;
  • car keys with a key fob of the brand that the birth­day man dreams of;
  • hand over the car keys in a solemn atmos­phere, and leave a toy car in the yard.

A gas mask will help replace a tick­et to warm coun­tries. It is stuffy and hot, like in the south.

Wish ful­fill­ment set — Gold­fish sets with a beau­ti­ful bot­tle, which sym­bol­izes the home of the genie.

Arrange a con­grat­u­la­tion-sur­prise for a man. To do this, you need to pre­pare every­thing in advance:

  • hang a sign on the facade of the build­ing with the inscrip­tion “He has been liv­ing and work­ing in this city for … years” — it should be notice­able;
  • agree with a stranger who will come up and read con­grat­u­la­tions;
  • gath­er all your friends for an unex­pect­ed and cheer­ful con­grat­u­la­tions;
  • arrange in a cafe with a wait­er who will bring out a cake and cham­pagne.

When every­thing has been pre­pared, it is worth mak­ing an appoint­ment with the birth­day boy at the build­ing with a sign and imple­ment­ing the entire plan point by point. For a long mem­o­ry of this day, film the prank on cam­era.

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Unblown can­dles on the cake with jokes and jokes will amuse all the guests. Remem­ber to replace with nor­mal can­dles lat­er so you can make a wish.

A fun birth­day sur­prise for my hus­band, see the next video.

Original Presentation Ideas

The main thing in a gift is to please a man, to evoke pos­i­tive emo­tions that will be remem­bered for a long time. To do this, it is worth con­sid­er­ing the idea of ​​hand­ing over. Here are some tips.

  • You can give a gift in an orig­i­nal way with the help of a set poster. For him, you will need what­man paper and your favorite sets for the birth­day man. Write play­ful greet­ings using treats. Pleas­ant and tasty.
  • Alco­hol can be hid­den in the orig­i­nal pack­ag­ing with the inscrip­tion “Hap­pi­ness” or a hid­ing place book. Choose the inscrip­tion on the book accord­ing to the inter­ests of the man — fish­ing, hunt­ing, com­put­ers, busi­ness.
  • For intrigue, you can put a gift in sev­er­al box­es. The main thing is not to feel sor­ry for the gift wrap­ping, to assem­ble the box­es like a nest­ing doll, pack­ing each box.

  • Give a large box con­tain­ing a small gift. Fill the free space with news­pa­pers or any paper.
  • Offer to guess what’s in the black box or choose one of the two box­es.
  • Hand over the “Emer­gency set for the motorist”, in which a hang­over rem­e­dy, 5 dol­lars and a piece of paper with the inscrip­tion “break it in an emer­gency.”

  • Wrap a gift and make false pack­ag­ing. Make a con­grat­u­la­to­ry speech and tell what’s in the box. When giv­en, acci­den­tal­ly fall with the sound of a gift break­ing. The sound should be record­ed in advance and put in a box or ask a friend to turn it on when it falls.

While the birth­day boy unfolds and looks around uneasi­ly, you will bring out a real gift.

  • Hide a tick­et or a tick­et inside the bal­loon and inflate them a lot. To find a gift, you need to pop all the balls.

  • com­pose orig­i­nal rhyme about the gift and hand it over.

  • Dress up as a wiz­ard ful­fill one wish.

  • Make mer­ry clip about the birth­day boy.

  • Remake a pop­u­lar, favorite song and sing it.

  • Per­son­al mag­a­zine, news­pa­per or book about the birth­day, it will be remem­bered for a long time.

  • There are many ways to seal mon­ey in an orig­i­nal way.. For exam­ple, it can be an ordi­nary jar with a fun­ny inscrip­tion “Pick­le of abun­dance” or “Cab­bage of hap­pi­ness.”

You can con­grat­u­late men in dif­fer­ent ways, includ­ing fun­ny. The main thing is that the birth­day boy had fun from the heart, he was pleased, and the hol­i­day was remem­bered for a long time.