Jumper Mad­Made

Elk is con­fused! Are you still think­ing whether to buy a jumper? The ather out­side the win­dow hints that it is time to warm up and pre­pare for the New Year hol­i­days. With a bright Mad­Made jumper, even bad ather will not spoil your mood. Gift to loved ones or keep for your­self. Teplo’s Mad­Made jumper will cre­ate a mood that will make every­one warmer!

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Jumper Birds and Berries

The win­ter pat­tern of Birds and Berries cre­ates a mood and a feel­ing of spe­cial com­fort. The cat­e­go­ry of New Year’s saters is spe­cial, and saters with tra­di­tion­al Christ­mas pat­terns occu­py an even brighter place in it. Every­one will come up with their own sto­ry, and the Birds and Berries col­lec­tion will help keep warm.

Arti­cle : 16322242

Jumper “Chimes”

It’s time to remem­ber the knit­ted Christ­mas sater, old-fash­ioned and cheer­ful, which, if worn, is on New Year’s Eve. The bud­get ver­sion of acrylic saters can help in the cold and con­vey the New Year’s spir­it. Let’s believe in mir­a­cles with the Chimes col­lec­tion: so that mag­ic hap­pens not only while the clock strikes tlve.

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Arti­cle : 16322241

Sater Glint

Sater for those who are not yet ready to ar the very “ugly” Christ­mas sater to the par­ty, but already want to get to the New Year’s cor­po­rate par­ty. The Glint sater is per­fect for coun­try walks, but will also be appro­pri­ate in the office with a loose dress code.

Arti­cle : 16328327

Jumper Pick The Berry

Such a nice Pick The Berry sater with lin­gonber­ries will appeal to those who plan to cel­e­brate the New Year with fam­i­ly and loved ones some­where out­side the city. A small but incred­i­bly fra­grant berry is famous for a whole palette of shades. An option for those who are ready to give up their favorite black col­or for the sake of a fes­tive mood.

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