Small gifts are not only sets and sou­venirs “sym­bol of the year”! We present our new selec­tion, where you will find use­ful lit­tle things, warm clothes, gad­gets and house­hold appli­ances.


A New Year’s gift can be super prac­ti­cal, like a five-hang­er hang­er for a com­pact wardrobe, or just as fun as a plate with an amazed cat.

You can show imag­i­na­tion and a sense of humor by choos­ing a door­mat, home clothes or a cup for morn­ing oat­meal.

A new elec­tric ket­tle or a good qual­i­ty blender will fit per­fect­ly into 10$. Let your friend enjoy using your gift every day!


With a cos­met­ic gift with­in 10$, you can wide­ly dis­perse: fash­ion­able hydro­gel patch­es, make-up brush­es, use­ful Epsom bath salts, and a tra­di­tion­al shav­ing set fit into this small amount.

Give a kine­sio tape for the face, a roller mas­sager or hydrophilic oil to a friend who is fond of beau­ty nov­el­ties.

A bath lover will appre­ci­ate the smelly tar soap if you add it to the main gift. By the way, dec­o­ra­tive soap can gen­er­al­ly be used instead of a post­card, and there is one in our selec­tion.

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Hobbies and souvenirs

For 10$, you can find a gift that will dec­o­rate your friend’s house, such as a scratch map of the world (to “dis­cov­er” the coun­tries that a friend has vis­it­ed) or repro­duc­tions with the works of his favorite artist.

A trav­el pil­low with a fes­tive theme and a cheer­ful suit­case cov­er will appeal to those who con­tin­ue to trav­el in a changed world. Give the motorist an orga­niz­er for the trunk or on the back of the seat; fam­i­ly friends will espe­cial­ly appre­ci­ate such a thing.

Vir­tu­al real­i­ty glass­es or a gamepad are also gifts with­in 10$, and the impres­sions from them are worth a mil­lion!