Prob­a­bly every day new objects appear in the world. Many of them are very use­ful and con­ve­nient. And some real­ly great sim­pli­fy life.

Can you imag­ine what it was like, for exam­ple, to pack a box before the advent of duct tape?
It is dif­fi­cult to imag­ine how peo­ple man­aged with­out such an every­day object today.

We’ve been using duct tape for about 100 years.
Lat­er, dou­ble-sided adhe­sive tape appeared, then stick­ers, etc.
And now it’s time for — “Spoti­ki”!

Spots are sticky cir­cles of dou­ble-sided tape with petals for ease of use.

Spot­lights are just per­fect for quick fix­ing: notes, announce­ments, price tags, pho­tos, appli­ca­tions, chil­dren’s draw­ings, posters, posters, ll, or snowflakes on the win­dow… They will also help when wrap­ping gifts, and they can also stick price tags on the store win­dow. They are con­ve­nient to use in paper crafts and more.

The main con­ve­nience is that you do not need scis­sors, dou­ble-sided adhe­sive tape or glue. Just a few spots are enough.

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The diam­e­ter of the cir­cle of the spot is 19 mm. Spots are made of the same mate­ri­als as dou­ble-sided tape. And so they hold togeth­er sta­tionery and pack­ag­ing paper, film and poly­eth­yl­ene ll.

Now you do not need to look for scis­sors to cut off a piece of dou­ble-sided tape to hang, for exam­ple, the announce­ment “Wear a mask and gloves” on the door. It is enough to have a few Spots on hand.

If you peri­od­i­cal­ly need to stick, pack or hang some­thing, then fol­low the link and order spot­lights on