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How to pack sets as a gift?

Sets are a tra­di­tion­al gift for var­i­ous hol­i­days. In order for your present to evoke a storm of emo­tions, it is very impor­tant to pack it cor­rect­ly. The per­cep­tion of a gift varies great­ly depend­ing on the pack­ag­ing. Just imag­ine that you re pre­sent­ed with the most deli­cious sets, but in a reg­u­lar pack­age from the store. What will be your reac­tion? There­fore, let’s fig­ure out how to pack sets in a beau­ti­ful and orig­i­nal way.

New Year and Christmas sets

In Rus­sia, it is cus­tom­ary to give set gifts to chil­dren for the New Year. We usu­al­ly buy them ready-made. But you can get cre­ative with this. Today there is no short­age of sets, so it is inap­pro­pri­ate to give large pack­ages of sets and mar­malades. It will be much more orig­i­nal and valu­able to pack sets in a beau­ti­ful box with a New Year theme.

This will require an ordi­nary box, craft pack­ag­ing paper, a cou­ple of spruce branch­es. Arrange sets care­ful­ly in the box. There can be cup­cakes, and choco­late, and cup­cakes, and marsh­mal­lows. Choose for fill­ing those sets that the recip­i­ent loves the most. Next, wrap the box with craft paper. It has a pleas­ant beige shade and always looks very respectable. To pre­vent the pack­age from open­ing, secure the folds with a sta­pler.

It remains only to tie a beau­ti­ful rib­bon and fas­ten the spruce branch­es around the bow.

If New Year’s sets are famil­iar to us, then the tra­di­tion of giv­ing gin­ger­bread for Christ­mas was for­got­ten dur­ing the Sovi­et peri­od, but today it is being revived. Beau­ti­ful themed gin­ger­bread cook­ies can be bought at the store or baked by your­self. It is very touch­ing when chil­dren dec­o­rate them them­selves, and then present them to their grand­moth­ers and oth­er rel­a­tives.

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You can pack each gin­ger­bread or home­made cook­ie in a sep­a­rate trans­par­ent bag, dec­o­rat­ing it with a rib­bon or ser­pen­tine. These small gifts can also be giv­en to col­leagues. It will be rel­e­vant and will not hit the wal­let.

Sets in a bouquet

This is the trend of recent years. Spe­cial­ized firms will pro­vide you with such ser­vices. But is it worth over­pay­ing if you can make such a bou­quet with your own hands? It is best to pur­chase sets for a bou­quet that already have foil pack­ag­ing and a round­ed shape. You can eas­i­ly find these by ight in the near­est super­mar­ket. We also need long skers, cor­ru­gat­ed paper. The lat­ter must be of two or more col­ors. The first is green for the stem and leaves, the sec­ond is for dec­o­rat­ing the petals.

Choose the col­or of the petals as you wish. In one bou­quet, you can com­bine dif­fer­ent tones. From this paper cut out sev­er­al squares and draw petals on them. To sim­pli­fy the whole process, it is bet­ter that they are con­nect­ed in the cen­ter. Next, straight­en each petal a lit­tle and give the desired shape. We insert one blank into anoth­er, and place our can­dy in the cen­ter.

Now let’s take a look at the stem and leaves. We wrap the sker along the entire length with green paper and fix it with glue, cut out and glue a cou­ple of leaves. Now it remains to col­lect the flor. We pierce the cen­ter of the petals with a sker so that it enters a lit­tle into the can­dy itself. It remains only to make the required num­ber of flors and col­lect them in a bou­quet. It must also be wrapped in paper or gift wrap.

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Boxes and jars

The choice of a spe­cif­ic design option for sets depends on their name. So, small dragees, small sets with­out pack­ag­ing and small cook­ies are best placed in a jar. But pur­chased pack­aged sets are best packed in a box. Depend­ing on the occa­sion, addi­tion­al acces­sories may be added to the box. For the New Year, you can add small Christ­mas dec­o­ra­tions and tin­sel. For women on March 8, sets such as mac­a­roons, muffins and cup­cakes are suit­able, which can be com­bined in one box with flors.

If you give sets to chil­dren, then you can get cre­ative with the design. For exam­ple, a trans­par­ent beau­ti­ful jar can be trans­formed into a fun­ny deer, bear or kit­ten. To do this, stick the cor­re­spond­ing ele­ments of the muz­zle on the jar itself (eyes, cheeks, mus­tache, cil­ia). Dec­o­rate the lid with ears. They can eas­i­ly be made from felt. It holds its shape ll and visu­al­ly resem­bles felt­ed wool. Set gifts for chil­dren in box­es can also be sup­ple­ment­ed with small soft toys.

The delight of the kids will be even greater if, in addi­tion to their favorite mar­malades and sets, a cute soft bear or kit­ten is hid­den in the box.

Transparencies and baskets

The clear film is ide­al for wrap­ping home­made cook­ies, pies and gin­ger­bread hous­es. In this case, you can not wor­ry that it will become stale or germs will get on it. Also, a trans­par­ent film is indis­pens­able when you want to arrange a gift in a bas­ket or bowl. You can buy bas­kets and trays, or you can make your own. It would be more prac­ti­cal to pur­chase a semi­cir­cu­lar trans­par­ent bowl. She will not hide the beau­ty of the gift, in the future the host­ess will be able to use it in the kitchen.

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If you want to diver­si­fy a set gift, then you can put fruit in a bowl or box. Exot­ic fruits and berries will look espe­cial­ly orig­i­nal. After fill­ing with sets, the bowl or bas­ket must be wrapped in a trans­par­ent film and dec­o­rat­ed with rib­bons and a bow.

But there are no hard lim­its here. You can ful­ly show your imag­i­na­tion and cre­ate a unique author’s pack­ag­ing for your sets.

Plain or corrugated paper

One of the trends of recent years has been the use of craft paper for wrap­ping flors and gifts. It seems to send us back in time. Some­times it even styl­izes as a news­pa­per. Such options, no doubt, will be appre­ci­at­ed not only by the old­er gen­er­a­tion, but also by young peo­ple. There are a lot of options for wrap­ping paper today. If you give sets, then you can arrange them in the form of a large can­dy. It is enough to place them in a cylin­der (can be made from what­man paper) and wrap them in beau­ti­ful foil paper. On the sides it should be twist­ed and tied with rib­bons.

Chil­dren will appre­ci­ate the unusu­al design of a gift in chil­dren’s bacweacks. Thus, you will get two gifts at once — both sets and a bacweack, with which you can then walk. Mak­ing sets as a gift is a joy­ful and enjoy­able process. Get cre­ative with it. Do not be afraid to exper­i­ment and imple­ment the most dar­ing ideas. And then a surge of pos­i­tive emo­tions in your loved ones is guar­an­teed.

How to pack can­dies in an orig­i­nal way with your own hands, see below.