Gift wrap­ping

How to pack a blanket as a gift?

How nice to receive a blan­ket as a gift. This irre­place­able thing will be a reminder that you are loved and want you to feel com­fort­able when you are at home. To be hon­est, no one will refuse such a present, be it a man, a woman or a child. But how to present a present is the ques­tion. When it comes to gifts, you should always start with the pack­ag­ing.

Types of packaging

You can beau­ti­ful­ly pack a blan­ket as a gift using wrap­ping paper. It is desir­able to choose its col­or accord­ing to the type and char­ac­ter that is inher­ent in the donee. You also need to take into account the gen­der of the per­son for whom you have pre­pared a soft offer­ing. Gifts intend­ed for women, girls and chil­dren are wrapped in light col­ors of wrap­ping paper, and dark­er shades can be used when you want to please a man.

Please note that red, gold­en and sil­ver shades will suit every­one with­out excep­tion. More­over, these col­ors should be used when you give a blan­ket for the New Year.

Then you need to start choos­ing high-qual­i­ty gift paper. To date, there is no short­age of this. You just need to take into account the desired size and den­si­ty, and the fol­low­ing infor­ma­tion will help you decide on the option.

  • If your blan­ket is made of soft and del­i­cate mate­r­i­al, then you can choose glossy paper for wrap­ping. She is beau­ti­ful, but her minus is a very frag­ile mate­r­i­al. Hov­er, for del­i­cate things, such a wrap­per will do just fine.
  • Papyrus paper will give your gift a pre­sentable look. Also called silence. This mate­r­i­al is adapt­ed to a snug fit and is com­mon­ly used to wrap soft toys. You can also wrap a blan­ket.
  • Durable can­vas is kraft. This prod­uct prac­ti­cal­ly does not tear, and with var­i­ous vari­a­tions, you will be sure of the safe­ty of the item. In addi­tion, its spe­cif­ic prop­er­ties will cre­ate the illu­sion of vol­ume. A good argu­ment for those who love large gifts.
  • A plaid in cor­ru­gat­ed paper will look ele­gant because of its large emboss­ing.
  • The gift also looks great in a stretch­ing film. Poly­silk is spe­cial­ly designed for wrap­ping soft gifts, and its sur­face is paint­ed in an advan­ta­geous metal­lic shade.
  • Mul­ber­ry pat­terned paper. Due to the com­pact­ness, it is able to cre­ate the bulk of the pack­age. Your gift will acquire favor­able con­tours, and the pli­a­bil­i­ty of the mate­r­i­al will help to give a great look to the pack­age.
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How to fold and arrange?

You decid­ed to give a blan­ket to a loved one and even chose and bought it, but you don’t know how to fold and pack it in an orig­i­nal way? Do not despair. It is easy to make unusu­al pack­ag­ing with your own hands. Read the fol­low­ing infor­ma­tion and you will be up to the task.

  • First, fold the thing in a spe­cial way, for exam­ple, in the form of a heart. To do this, roll the blan­ket into a nar­row strip along its length (approx­i­mate­ly the way you roll a straw). Then flat­ten this tube. Then start rolling it from both sides to the cen­ter. When both twist­ed ends meet in the mid­dle, form a heart shape. Secure with sil­ver tape.

  • The shape will also look orig­i­nal in the form of a snail. To form the next mod­el, pro­ceed with the blan­ket in the same way as in the first case. We twist the thing along the length into a nar­row strip. Then you need to roll one edge to the mid­dle and tie it with col­ored tape. We sim­ply bend the sec­ond half in half (this is the head) and attach it with col­ored tape to the body (its ends should have remained).

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Next, pro­ceed to wrap the gift in spe­cial­ized paper. To do this, take a cer­tain sheet that cor­re­sponds to the size of the pre­sen­ta­tion. Do not save paper, oth­er­wise the shape of the gift will lose its appear­ance. Care­ful­ly col­lect all its ends and turn to the cen­ter. After that, fix them with tape and dec­o­rate the dock­ing place with a large paper bow.

By the way, the task will be sim­pli­fied if you wrap the blan­ket in a stretch film — poly­silk.

Other design options

There are a very large num­ber of them. For exam­ple, you can make a box with your own hands from thick paper and dec­o­rate it with pack­ag­ing mate­r­i­al. To do this, cut the wor­weiece accord­ing to the pat­tern, tak­ing into account the size of the thing, and glue all the ends. Dec­o­rate the lid with a large bow made of sil­ver rib­bon. Place a soft gift fold­ed accord­ing to your taste (it can be in the form of a heart) in a col­ored box.

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It will be ben­e­fi­cial to look at the plaid if you roll it into a small but dense roller and secure it with col­ored tape. But the pack­ag­ing in the form of a huge can­dy will make your present unfor­get­table. How to arrange all this? Imag­ine that your rolled up blan­ket is a huge can­dy bar (can­dy from child­hood), and wrap­ping paper is a can­dy wrap­per. We cut out the paper of the appro­pri­ate size, put our plaid can­dy there and form a large can­dy.

You can also make a pack­age in the form of a fish. We take wrap­ping paper of the desired col­or and size (fish come in dif­fer­ent col­ors, which means select them accord­ing to the mean­ing of the gift). We make a shape from a blan­ket in the form of a body of a fish and wrap it in paper ( repeat the manip­u­la­tions: will improve the shape in the form of a fish).

Sep­a­rate­ly, cut out the fins and make a tail (here it all depends on your imag­i­na­tion: you can not com­plete­ly cut a sheet of paper into small stripes on one side, and on the oth­er hand, crush them with your palm). We sup­ple­ment the body of the fish with a tail and fins (fix them with adhe­sive tape or glue). Don’t for­get the eyes and mouth. When the job is done, you will see how cre­ative solu­tions trans­form gifts made from the heart.

If you want to beau­ti­ful­ly pack a blan­ket in paper in a stan­dard way, the fol­low­ing video will help you.