Gift wrap­ping

How to pack a mug as a gift?

Dur­ing the hol­i­days, choos­ing gifts becomes one of the most dif­fi­cult tasks. I would like to please every­one with­out excep­tion (even the most dis­tant acquain­tances), but fit into the bud­get. That is why you have to come up with inter­est­ing, but inex­pen­sive gifts. An excel­lent option for such a pre­sen­ta­tion can be a mug. In addi­tion, the gift is often not as impor­tant as its pack­ag­ing.

If you think about the prop­er design of a gift, then even the most ordi­nary cup will turn into a sur­prise. We will talk about how to prop­er­ly arrange and pack a mug as a gift in today’s arti­cle.

In the box

If you decide to buy a ther­mo mug or a cup with a saucer, then, most like­ly, such items are sold in brand­ed fac­to­ry pack­ag­ing. You just have to wrap the box in beau­ti­ful gift paper. To do this, you, first of all, need to choose the same wrap­ping paper.

You can choose options that will be asso­ci­at­ed with the hol­i­day, on the occa­sion of which you give a present (for exam­ple, snowflakes for the New Year or hearts on Valen­tine’s Day), or more ver­sa­tile vari­eties (flors, stripes, abstract pat­terns).

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In addi­tion to paper, you will need glue (or tape), a ruler, and scis­sors. Using a ruler, mea­sure the dimen­sions of the box, and then cut off the required amount of paper (just in case, this should be done with a mar­gin). Cov­er the box with cut paper and let it dry. The box can be glued both inside and out­side, or only from the out­side. Option­al­ly, you can add addi­tion­al dec­o­ra­tive ele­ments: rib­bons, beads, bows, and so on.

Impor­tant! If you re not giv­en a box when buy­ing, then in any gift shop you can buy a ready-made box.

It will be col­ored or print­ed, plain or com­bine sev­er­al shades. You just have to put the gift in the box and you can go to the hol­i­day.

Gift bag

In this case, you again have sev­er­al options — buy a ready-made gift bag or cre­ate it your­self. The lat­ter option is more prefer­able, as it indi­vid­u­al­izes and per­son­al­izes your gift accord­ing to the recip­i­en­t’s pref­er­ences.

So, to cre­ate an orig­i­nal gift bag with your own hands, you will need foil or any oth­er wrap­ping paper (this is used in flor shops for wrap­ping flors). You can choose from trans­par­ent paper or col­ored paper (plain or pat­terned). In the sec­ond case, it will be pos­si­ble to keep the intrigue to the last.

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The fol­low­ing algo­rithm of actions should be fol­lod:

  1. cut out a square from gift paper, depend­ing on the size of the mug;
  2. put a cir­cle on top of it in the cen­ter;
  3. col­lect all the ends over the mug;
  4. tie your present with a dec­o­ra­tive rib­bon or rope;
  5. attach a small greet­ing card to it.

Internal filling

A mug on the occa­sion of the hol­i­day can be giv­en with­out any exter­nal pack­ag­ing. Hov­er, in this case, you need to take care of its inter­nal con­tent. It should be select­ed based on the per­son­al pref­er­ences of the per­son to whom your present is intend­ed. For exam­ple, a set tooth will like sets and choco­lates; on New Year’s Eve it is appro­pri­ate to fill a cup with tea and cof­fee bags.

If you give such a gift on March 8, then you can put cos­met­ics and care prod­ucts inside the mug: lip gloss, mas­cara, mask and so on. For those who are ready to make a more expen­sive gift, a gift with small jel­ry or gad­get acces­sories, such as head­phones, may be suit­able. In this case, you are lim­it­ed only by your imag­i­na­tion and finan­cial capa­bil­i­ties.

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For needlewomen

If you have cre­ative abil­i­ties, and also know how to knit or sew, then you can inde­pen­dent­ly cre­ate a spe­cial cov­er for a mug as a gift. Obvi­ous­ly, there are no restric­tions in this case.

Based on the size of the mug, sew a small pouch by join­ing a few pieces of fab­ric togeth­er and then embroi­der a pat­tern on it (this could be a hol­i­day themed design or the name of the per­son you’re giv­ing the gift to).

And you can also knit a cov­er for a mug using knit­ting nee­dles or a hook. Use plain or mul­ti-col­ored threads as you wish. Choose your favorite col­or shades of the donee.

Impor­tant! Sev­er­al pack­ag­ing options can be com­bined upon request. For exam­ple, knit a cov­er for a mug, inside which you can put sets and tea bags. Show your imag­i­na­tion and don’t be afraid to exper­i­ment.

See below for how to pack a mug of sets.