Gift wrap­ping

How to pack a flat gift in gift paper?


  1. Types of pack­ag­ing mate­ri­als
  2. Pack­ag­ing options

Gift wrap­ping is a task, of course, not as dif­fi­cult as his choice, but it also makes you rack your brains. I want to please the recip­i­ent and ensure the safe­ty and secu­ri­ty of the gift.

A present, orig­i­nal­ly pack­aged in beau­ti­ful wrap­ping paper, increas­es its val­ue — after all, the one to whom you hand it will under­stand that you took the time not only to choose what the addressee will real­ly like, but also to design it.

Types of packaging materials

Before dis­cussing the pack­ag­ing meth­ods, let’s fig­ure out what, in fact, you can pack a present in. Con­sid­er which types of paper are suit­able for these pur­pos­es, and which ones are not very good.

  • glossy sheets. This is exact­ly the same paper in which gifts are most often wrapped. It is she who is sold in rolls and sheets in most sta­tionery stores and gift shops. For begin­ner pack­ers, this is the most con­ve­nient option.
  • Kraft. This type of paper is designed specif­i­cal­ly for wrap­ping gifts. She has a trans­verse emboss­ing and a ribbed tex­ture. Sold in ten meter rolls.
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  • Silence - thin and airy paper. It is best to wrap things in it that are com­plex in shape.

  • Cor­ru­gat­ed paper. It is most often used for pack­ing bou­quets, but it is con­ve­nient to wrap elon­gat­ed, cylin­dri­cal objects — bot­tles, ther­moses, vas­es.

  • Poly­silk - this is not quite paper, it is made of a poly­mer mate­r­i­al. Used to cre­ate large dec­o­ra­tive bows. It looks like a dense film, it tends to stretch a lit­tle. Suit­able for pack­ing items that have a non-stan­dard shape.

  • Mul­ber­ry - Paper made in Thai­land. It may con­tain ele­ments of floristry (dry leaves, flors), as ll as orna­ments, draw­ings.

With­out dlling on moth­er-of-pearl, silk, crin­kled, gel and embossed paper, let’s move on to pack­ag­ing meth­ods.

Packaging options

The main and most com­mon flat gift pack­ag­ing mate­r­i­al is wrap­ping paper. You can take absolute­ly any — there are a lot of them on sale, with col­ors and prints for every taste.

Of course, when choos­ing paper, you need to pro­ceed from the per­son to whom you plan to give the present.

A seri­ous man is unlike­ly to fit pack­ag­ing with a print of uni­corns or sets, and a young princess will be sur­prised by rough craft paper.

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So, gift paper is select­ed. It remains to wrap in it what you will give. To do this, take a sheet that is suit­able in size, a roll of adhe­sive tape and glue — PVA is bet­ter. First you need to wrap the gift along the long side, fas­ten­ing the edges with tape. Where the sheet has short edges, you need to fold them with cor­ners. Next, the cor­ners are fold­ed inward and care­ful­ly glued. After that, you can glue a bow, tie a rib­bon, and oth­er dec­o­ra­tive ele­ments.

You can wrap your present in a news­pa­per. Of course, for this you need to choose a news­pa­per with a min­i­mum of pho­tos and small text with­out scan­dalous head­lines. If you can styl­ize it in a vin­tage way, you will get a great pack­age.

If you have a print­er at home, print out the puz­zle on wrap­ping paper and cir­cle the words “Love” or “From a friend” with a felt-tip pen.

It will turn out unusu­al­ly and at the same time warm. On sim­ple white pack­ing lists, you can draw the faces of charm­ing ani­mals — an owl, a cat, a dog. And you can — a rib­bon and a bow. Print a pho­to of the per­son to whom you will give the gift, stick it on the pack­age. Write kind words.

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If your gift is already wrapped in a box — white or “card­board” brown — you can not wrap it. Tie a chic volu­mi­nous bow. Even eas­i­er — wrap the gift with rib­bon and glue the largest bow that is on sale.

​Instead of a rib­bon, a mul­ti-col­ored rope is suit­able, to which you can attach a name tag cut out of card­board and write the name of the per­son for whom the gift is pre­pared. You can wrap the present with brown craft paper, tie it with reg­u­lar match­ing twine, and put a flor or a spruce branch under the knot (depend­ing on the hol­i­day).

Even paper bags used in cloth­ing stores can be used to cre­ate beau­ti­ful pack­ag­ing.

See below for how to wrap a flat gift.