Gift wrap­ping

How to pack a big gift?


  1. How to pack a reg­u­lar big gift?
  2. Great gift wrap­ping

A great gift is always pos­i­tive emo­tions, but there is also a spe­cial prob­lem with pack­ag­ing. Often a large thing like a pil­low does not fit even in the largest pack­age, and the wrap­ping paper is too small to wrap the present in at least one lay­er. So, how do you need to pack large gifts to make it look aes­thet­i­cal­ly pleas­ing? Con­sid­er a few ideas on how to do it in an orig­i­nal and prac­ti­cal way.

How to pack a regular big gift?

The word “ordi­nary” in this arti­cle means a large, but not exces­sive thing: kitchen appli­ances, a huge plush toy, a TV, a bed­side table or a table on wheels, and oth­er sim­i­lar items. How to pack them prop­er­ly?

  • The option that imme­di­ate­ly comes to mind is a large box. It can be past­ed over at your dis­cre­tion — with the same sheets of gift paper or dif­fer­ent ones, mak­ing up a kind of patch­work pat­tern from them. In addi­tion, the box can be paint­ed with gold or sil­ver spray paint. The box can be dec­o­rat­ed the way you want — paste over with a news­pa­per, mag­a­zine clip­pings, you can print a pho­to of the birth­day man and stick it on the sur­face, accom­pa­ny­ing it with a gift inscrip­tion or a name tag.

It is bet­ter to make the decor of the box the way the donee loves. If he or she is a com­ic book fan, find Won­der Woman or Spi­der­man wrap­ping paper, or if the girl is crazy about Lit­tle Ponies, treat her to one. A lover of the sea will love the themed pack­ag­ing with anchors and helms, tied with coarse twine. As for intel­lec­tu­als, look for craft paper. And a refined, refined lady will be delight­ed with silence or paper with a silk base.

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  • If the box is pure white and does not con­tain any inscrip­tions or stamps, you can leave it that way by wrap­ping it in a beau­ti­ful red or gold rib­bon and glu­ing a huge bow on top. You can also attach a name tag or a post­card to it — ready-made or made by your­self. You can also make a bow with your own hands from a beau­ti­ful wide rib­bon or fab­ric. The tech­nol­o­gy of the orig­i­nal tying of dou­ble bows can be found on the Inter­net. You can also learn not only how to make bows, but also fab­ric flors, dec­o­rat­ing a box with them. A huge fab­ric or paper flor is a great dec­o­ra­tion for a present.

Addi­tion­al­ly, you can dec­o­rate the gift with bal­loons.

  • If appro­pri­ate, you can put the gift in a wrap­ping bag. For exam­ple, if the addressee is a child, and the hol­i­day is the New Year. The bag will have to be sewn with your own hands or ordered from an ate­lier, but it’s worth it. First­ly, the pack­ag­ing will be an addi­tion­al gift, and sec­ond­ly, this is a tru­ly exclu­sive option. For those who are com­plete­ly lazy or who are too late with the pur­chase of a gift and have no time at all, you can offer such a way out — buy a piece of fab­ric that is suit­able in size, put a present in its cen­ter, con­nect the ends at the top and tie with a beau­ti­ful bow.
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You can attach fur or knit­ted pom­poms, a name tag or a post­card as dec­o­ra­tive ele­ments. If the New Year is approach­ing, a themed appliqué can be sewn onto the bag.

  • You can make a present with­out a box, in one paper. To do this, take sev­er­al sheets of wrap­ping paper, con­nect them with adhe­sive tape from the inside. You can take sheets with the same or dif­fer­ent prints. After that, the gift must be care­ful­ly wrapped with the result­ing sheet, fas­ten the joints and tie with a rib­bon or bow. It is bet­ter to choose a fair­ly wide and bright rib­bon, because of the large size of the present, exces­sive decor does not threat­en him. Hov­er, the abun­dance of prints should be avoid­ed so that your present does not turn into a col­or­ful huge sack.

Even a large gift should be ele­gant­ly pack­aged and not cause rip­ples in the eyes.

Great gift wrapping

There are also great gifts. They are not only packed, they are often not picked up alone. This includes refrig­er­a­tors, wash­ing machines, gun safes, cars, after all. The options for how to beau­ti­ful­ly present this kind of pre­sen­ta­tion are as fol­lows.

  • Large piece of fab­ric. Giv­en the huge size of the object, wrap­ping it in the mate­r­i­al will not work. It will have to be thrown on a gift, and at the right moment effec­tive­ly pulled off. It is bet­ter to rehearse so that the ges­ture comes out light and beau­ti­ful. If the present is colos­sal, you will need an assis­tant. Oth­er­wise, the fab­ric will get tan­gled or hooked, and a stun­ning impres­sion will not come out.
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  • You can not wrap the present at all, but dec­o­rate it with a gigan­tic bow. Of course, it should be bright — red, crim­son, orange. Most often, paper is not used for this pur­pose, but a spe­cial­ized syn­thet­ic mate­r­i­al or fab­ric is tak­en. They fix it with spe­cial fas­ten­ers that do not leave marks on the sur­face. You can also addi­tion­al­ly dec­o­rate the gift with bal­loons with inscrip­tions appro­pri­ate for the occa­sion.
  • If time and effort allow, you can make the pack­ag­ing man­u­al­ly from gift paper. You need to take a large num­ber of sheets, con­nect them from the inside. You should get a can­vas that com­plete­ly cov­ers the present. This idea is suit­able for both tall and long gifts. If the gift is high, then the sides of the can­vas must be con­nect­ed with adhe­sive tape so that it looks like a cylin­der. It is put on a gift or, if it is, for exam­ple, a refrig­er­a­tor, you can fix the pack­ag­ing direct­ly on the item. You can cre­ate a drap­ery or give the pack­age a fan­cy shape if the size of the result­ing sheet allows.

A large gift is a great joy for the per­son to whom you present it. But if you wrap a ted­dy bear or a few eco-pil­lows beau­ti­ful­ly, a beau­ti­ful wrap­ping will become an addi­tion­al joy. After all, a spec­tac­u­lar­ly pre­sent­ed gift will be the most mem­o­rable event at the hol­i­day.