How to celebrate a woman's 45th birthday?

An anniver­sary in a per­son­’s life is an ambigu­ous date: on the one hand, a hol­i­day, and on the oth­er, a change of anoth­er ten. When orga­niz­ing an event, you need to make sure that the hero of the day under­stands that there is no rea­son to be sad. Over the past years, a per­son has done a lot: he cre­at­ed a fam­i­ly, a career, made reli­able friends.

What to consider when organizing a holiday?

The cel­e­bra­tion of the anniver­sary of a 45-year-old woman is to some extent no dif­fer­ent from the cel­e­bra­tion of oth­er dates. Both for orga­niz­ing an event at home and for oth­er venues, it is prefer­able to dec­o­rate the premis­es and devel­op an unusu­al and inter­est­ing pro­gram.

As for its devel­op­ment, it is nec­es­sary to approach the choice of con­tests, music and games with spe­cial care. In this case, first of all, you need to build on the nature and pref­er­ences of the birth­day girl, and you should also pay atten­tion to the cir­cle of invit­ed guests.

45 years is the age when it is too ear­ly to arrange qui­et gath­er­ings over a cup of tea, but at the same time, the Sab­bath all night will also be irrel­e­vant. At this age, most women have, as a rule, teenage chil­dren, nephews. If they are among the guests, then must try so that the youth do not get bored either. Among those invit­ed may be old­er peo­ple. They are par­ents, aunts, uncles. This means that they should also feel the impor­tance of their pres­ence at the event.

How to decorate a room?

The dec­o­ra­tion of the premis­es is the first thing that catch­es the eye and main­tains the appro­pri­ate mood through­out the entire event. In addi­tion, it should cor­re­spond to the gen­er­al style of the entire cel­e­bra­tion. If, for exam­ple, the birth­day girl is a joy­ful and ath­let­ic per­son, lead­ing an active lifestyle, then it is desir­able that this fea­ture is reflect­ed in the over­all col­or of the hol­i­day. In such cas­es, the design in an exces­sive­ly dark col­or would be inap­pro­pri­ate. You should also not dec­o­rate the hall for the anniver­sary of a 45-year-old woman in teenage soft pink tones.

Before pro­ceed­ing with the design, it is rec­om­mend­ed to think over all the sub­tleties of light­ing. For a feast, it should be extreme­ly bright. The orga­ni­za­tion of com­pe­ti­tions and table games is also often held here. In places reserved for danc­ing, it is prefer­able to take care of the pres­ence of slight­ly sub­dued light.

The ide­al option would be if the light­ing on the dance floor is reg­u­lat­ed, since out­door games are held here. For this rea­son, exces­sive shad­ing can cause injury.

Light­ing can be eas­i­ly adjust­ed with the help of addi­tion­al spot­lights, lanterns and light music.

The next step is orga­ni­za­tion of space. Tables can be arranged in dif­fer­ent ways: U‑shaped, con­nect­ed and arranged in length, or stag­gered. This is due to the prox­im­i­ty of the invit­ed. If all the guests are in close and warm friend­ly rela­tions, then a sin­gle com­po­si­tion can be made from the tables. In cas­es where the invi­tees are unfa­mil­iar peo­ple, it is bet­ter to arrange the tables in a checker­board pat­tern.

In addi­tion to tra­di­tion­al bal­loons, ban­ners with inscrip­tions and var­i­ous posters, the pres­ence of an impromp­tu arch for the solemn meet­ing of the birth­day girl and guests, as ll as the red car­pet, is always appre­ci­at­ed. 45-year-old women are char­ac­ter­ized by inde­pen­dence, youth, the prime of life and vital­i­ty, so numer­ous com­po­si­tions of fresh flors will be very use­ful in this case.

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With inflat­able balls, you need to be care­ful, as this is still not a chil­dren’s hol­i­day. Here, more than ever, a sense of pro­por­tion will be rel­e­vant.

The theme of the celebration script

To make the hol­i­day inter­est­ing for every­one, it is advis­able to pre­pare some kind of the­mat­ic event. If it is decid­ed to con­duct it on your own, then you need to decide who will take on the duties of toast­mas­ter. It is prefer­able that it be a per­son from the fam­i­ly cir­cle who knows the hero of the day, his rel­a­tives and friends ll.

At an event of any sub­ject, an empha­sis should always be placed on the role of the birth­day girl as a moth­er. The allo­ca­tion of this sta­tus is inex­tri­ca­bly linked with con­grat­u­la­tions from the chil­dren.

This is not only pleas­ant, but also empha­sizes the impor­tance of moth­er and chil­dren in each oth­er’s lives.

Speak­ing about the sub­ject, can empha­size that among the peo­ple this age is asso­ci­at­ed with “berry”. This is both a sign of a wom­an’s matu­ri­ty and her youth. In addi­tion, if the hero of the occa­sion does not have a spe­cif­ic hob­by, then retro-style events are always suc­cess­ful­ly held. In this case, it is prefer­able that guests come in appro­pri­ate cos­tumes.

Options for contests and games

On a birth­day, they often not only have fun, but also remem­ber the bright moments asso­ci­at­ed with the birth­day. These can be sto­ries of acquain­tance, birth, or just kind words that make the event touch­ing and inter­est­ing. But on a hol­i­day, you can’t lim­it your­self to this. It should also be incen­di­ary and humor­ous. In order for the cel­e­bra­tion to be fun from begin­ning to end, fun­ny con­tests with a cer­tain unob­tru­sive­ness must be held through­out the cel­e­bra­tion. It can be not only out­door games, but also com­ic tests at the table.

At the table

  • Poet Com­pe­ti­tion. For this com­pe­ti­tion you will need a sheet of paper. It is passed to each guest in turn. They must enter one phrase at a time and fold the sheet in such a way that the next one does not see what was writ­ten. Each pre­vi­ous guest calls the next last word he wrote down in the phrase. The result is a rhymed con­grat­u­la­tions. The cre­ator of the most orig­i­nal phrase can be con­sid­ered the win­ner.
  • Game “What? Where? When?”. The host pre­pares a list of ques­tions regard­ing the birth­day girl in advance. These can be ques­tions about hob­bies, taste pref­er­ences, or life. Who­ev­er ansrs the most ques­tions is the win­ner. This game can also be orga­nized as a test for the hero of the day.
  • Com­pe­ti­tion “Who will sing whom.” The host dis­trib­utes the print­ed words of the song or dit­ties to the teams. Guests can be divid­ed accord­ing to the prin­ci­ple: girls-boys, right side-left side. The teams sing in turn the verse print­ed on the piece of paper. The win­ner is the team whose singing will be the most har­mo­nious and loud­est.
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  • Com­pe­ti­tion “Por­trait for mem­o­ry”. To con­duct the com­pe­ti­tion, you will need sheets of paper or bal­loons. Com­peti­tors are invit­ed to tem­porar­i­ly cre­ate a por­trait of the hero of the day. The win­ner is the one whose work will resem­ble the hero of the occa­sion.
  • Com­pe­ti­tion “Scythe to the waist.” 6 par­tic­i­pants are divid­ed into two teams, each of which receives 3 long rib­bons. The assis­tants hold all 3 rib­bons on one side, and the task of the girls, with­out releas­ing the rib­bon from their hands, is to braid the pig­tail. The win­ner is the one who com­pletes the task faster.
  • Com­pe­ti­tion “Earn-ka”. While the music is play­ing, the par­tic­i­pants must burst as many bal­loons as pos­si­ble, and col­lect the coins hid­den inside in a cer­tain purse. To com­pli­cate the task, the purse is cho­sen as small as pos­si­ble. Who­ev­er has the most mon­ey in their wal­let wins.
  • Com­pe­ti­tion “Dis­co”. All dancers are divid­ed into teams, their num­ber is planned in advance by the leader. The cap­tains draw a token, which indi­cates what style of dance their team dances in: rap, jazz, hip-hop, break­dance, and so on. Teams take turns. Whose per­for­mance will be the bright­est, that group won.
  • Game “Rein­car­na­tion”. Among the guests, those wish­ing to show act­ing skills are deter­mined. They draw out a token, which indi­cates in what way the birth­day girl should be por­trayed. It can be Cleopa­tra, a famous actress or any oth­er char­ac­ter. The main con­di­tion for the image to be rec­og­niz­able is that it must be endod with char­ac­ter traits of the hero of the occa­sion. For guess­ing the image, guests receive a prize and deter­mine the most tal­ent­ed actor.


  • Scene “Tarot card”. Dur­ing the feast, a lady in the form of a for­tune-teller enters the room. She approach­es each guest and asks for a pen to tell for­tunes. The pre­dic­tion begins with the birth­day girl. The biog­ra­phy, occu­pa­tion of the hero of the occa­sion is revealed in bright col­ors. Before pre­sent­ing a gift, a pre­dic­tion is made. Then the for­tuneteller asks each guest for a pen, makes com­ic pre­dic­tions and offers to pour.
  • Scene “Stom­ach, brain and liv­er.” Stom­ach: What­ev­er you tell me, I want a City sal­ad. Brain: You with a sal­ad, my friend, wait a lit­tle more. Bet­ter take a glass and sip a lit­tle. Oth­er­wise, from sal­ads, my friend, the navel will increase. Liv­er: You, com­rade brain, are wrong. Bet­ter a hun­dred cor­rec­tions from a sal­ad than hang­over cider. Stom­ach: oh, don’t argue, friends, every­thing will fit into me now. And a wine, and an onion, and anoth­er sal­ad (offers a drink and a snack). Con­science: Oh, today I am clean, enjoy, friends! On this hol­i­day, on your birth­day, drink, eat for plea­sure. In breaks from food, recall the cute fea­tures of our dear Natasha (the name of the hero of the day), who is not more beau­ti­ful in the world! We will sing and dance, and cel­e­brate name days. Well, if the hang­over comes, will gath­er with­out a doubt tomor­row again at Natasha’s. She will make our faces sober.
  • The scene “Did you call the doc­tor?”. Sud­den­ly, the doc­tor enters to the music and begins to exam­ine the guests: I feel, I feel, friends, you can­not be here with­out me. That’s it, this cit­i­zen, why is he sit­ting alone? To urgent­ly sit down to the lady to cheer up the heart. Well, this lady from sad­ness, pour a lit­tle bit of some good­ies. I feel the tem­per­a­ture here, I car­ry a mix­ture from it. There are kids here, do you want to eat a vit­a­min? Par­ents are sit­ting here, I ask you to accept a heal­ing gift so that your legs lead to dance, and your strength does not fail. Well, today I nt around every­one, healed, helped. I’m tired myself, I ask you to bring a stretch­er from the hall. There are heroes here to help you get up. I will take my potion and return to heal nature.
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Toasts and congratulations

  • Col­lec­tive con­grat­u­la­tions. Print­outs of con­grat­u­la­tions with­out epi­thets are dis­trib­uted to every­one who wish­es: On ___ and ___ day the ___ sun shines in the ___ sky ___, because even ___ nature ___ knows that in this ___ city today ___ is a hol­i­day. The most ___ woman was born here. She is for us ___, with­out which ___ to live. ___mother, ___daughter, ___friend, want to wish you ___happiness, ___love. Be always ___ loved, ___ val­ued, ___ years of life to you, ___ health. We love you (in cho­rus)!
  • Con­grat­u­la­tions from for­eign guests with the ser­vice of an inter­preter.

Doro­giano named, guest (Dear birth­day girl, guests),

We are beau­ti­ful Ital­ians (We are beau­ti­ful Ital­ians)

Arrived to con­grat­u­late the name (Arrived to con­grat­u­late the birth­day girl).

Senori­ta, I wish you longevi­ty, fun and wis­dom (Senori­ta, wish you longevi­ty, fun and wis­dom).

Be always hap­py, respect­ful and believe, believe rich­ly (Be always hap­py, respect­ed and very, very rich)!

And ask us to pour and feed us (And ask us to pour and feed us)!

(They make a bow and give a bou­quet of scar­let ros­es).

  • Toast for the jubilee chef.

There is no por­ridge in the world that is tasti­er than our Masha (or anoth­er name).

Well, the soup is the high­est class,

You won’t find one like this now.

I wish you Masha

To make por­ridge more beau­ti­ful

So that the ladle shines with nov­el­ty

And in the kitchen there was a gar­den­er (hus­band’s occu­pa­tion).

You always feed him and take care of the evil eye.

He will be your sup­port

And in every­thing always sup­port.

  • Toast for the teacher.

You, Oksana, are the bea­con of knowl­edge!

I want to live with­out tri­als

So that the direc­tor respects

Well, the head teacher avoid­ed.

To spoil the kids

And they got five.

  • Toast for the boss.

Our Masha (name of the birth­day girl) is a gen­er­al.

Calm down any emer­gency.

And for these impor­tant pur­pos­es,

We wish to have a com­mand­ing voice

And a strong fist.

To dis­pel the stern look

I ask you to raise your glass.

To make the event a mem­o­rable event for every­one, you need to take care of the prizes for par­tic­i­pat­ing in com­pe­ti­tions in advance. Adults, like chil­dren, also enjoy con­so­la­tion prizes.

For these pur­pos­es, you can pre­pare cer­tifi­cates and medals “For the best stage role”, “The most active”, “Tikhon” and so on. It is good if a pho­to zone is orga­nized or addi­tion­al dec­o­ra­tive ele­ments are pre­pared.