6+ ideas of use­ful and pleas­ant gifts for the birth of a child.

We will tell you what to give for the birth of a child, how to choose a use­ful and pleas­ant gift, how to please young par­ents.
one.Cocoon for new­borns. Reduces col­ic; moti­vates to devel­op motor skills; increas­es the dura­tion and effi­cien­cy of sleep.

2. Ortho­pe­dic pil­low for new­borns. A small but very sig­nif­i­cant acqui­si­tion. Per­forms an impor­tant func­tion of form­ing a pro­por­tion­al shape of the baby’s head, pre­vents the “flat head syn­drome”.

3. Bed linen for the crib. Soft and pleas­ant tex­tiles guar­an­tee a care­free long sleep.

four.Bed orga­niz­er. The orga­niz­er is suit­able for stor­ing chil­dren’s things, baby care prod­ucts, acces­sories, toys, books.

5. Bed pads. Pro­tec­tion against injuries and abra­sions of the child.

6. Baby crib set. Per­haps this is the most ver­sa­tile solu­tion for those who want to make a com­plex gift. This kit includes all of the above acces­sories: Cocoon, ortho­pe­dic pil­low, bed linen, orga­niz­er and bumpers on the bed.

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All these goods for new­borns are pro­duced in Rus­sia, Moscow, at the Wig­vamiya gar­ment fac­to­ry. You can buy them on WB.
Best regards, UP Cre­ative Stu­dio.