Gift wrap­ping

Selection and production of gift baskets

One of the best gift ideas is a beau­ti­ful bas­ket. You can put a pre­pared present in it and hand it to the hero of the occa­sion. Gifts in bas­kets always look more impres­sive and rich than presents packed in sim­ple box­es or gift bags. Today will ana­lyze in detail how to choose such things and how you can make them your­self.


Today, peo­ple have a mil­lion oppor­tu­ni­ties to dec­o­rate a gift in a beau­ti­ful and orig­i­nal way for any occa­sion. Many peo­ple pre­fer to give gifts packed in an attrac­tive bas­ket instead of the usu­al box­es and pack­ages. In most cas­es, such deci­sions pleas­ant­ly sur­prise the gift­ed peo­ple and attract more atten­tion to them­selves.

In mod­ern stores you can find a lot of dif­fer­ent options for gift bas­kets. They dif­fer in design, size, and mate­ri­als from which they are made. It is pos­si­ble to pur­chase both a very expen­sive mod­el and a bud­get one, but no less attrac­tive and roomy.

A gift in a beau­ti­ful bas­ket can be giv­en to a loved one or a good friend / girl­friend, as ll as to boss­es or busi­ness part­ners.

Such a present will pleas­ant­ly sur­prise not only an adult, but also a child. This sug­gests that such gift wrap­ping is uni­ver­sal — it can be used for any occa­sion.

Gift bas­kets are good not only for their ver­sa­til­i­ty and attrac­tive appear­ance, but also for the abil­i­ty to make them your­self. Many peo­ple pre­fer not to buy such things, but to make them them­selves. It usu­al­ly does not take too much free time and mon­ey to make a beau­ti­ful and high-qual­i­ty gift bas­ket. A spec­tac­u­lar lit­tle thing can be done quick­ly and eas­i­ly, if you rely on detailed step-by-step instruc­tions.

Basket filling options

Gift bas­kets dif­fer not only in their design, but also in their direct con­tent.

  • Men are most often giv­en con­cise and sol­id bas­kets, inside which lies expen­sive alco­hol, high-qual­i­ty cof­fee, cig­ars and a jar of olives. Good sta­tionery will also be a good present, espe­cial­ly if the hero of the occa­sion is a busy and busi­nesslike per­son.
  • For the fair sex, you can col­lect a good gift set of flors, fruits and sets. Often, brand­ed expen­sive cham­pagne or good wine is pre­sent­ed as an addi­tion to such a bas­ket of gifts. If a birth­day present is select­ed, then a small box with jel­ry is also placed in the col­lect­ed bas­ket — such a deci­sion will cer­tain­ly pleas­ant­ly sur­prise the lady. On March 8, it is per­mis­si­ble to sup­ple­ment the gro­cery set with the young lady’s favorite per­fume.
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  • If a gift bas­ket is cho­sen for a child, then it should not be too large. Chil­dren love vari­ety in every­thing, so it is bet­ter to choose a few small gifts that will def­i­nite­ly cap­ti­vate the baby. Often sets, choco­lates, toys and fruits are placed in chil­dren’s bas­kets. A good addi­tion would be a disc with your child’s favorite movie, game or car­toon. This gift is sure to make your lit­tle one hap­py.

It is nec­es­sary to take into account the fact that a dec­o­ra­tive gift bas­ket should have an appro­pri­ate the­mat­ic design.

That is why it is so impor­tant not only to choose a present, but also to think care­ful­ly about all the nuances of dec­o­rat­ing the fin­ished fes­tive com­po­si­tion.

How to do it yourself?

A gift bas­ket can be made in many ways using dif­fer­ent mate­ri­als. Many peo­ple are good at mak­ing such things from news­pa­per tubes, thick card­board, col­ored paper, plas­tic parts, or bam­boo sticks. Of course, wood­en and straw options with a han­dle look the most spec­tac­u­lar. They are made by aving.

Cute bas­kets can be made from a com­bi­na­tion of col­ored card­board and satin fab­ric. Such a prod­uct can be eas­i­ly cre­at­ed with your own hands at home. For this you will need:

  • rib­bon;
  • col­ored card­board;
  • satin fab­ric;
  • scis­sors and glue;
  • ruler;
  • pen­cil and sta­pler.

The order of man­u­fac­ture is as fol­lows.

  1. First, on the first piece of card­board, you will need to make a grid con­sist­ing of 9 squares.
  2. Next, you will need to very care­ful­ly make cuts on the dot­ted lines.
  3. Then you should bend the leaflet on all trans­verse lines.
  4. Next, the struc­ture is fas­tened using a sta­pler.
  5. Then you need to cut a small han­dle of the desired length.
  6. Now you can pro­ceed to the direct dec­o­ra­tion of the card­board struc­ture. To do this, take the pre­pared rib­bon and attach it to the edges of the bas­ket using glue.
  7. To dec­o­rate such a bas­ket, you can use small flors. To cre­ate them, you will need to cut out a pair of blanks of the desired diam­e­ter from paper.
  8. Next, you will need to cut out such a num­ber of cir­cles from tex­tiles that will cor­re­spond to the num­ber of dec­o­ra­tion petals.
  9. Now each of the cut out cir­cles should be bent in half.
  10. Then these parts will need to be bent in half again to form a small tri­an­gle. These blanks will need to be strung on nee­dles and threads, mak­ing 4 punc­tures. Due to such manip­u­la­tions, a fold will form in the mid­dle.
  11. Sim­i­lar actions will need to be applied to the rest of the fab­ric blanks. They will need to be strung on the same thread. At the end, all the petals will need to be pulled togeth­er and fas­tened.
  12. Then fol­low the same prin­ci­ple to make anoth­er flor, but of a small­er diam­e­ter. Attach two dec­o­ra­tive pieces to each oth­er. Attach a bead to the cen­ter of the result­ing flor.
  13. Attach the result­ing part to the card­board bas­ket. That’s all! You can put a small cute present in such a gift box.
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Wick­er gift bas­kets look very inter­est­ing and neat. They can also be made in dif­fer­ent sizes and sup­ple­ment­ed with var­i­ous kinds of dec­o­ra­tive inserts.

We will ana­lyze in stages how to make such a lit­tle thing.

For this you will need:

  • clothes­line (cheap house­hold cord);
  • glue gun (work­ing with it will be much more con­ve­nient);
  • card­board box (only the lid from it can be used);
  • skers;
  • scis­sors;
  • lock­smith cut­ters;
  • Dou­ble-sided tape;
  • paper, sim­ple pen­cil, ruler;
  • rib­bon, rib­bon, lace for dec­o­ra­tions.

Man­u­fac­tur­ing order.

  1. The first step is to deter­mine the imme­di­ate dimen­sions of the prod­uct. The bas­ket will have a card­board base. If a box lid is used, then the walls will need to be cut off from it. Their dimen­sions should be no more than 3–5 cm.
  2. Based on the direct dimen­sions of the base, you should visu­al­ly deter­mine the height of the struc­ture. The thick­ness of the linen cord can also be cho­sen at will.
  3. Next, you will need to short­en the skers in accor­dance with the height of the future bas­ket, if nec­es­sary. Be sure to accu­rate­ly cal­cu­late how many wood­en sticks you will need.
  4. Now you can start mak­ing the base of the bas­ket. To do this, glue the sticks to the inside of the card­board base. Leave a dis­tance of 1.5 cm beten the skers. It is advis­able to use dou­ble-sided tape: cut the strips of the required length, bend and attach only to the side wall of the base, and then pro­ceed to glu­ing the sticks.
  5. As a result of the above actions, a kind of pal­isade will be obtained. Now you can start aving direct­ly. You should ave as tight­ly as pos­si­ble, but do not put too much pres­sure on the skers, oth­er­wise they may squint.
  6. If the edges of the base are too high, then you can put some­thing in the bas­ket so that it retains its shape. In the event that the rope is over, you should tuck it in and con­tin­ue aving fur­ther. The ends can then be care­ful­ly trimmed and fixed using hot glue.
  7. The last 2–3 rows of aving must be fixed with hot glue.
  8. Excess parts of the sticks must be removed with wire cut­ters. From above, re-glue the lace, mak­ing out the edges of the bas­ket.
  9. Fur­ther, it will be pos­si­ble to freely fix the out­er sticks at the base and at the joints, and also hide the ends of the rope, if nec­es­sary. This must be done with hot glue.
  10. Now you can pro­ceed to the design of the base of the bas­ket. Trim the cor­ners at the base to make them more round­ed.
  11. Make a wind­ing of the struc­ture around the entire perime­ter. Fas­ten the first rows with hot glue, and then the rope can only be par­tial­ly glued. Final­ly, cut off all unnec­es­sary details.
  12. After that, you can dec­o­rate the result­ing gift bas­ket as you wish. For this, lace and braid are ide­al. It is also per­mis­si­ble to sew a kind of cov­er for the inside of the prod­uct. A uni­ver­sal solu­tion would be a del­i­cate satin rib­bon tied into a charm­ing bow, or beau­ti­ful wrap­ping paper.
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Brown paper can be used to make the bas­ket. It looks very nice in places of bends of the struc­ture.

From stacks of old mag­a­zines, you can make tight bas­kets that fit fruits and oth­er small presents.

Fill­ing the bas­ket should meet the inter­ests, pref­er­ences and age of the hero of the occa­sion — be sure to con­sid­er this.

It is bet­ter for men to give presents in more dis­creet bas­kets, which do not have a large num­ber of col­or­ful dec­o­ra­tions, flors and bows. The prod­uct should be beau­ti­ful and neat, but not catchy.

Ideas for cre­at­ing bas­kets with your own hands are shown in the fol­low­ing video.