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How to make a gift for Mother's Day with your own hands?


  1. Gift Options
  2. Exam­ples of ready-made sur­pris­es

Gifts to loved ones require spe­cial atten­tion, because the more indi­vid­ual and orig­i­nal the sur­prise, the more pleas­ant the recip­i­ent. But if friends can be pre­sent­ed with some­thing humor­ous or provoca­tive, some­thing per­son­al and com­ic can be pre­sent­ed to a sis­ter or broth­er, then with par­ents it is a com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent sto­ry. Par­ents expect a sur­prise from their child most of all, because it is he who can cheer them up with his sou­venir, and sur­prise, and even make them cry.

At the same time, the main thing is that mom will be delight­ed with any trin­ket, and if it is made with her own hands, then the joy can be inde­scrib­able. And no mat­ter how old you are, crafts for mom can be done at any age, because always remain chil­dren for our par­ents.

Gift Options

A bud­get gift option to please a loved one usu­al­ly lies in the orig­i­nal idea, sin­cer­i­ty and sin­cer­i­ty of the sou­venir. There­fore, some­thing made with your own hands will be a great solu­tion for Moth­er’s Day. The main thing is not to be lazy and con­vey all the love and warmth that you feel for a per­son as a sur­prise.

To do this, you should choose main­ly those col­ors that the recip­i­ent likes, and use only mate­ri­als, pho­tographs and ideas that will def­i­nite­ly be appre­ci­at­ed by the moth­er.

There are a huge num­ber of ideas and ways to imple­ment them when it comes to crafts, but must not for­get that are talk­ing about mom on this won­der­ful hol­i­day — because of this, can high­light the main options.

Crafts in the form of flors

  • Mul­ti­col­ored hyacinths. A spring flor that will make mom smile and admire, because the bou­quet comes out very bright and attrac­tive.
  • Soft tulips or oth­er­wise — “plush tulips”. A bou­quet that is suit­able for both Moth­er’s Day and Inter­na­tion­al Wom­en’s Day.
  • Stone cac­tus. If you do every­thing mea­sured­ly and clear­ly, then at first the guests will not be able to dis­tin­guish it from the real one.
  • Can­dy bou­quet. A sur­prise that will delight lovers of both flors and sets. At the same time, after eat­ing sets, wrap­pers can be left and a pret­ty bou­quet will remain.


  • Flor heart. It can be both from fresh flors and from paper ones, also made with your own hands.
  • Paper hearts. Pret­ty clas­sic gift for mom. You can give sim­ply made hearts, or you can put them on a stick and make a bou­quet of hearts of dif­fer­ent col­ors.
  • Can­dy heart. A set gift that can be made very beau­ti­ful and bright if you use can­dies with wrap­pers of dif­fer­ent col­ors.
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  • You can por­tray a moth­er with a bou­quet in her hands or in a place close to your heart and come up with a nice inscrip­tion, for exam­ple: “Beloved moth­er”, “Cozy cor­ner” or “The most valu­able thing there is”.
  • draw a bou­quetwhich cer­tain­ly can stand for a long time with their par­ents in the bed­room.
  • Leaf paint­ing. Del­i­cate gift that will dec­o­rate the wall in the kitchen or in the room.


  • Palms with heart and flors. An orig­i­nal post­card that will make mom smile.
  • Post­card in quilling tech­nique. You can buy such post­cards, but home­made ones look much nicer and more indi­vid­ual. And for the gift­ed, such a card is more valu­able.
  • Post­card in scrap­book­ing tech­nique. The oppor­tu­ni­ty to cap­ture the warmest moments of life with the help of pho­tos and flors to con­vey love and warmth to mom.


  • Paper heart. Mom can use such a gift as a book­mark in a book and con­stant­ly remem­ber you.
  • Flors for mom. Mak­ing a hand­made bou­quet for mom that will nev­er with­er is cute and pleas­ant.
  • Com­po­si­tion of swans and water lilies or flor bed.

Other ideas

  • Pho­to can­dle. It will help to cap­ture your­self and your fam­i­ly and bright­en up dark evenings in a cozy atmos­phere, accom­pa­nied by can­dle­light.
  • “Pho­tog­ra­phy Through Time”. Take a pho­to of the whole fam­i­ly from a child to a grand­moth­er, so that every­one who is depict­ed in the pho­to holds a frame with the pre­vi­ous per­son being pho­tographed. Ide­al­ly, on the same back­ground and then give the birth­day girl each of the pho­tos tak­en in a frame.
  • indi­vid­ual plate. Draw on a plate with acrylic paints. Either sten­ciled or free­hand if you have draw­ing skills.
  • Fam­i­ly pho­to album. Dec­o­rate with dec­o­ra­tive rib­bons, inscrip­tions, draw­ings, make it indi­vid­ual for mom and write a warm wish to your loved one on the first page.
  • A box of con­grat­u­la­tions exclu­sive­ly for mom. It may con­tain notes of who your moth­er was for you at dif­fer­ent peri­ods of your life, as ll as oth­er crafts for the hol­i­day. The dec­o­ra­tion of the box itself is prefer­ably in warm col­ors with flors that mom loves.
  • Appli­ca­tion of leaves or seeds that depict a flor. A great option for a child to please his moth­er is to make a draw­ing from plas­ticine with an appli­ca­tion. It can be a bou­quet of leaves or a flor of seeds.
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And most impor­tant­ly, any of these gifts can be pre­sent­ed in a beau­ti­ful and orig­i­nal pack­age, also made by hand.

If you use paper with­out draw­ings and pat­terns, a monot­o­nous can­vas, you can paint it your­self, you can attach pom­poms, bows, tas­sels or flors to the pack­ag­ing.

Thus, the sur­prise will become even more pre­sentable and solemn, which will sure­ly please the recip­i­ent.

Examples of ready-made surprises

For con­ve­nience, you can con­sid­er a few exam­ples of mak­ing sou­venirs for mom with your own hands. In addi­tion, you can use the pre­vi­ous­ly described ideas and com­bine them with ready-made exam­ples.

plush tulips

What will be required:

  • bright fab­ric to cre­ate a bud;
  • green fab­ric to cre­ate a stem;
  • wire for rigid­i­ty of the stem with leaves;
  • filler for the bud and stem (cot­ton wool, syn­thet­ic win­ter­iz­er, fab­ric);
  • lit­tle sewing skills.

Next, fol­low the steps in sequence.

  1. Sew a stem from a green fab­ric accord­ing to a pat­tern with a small mar­gin in size. Unscrew the wor­weiece so that the seams are not vis­i­ble.
  2. Stuff the stem with filler.
  3. Pass the wire through the stem and cut off the excess.
  4. Sew a bud from a bright del­i­cate fab­ric and turn it inside out.
  5. Fill the bud with filler.
  6. Sew the bud to the stem and remove excess seams.

The result is a soft and beau­ti­ful flor that can be pre­sent­ed in a bas­ket or wrapped in fab­ric.

stone cactus

What will be required:

  • a flor pot or oth­er ves­sel for a cac­tus;
  • earth, sand or oth­er earth-like filler;
  • flat stones of var­i­ous shapes and sizes;
  • white gouache, cor­rec­tor or white mark­er;
  • tas­sel.


  1. Select flat cac­tus-like stones and wash them.
  2. Col­or the stones green.
  3. Apply pat­terns to the result­ing cac­tus ele­ments in white to make it look like a real flor.
  4. Pour the soil into the pot and insert into the result­ing peb­bles, plac­ing them close to each oth­er. Then sprin­kle some more soil on top.

The result was a cac­tus, which is impos­si­ble to prick, but drop­ping it on the leg seems to be a dan­ger­ous seri­ous injury. There­fore, it is bet­ter not to put this sur­prise on the shelves so that it does not fall on any­one.

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candy heart

What you need:

  • poly­styrene or pack­ag­ing card­board;
  • scis­sors;
  • glue;
  • red cor­ru­gat­ed paper;
  • red and white braid;
  • can­dies.


  1. Cut out a heart from sty­ro­foam or pack­ing card­board.
  2. We apply red cor­ru­gat­ed paper on top of the wor­weiece.
  3. We glue the heart with red, and on top with white braid. Glue can­dies to the heart.

It turned out to be a tasty and bright gift that can dec­o­rate the table and please mom.

Postcard with a heart in the palms

What you need:

  • white sheet A4 or A3 (depend­ing on the size of the post­card);
  • 2 sheets of col­ored paper A4 or A3 (red and pur­ple);
  • PVA glue;
  • scis­sors.


  1. Fold the white sheet in half.
  2. We con­nect 4 fin­gers of the hand, and stick out the big one, cir­cle the hand.
  3. We cut out the result­ing ele­ment, get con­nect­ed palms.
  4. We car­ry out the three pre­vi­ous points with pur­ple paper. We make a half-cen­time­ter large wor­weiece.
  5. We glue both ele­ments.
  6. We cut out a heart that is suit­able in size to put in the “hands”.
  7. We fold the heart with an accor­dion and glue it to the palms.
  8. Then you can dec­o­rate the heart with flors and a pat­tern, and write warm words on the palms.

You can make sev­er­al lev­els, i.e., on top of the main lay­er and the sec­ond, stick more col­ored papers of large sizes. Then you get a brighter, larg­er and denser post­card.

Candle with photo

What you need:

  • can­dle;
  • pho­to;
  • glue;
  • a jar of match­es;
  • scis­sors.


    1. Cut out a pho­to of the size suit­able for the can­dle.
    2. Glue the pho­to on the can­dle. Pre­sent­ed togeth­er with a beau­ti­ful jar of match­es.

      It is not dif­fi­cult to come up with an orig­i­nal gift idea, the main thing is to under­stand what your moth­er will def­i­nite­ly like. You can com­bine the described ideas and make a com­po­si­tion of sev­er­al inter­est­ing crafts, you can use some exam­ple as a basis, and then come up with some­thing of your own.

    Even if you have to spend a lit­tle more time, but then you will give your loved one some­thing that will real­ly be appre­ci­at­ed and pleas­ant­ly received on Moth­er’s Day.

    See below for a mas­ter class on mak­ing a vol­u­met­ric post­card.