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What to give a boy for his birthday?

Chil­dren always look for­ward to their birth­day with trep­i­da­tion, they are in antic­i­pa­tion of pleas­ant sur­pris­es and gifts. On this hol­i­day beloved by chil­dren, it is cus­tom­ary to invite guests, to please and hon­or the birth­day man in every pos­si­ble way. Per­haps too young chil­dren do not yet under­stand the whole essence of the hol­i­day, but by the age of 4–5, the baby remem­bers that this fun hol­i­day hap­pens only once a year, and par­ents try to make it as pleas­ant and mem­o­rable as pos­si­ble for the child and his friends.

Top 10 options

Boys’ inter­ests, hob­bies, pref­er­ences change with age. They should be the main guide when choos­ing a gift. There are no uni­ver­sal gifts for boys of all ages. You should talk with the child and try to find out what he might like. You can con­sid­er a list of the most suc­cess­ful options for boys for a birth­day, per­haps it will help you make the right choice and please the birth­day boy.

  • Radio con­trolled toys. Boys of almost any age will be delight­ed with such a present. These can be sim­ple dinosaurs and cars or remote-con­trolled air­planes for the small­est or expen­sive fly­ing objects with addi­tion­al func­tions — drones, heli­copters.
  • The boys will be delight­ed with the rail­way or a large race track with a lot of sharp turns. As an addi­tion­al present, you can donate garages and sta­tions for repair­ing cars or trains. So the child will have a large field for fan­tasies, which will sig­nif­i­cant­ly diver­si­fy his games.
  • All kinds of game con­soles, tablets and oth­er gad­gets, com­put­er games. Basi­cal­ly, these are quite expen­sive presents. In addi­tion, it is bet­ter to coor­di­nate the pos­si­bil­i­ty of their acqui­si­tion in advance with the par­ents of the birth­day man.
  • Fur­ni­caria or ant farm. The boy will be inter­est­ed in observ­ing the behav­ior and life of ants in close prox­im­i­ty, he will have a new excit­ing hob­by that will not cause addi­tion­al trou­ble for par­ents. In addi­tion, this will help instill in the child a sense of respon­si­bil­i­ty for their pets.
  • Con­struc­tors or puz­zles. Chil­dren devel­op quick­ly and often have wild imag­i­na­tions. With the help of design­ers, it will be more inter­est­ing for them to fan­ta­size and turn their ideas into real­i­ty. The most pop­u­lar con­struc­tors are Lego, Tech­nic, Cre­ator, Nexo Knights. These com­pa­nies con­stant­ly come up with new sets and with envi­able reg­u­lar­i­ty replen­ish the range with new mod­els and addi­tion­al equip­ment.
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Even if the child already has one Lego, you can still give him anoth­er mod­el. So you expand the field for his cre­ative activ­i­ty. Of course, you should first find out which instances of the con­struc­tor it already has, so as not to repeat itself. When choos­ing, you should take into account the age of the child. A five-year-old boy will not be able to assem­ble a set of 500 small ele­ments, it is bet­ter for him to choose sim­pler options with large details, but old­er boys will like com­plex sets.

  • Board games. Chil­dren’s stores offer a wide range of inter­est­ing and excit­ing board games designed for chil­dren of dif­fer­ent ages. They are able to inter­est chil­dren no less than com­put­er games, and their ben­e­fits are much greater. This is the devel­op­ment of atten­tion, motor skills, log­i­cal think­ing, inge­nu­ity.
  • Mod­ern smart­phone, smart watch or com­put­er. It is bet­ter to choose such gifts after con­sult­ing with the child. Often they are much bet­ter than adults aware of mod­ern func­tion­al inno­va­tions.
  • Books. These can be col­or­ful books with hard pages for the lit­tle ones, all kinds of ency­clo­pe­dias for young chil­dren, adven­ture nov­els, sci­ence fic­tion, etc. It is impor­tant to instill a love of read­ing from an ear­ly age, high-qual­i­ty and inter­est­ing books will help you with this.
  • Bicy­cle, roller skates, new ten­nis rack­et, cool soc­cer ball, skate­board, skis or oth­er sports equip­ment. It is impor­tant to find out what kind of sport the boy is inter­est­ed in and, focus­ing on his inter­ests, choose the appro­pri­ate gift.
  • Inter­est­ing edu­ca­tion­al kits. In chil­dren’s stores you can find a wide range of the­mat­ic kits: for a young physi­cist — with com­po­nents and a descrip­tion of the repro­duc­tion of exper­i­ments with elec­tric­i­ty and more; for a young chemist — with reagents for all kinds of chem­i­cal exper­i­ments or for grow­ing crys­tals; for a young biol­o­gist — with a micro­scope and var­i­ous prepa­ra­tions for study­ing biol­o­gy; for wood­work­ing — with chil­dren’s lock­smith tools; for burn­ing out — boys are very fond of burn­ing out wood, etc.
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DIY gifts

As a birth­day present for a boy, a hand­made gift is per­fect. It can be an orig­i­nal dec­o­ra­tion for a ball­point pen, a hand­made bracelet, an origa­mi post­card, a mod­el of an air­plane designed by one­self.

Both a lit­tle boy and a teenag­er will love to receive a large and tasty hand­made cake as a gift. When buy­ing a cake in a store, it is impos­si­ble to be absolute­ly sure of its qual­i­ty. But hav­ing shown imag­i­na­tion and spend­ing time, you can not only pre­pare a deli­cious cake espe­cial­ly for the birth­day man, but also make a con­grat­u­la­to­ry inscrip­tion on it.

A per­son­al cup will also be a great gift. You can write on it the full name of the boy or only the first let­ter of the name, as ll as a con­grat­u­la­to­ry speech.

To cre­ate an orig­i­nal gift, you will need a sim­ple white or col­ored plain cup and paints for ceram­ics.

If you are not sure of your artis­tic abil­i­ties, you can use a reg­u­lar sten­cil. You will get a won­der­ful per­son­al gift for the dai­ly use of the birth­day man, made by your­self.

Set treat ideas

Hav­ing shown a lit­tle imag­i­na­tion, you can pre­pare a set gift for a friend with your own hands. It could be some kind of craft made out of can­dy, or a mas­ter­ful­ly con­struct­ed air­plane mod­el. For exam­ple, you can build an orig­i­nal design from tooth­picks and mar­malade. Set­ness is put on a tooth­pick and com­bined with anoth­er tooth­pick. From such ele­ments, you can assem­ble a car, an air­plane, make a mod­el of a mol­e­cule or build an unknown space object.

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Anoth­er great birth­day gift idea for lit­tle boys is a beau­ti­ful­ly designed set of sets made from Kinder Sur­prise choco­lates or oth­er small choco­lates that chil­dren love so much. Sets can be placed in an inter­est­ing and bright card­board box or wick­er bas­ket.

A set poster with choco­lates, bright can­dies, lol­lipops and cook­ies — such a deli­cious and orig­i­nal birth­day present will delight your fam­i­ly and friends, espe­cial­ly boys who love sets so much.

On a large sheet of thick paper, in addi­tion to wish­es for the birth­day man, you should place his pho­tographs, sup­ple­ment them with col­or­ful inscrip­tions and bright draw­ings.

Surprise Presents

It would be a great idea not only to give gifts to the birth­day man, but also to orga­nize an unusu­al and cool con­grat­u­la­tion for him. For exam­ple, to shoot a con­grat­u­la­to­ry video about the birth­day, which can be post­ed on his page in social net­works.

For the lit­tle ones, you can orga­nize a chil­dren’s theme par­ty. To do this, invite ani­ma­tors, with whom you must first dis­cuss the theme of the hol­i­day. It can be clowns, magi­cians, heroes of your favorite car­toons, bub­ble shows and more.

For old­er boys, you can orga­nize an excit­ing quest “Search for pirate trea­sures.” First draw a map with rid­dles and puz­zles, tear it into pieces and pro­vide each of the ele­ments with detailed instruc­tions on how to find the next one and, accord­ing­ly, the trea­sures them­selves.

Teenagers will def­i­nite­ly be inter­est­ed in cool enter­tain­ment in the form of a vis­it to paint­ball as a gift. The boys will be hap­py to run and shoot from apons. Guar­an­teed sea of ​​pleas­ant emo­tions and adren­a­line.

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