On the eve of the hol­i­day, this issue becomes espe­cial­ly rel­e­vant. It is impor­tant to take into account a num­ber of nuances, because the wrong gift can spoil the fes­tive mood. For­tu­nate­ly, there are uni­ver­sal acces­sories — which will become a life­saver.

What are uni­ver­sal acces­sories?
These are prod­ucts that no mod­ern per­son can do with­out today. Every­one needs them and uses them every day, which means that such a present will be high­ly appre­ci­at­ed by the recip­i­ent. What can be called a uni­ver­sal acces­so­ry:

Pass­port cov­er that keeps the most impor­tant doc­u­ment safe and sound for a long time.
Card­hold­er, because today main­ly use bank cards, not cash.
The key hold­er, as it allows you to keep the keys always at hand, not to scratch the phone and oth­er things lying next to the keys.

How to choose a gift for him?
The com­bi­na­tion of key hold­er and card­hold­er in blue or black is a win-win option for any occa­sion. The prod­ucts are made of first-class qual­i­ty gen­uine leather, which ensures first-class qual­i­ty and dura­bil­i­ty. Option­al­ly, you can per­son­al­ize by emboss­ing the own­er’s full name, ini­tials, slo­gan, nick­name in social net­works, moti­vat­ing quotes, and so on on MARK-ME.

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How to choose a gift for her?
To arouse the admi­ra­tion of the fair sex and demon­strate a spe­cial atti­tude towards her, it is worth choos­ing a set of a pass­port cov­er and a key hold­er, made in a shade of dusty rose (veres or pale pur­ple) or pale pink. These col­ors are rare for these acces­sories, so they will empha­size the unique­ness of the recip­i­ent. Prod­ucts are incred­i­bly pleas­ant to the touch, as 100% nat­ur­al high-qual­i­ty suede is used for their pro­duc­tion. Option­al­ly, MARK-ME can be applied to the acces­so­ry with ini­tials, full name, phone num­ber, and so on.

It’s all about the details
An essen­tial ele­ment of a per­fect gift is pack­ag­ing. If are talk­ing about a present, pack­ag­ing is not just an insignif­i­cant detail, but an impor­tant attribute! The MARK-ME sets for her and for him are sold imme­di­ate­ly in spe­cial pack­ag­ing: the prod­ucts are beau­ti­ful­ly packed in a rigid white box with a flocked lodg­ment (the acces­sories are placed in the lodg­ments and fixed so that every­thing is in place after open­ing). The kit also includes a beau­ti­ful bow and trac­ing paper to give a spe­cial fes­tive fla­vor.

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As you can see, uni­ver­sal acces­sories will be a great gift option for friends and fam­i­ly, col­leagues and part­ners. By choos­ing MARK-ME sets, you choose qual­i­ty, unique design and the abil­i­ty to per­son­al­ize prod­ucts.