How to organize a house party?

Those who know how to orga­nize a home par­ty, how to arrange a par­ty at home and what is need­ed for this will def­i­nite­ly become indis­pens­able peo­ple in any com­pa­ny. There are var­i­ous ideas and top­ics that need to be care­ful­ly stud­ied in order to under­stand, for exam­ple, how to make an Amer­i­can par­ty for girls. In addi­tion to the script and entourage, you need to famil­iar­ize your­self with con­tests and games, skill­ful­ly select them.

Organization Features

A house par­ty is just as inte­gral to life as every­day work, per­son­al affairs and wor­ries. It is not so com­pli­cat­ed, but it is nec­es­sary to care­ful­ly under­stand how to orga­nize such a cel­e­bra­tion with­out prob­lems and dif­fi­cul­ties. The approach to busi­ness depends, first of all, on the scale of the idea and its theme. It is enough just to arrange a gath­er­ing of friends, a fam­i­ly evening, or even invite a few class­mates in a pri­vate home. The more guests, hov­er, the more dif­fi­cult it is to pre­pare every­thing and elim­i­nate errors.

Own­ing a home is pre­dictable and secure, with no rent required. You can almost always do with­out invit­ing hired orga­niz­ers. Hov­er, some­times you have to move fur­ni­ture, redo the space in oth­er ways. In order to cor­rect­ly and clear­ly make a birth­day par­ty, for anoth­er rea­son, or even just for no rea­son, you need to entrust the whole plan to strict­ly one per­son, a max­i­mum of two or three trust­wor­thy expe­ri­enced peo­ple. When such a case is pre­pared by every­one in a row and with­out a clear order, the prob­a­bil­i­ty of fail­ure is very high.

It often turns out that some­thing has not been bought, not made, or bought and done not at all what is need­ed.

Large par­ties with a large num­ber of guests should prefer­ably be pre­pared accord­ing to a writ­ten sched­ule. And no, this is not “exces­sive for­mal­ism”, as is often believed — only such an approach allows you to exclude all sur­pris­es. The more guests there will be, the larg­er the room will be need­ed, the ear­li­er plan­ning should begin. A cel­e­bra­tion for 50 peo­ple can be ll pre­pared in just 30 days min­i­mum.

The fol­low­ing rec­om­men­da­tions should be fol­lod:

  • involve guests as much as pos­si­ble in the prepa­ra­tion;
  • avoid inflat­ing costs unnec­es­sar­i­ly;
  • take into account the inter­ests of all invi­tees;
  • refuse dis­pos­able table­ware (this is the worst bad taste and dis­re­spect);
  • order clean­ing ser­vices in advance (if a large-scale hol­i­day is planned).

Party ideas overview


This option is more suit­able for chil­dren, so invi­ta­tions should not be visu­al­ly strict. It is bet­ter if the whole cel­e­bra­tion takes place in one large room. Soft toys, gar­lands and bal­loons, fab­ric rib­bons and hand-made draw­ings or sou­venirs will look appro­pri­ate there. In the “child­ish” form of a paja­ma par­ty, they are lim­it­ed to the light­est dish­es that you can eat with your hands. If adults gath­er, they stock up on ak alco­hol (strong drinks will not work!). Bulky fur­ni­ture is obvi­ous­ly out of place.

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Max­i­mum atten­tion is paid to fun enter­tain­ment.

spa party

This is most suit­able for girls. If not only they come, you need to think three times and take into account the tastes of all guests. You need max­i­mum relax­ation and har­mo­ny. Usu­al­ly 5–6 par­tic­i­pants are invit­ed. Dec­o­rate the room with fresh flors and bal­loons.

Relax­ing light music, pho­to shoots and, of course, beau­ty treat­ments play an impor­tant role.

Disco style

The dis­co style is set to bright­ness and out­ra­geous. Lumi­nous balls and col­or music, as ll as a col­or­ful, even art­sy wardrobe, became her true sym­bol. This is the case when it is quite appro­pri­ate to come to the hol­i­day in pink leg­gings. It is desir­able to dec­o­rate invi­ta­tion cards and the room itself with images of celebri­ties from the 1980s.

They also advise you to pre­pare con­fet­ti, vinyl records and play­ers for them, and most impor­tant­ly, tune in to bound­less fun.

Costume ball

Amer­i­can theme and dis­co, spa and Chi­nese style — all this is cer­tain­ly inter­est­ing. But some­times you want to com­plete­ly aban­don every­day life, and the evening of rein­car­na­tions will help with this. The space of options is lim­it­ed only by the imag­i­na­tion and pos­si­bil­i­ties of the orga­niz­ers. Any real era, plots of books and films, myths and fairy tales will do — as long as you can dance. You can imag­ine your­self:

  • cru­saders;
  • Okto­ber­fest par­tic­i­pants;
  • safari par­tic­i­pants;
  • hip­pie;
  • the ancient Egyp­tians;
  • space explor­ers and so on.

Culinary Evening

The cen­ter of the hol­i­day is food, its prepa­ra­tion and every­thing con­nect­ed with it. Cook­ing com­pe­ti­tions are pos­si­ble. Culi­nary quizzes are held, includ­ing knowl­edge of the prop­er­ties of indi­vid­ual prod­ucts and dish­es. You can hold a com­pe­ti­tion “gas­tro­nom­ic myths and facts.” It is also pos­si­ble to guess the com­po­nents of dish­es and indi­vid­ual prod­ucts with closed eyes.

Other topics

Among themed evenings, the Amer­i­can vari­ety stands out favor­ably. This is a bright youth cel­e­bra­tion, which can be com­bined with a back­yard bar­be­cue, and with a “break in the house”. It is rec­om­mend­ed to use dec­o­ra­tions in the col­ors of the US flag, the noto­ri­ous white stars in dec­o­ra­tion, images of bald eagles. The use of paper tin­sel is encour­aged. It is use­ful to study the sym­bol­ism of spe­cif­ic states — each of them has “their” ani­mals, birds and flors.

So, at an Alaskan par­ty, the nec­es­sary fla­vor is cre­at­ed with the help of for­get-me-nots, white par­tridges (and their images). Oth­er ways to repli­cate the Amer­i­can spir­it are as fol­lows:

  • images of famous actors and politi­cians;
  • the­mat­ic land­scapes;
  • dol­lar sym­bols;
  • clas­si­cal art sam­ples;
  • para­pher­na­lia of the Indi­an and cow­boy type (but it is used to a lim­it­ed extent);
  • cos­tumes of stereo­typ­i­cal char­ac­ters of US mass cul­ture.
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Chil­dren’s vari­a­tion of the hol­i­day can be very diverse. Favorite car­toons, films or books, even ani­me and comics, are often tak­en as the basis. The nec­es­sary col­or is cre­at­ed with the help of lacon­ic sim­ple addi­tions to the images. Using 1–2 traits, you can reveal the whole idea and at the same time elim­i­nate unnec­es­sary expens­es. An evening for chil­dren usu­al­ly takes 2 or 3 hours (more time they get tired and lose inter­est).

It is a good idea to use hand­writ­ten post­cards, posters, dec­o­ra­tive lamps.

A Chi­nese par­ty will get off to a great start if the invi­ta­tions are already made on “aged” paper or in the form of a scroll. A log­i­cal idea is to dec­o­rate the room with images of drag­ons, orig­i­nal fig­urines. Of the col­ors in the decor, black, red and gold­en tones should be present. The nec­es­sary atmos­phere will help to cre­ate more ele­ments such as:

  • hiero­glyphs;
  • the­mat­ic plots of paint­ing;
  • state sym­bols;
  • “Chi­nese lanterns”;
  • bam­boo prod­ucts;
  • launch­ing fire­works (after all, it was in Chi­na that they re invent­ed).

Choos­ing a cool theme for a par­ty, you can pay atten­tion to the Greek vari­ety. There are a lot of plots for dec­o­ra­tion and enter­tain­ment: the famous heroes of myths, the gods inhab­it­ing Olym­pus, titans and moiras, Ama­zons and cen­taurs, cyclops, satyrs, mino­taurs, pegasi, harpies, mus­es, sirens, sphin­x­es, lestrigons and … you can’t even list them all. Invi­ta­tions are issued on parch­ment, pro­vide for tra­di­tion­al Greek cos­tumes. The tra­di­tion­al Greek sym­bols are the olive, the lau­rel wreath and the blue and white flag.

By the way, posters with the very images that cov­ered the amphoras will also be quite appro­pri­ate.

Deserves atten­tion and par­ty in the style of Hal­loen. Skulls, dark and gray col­ors, ghosts, bats are already appro­pri­ate here. The log­i­cal sur­round­ings will be witch­es and every­thing con­nect­ed with them, fake blood, phos­pho­res­cent mush­rooms, axes, chain­saws, cobbs, the noto­ri­ous lumi­nous pump­kin. For greater expres­sion, dis­turb­ing music and fright­en­ing sounds are used. The room should be in dark­ness.

Many peo­ple will be delight­ed with the “spy” fes­ti­val. In this vari­ant, imi­ta­tions of cold and firearms, ammu­ni­tion, “black sneak­ing sil­hou­ettes” are appro­pri­ate. Guests can dress in rain­coats with a high col­lar, black glass­es (every­one knows the stereo­typ­i­cal image). The room is dec­o­rat­ed in yel­low, red, black and yel­low col­ors. Retro items, “eaves­drop­ping devices” are lcome.

An unusu­al and rarely men­tioned option even by pro­fes­sion­als is a “rail­way” par­ty. Invi­ta­tions are issued like tick­ets. Con­di­tion­al sched­ules and clocks are hung on the walls, the­mat­ic posters and inscrip­tions can be used. Orig­i­nal “wag­ons” are pre­pared for dish­es, appro­pri­ate names are invent­ed. Entourage and wardrobe — in accor­dance with the depict­ed era.

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You can even imag­ine your­self as mem­bers of a geo­log­i­cal expe­di­tion. In this case, the fol­low­ing items are rel­e­vant:

  • sim­ple con­cise dish­es, canned food;
  • bon­fires (if it takes place on the street);
  • images of wildlife, min­er­als, moun­tains;
  • cards;
  • ele­ments of hik­ing equip­ment, sim­ple and coarse clothes, shoes.

An evening in Ital­ian style implies the fol­low­ing:

  • dec­o­rat­ing a room in red-white-green tones;
  • the use of cit­rus fruits, olives, grapes, pas­ta;
  • songs (tra­di­tion­al and mod­ern per­form­ers);
  • col­or­ful tex­tiles;
  • Bal­loons;
  • themed sou­venirs;
  • red and white lilies (sym­bol­iz­ing Flo­rence);
  • sim­ple clothes with­out frills and decor;
  • quizzes on the knowl­edge of the his­to­ry of Italy, its cul­ture and tra­di­tions.

How to prepare a menu?

At par­ties, a ban­quet and buf­fet menu is appro­pri­ate. The first type is suit­able for those who plan to main­ly be at the table, and the main thing here is abun­dance and vari­ety. The buf­fet is more like a buf­fet. Basi­cal­ly they put out what you can eat with­out appli­ances. Win-win options will be solu­tions such as:

  • snacks and desserts on skers;
  • sand­wich­es;
  • buns;
  • closed pies;
  • roast duck, chick­en, turkey;
  • cook­ies, cakes, gin­ger­bread;
  • small cakes, choco­late;
  • fried, salt­ed or smoked fish.

List of entertainment

Spe­cial hob­bies will help to diver­si­fy the par­ty sce­nario, have fun. An age­less option is a “bro­ken phone”: the par­tic­i­pants dis­perse, one to the oth­er in a pair says a word as qui­et­ly as pos­si­ble; he, as he heard, pass­es it on to some­one else. At the end, com­pare what hap­pened. Chi­nese par­ty con­tests should fol­low lit­er­al­ly one after anoth­er. The fol­low­ing solu­tions are lcome:

  • domi­no and dice games;
  • “feed the heron” (car­ry­ing a grape with chop­sticks at speed — who­ev­er is greater is the win­ner);
  • guess­ing “yes or no” (facts about the coun­try of the Yangtze);
  • writ­ing hiero­glyphs.

At any par­ty, you can still search for items using hints. Quests will delight chil­dren and adults. It is more pleas­ant if the par­tic­i­pants do not just go some­where and inspect some­thing, but also per­form some kind of “con­di­tion­al mis­sion”, for exam­ple:

  • expose the deceiv­er;
  • look­ing for trea­sure;
  • save the world from aggres­sive aliens.

When choos­ing an Amer­i­can sce­nario, the par­ty may include enter­tain­ment such as:

  • darts;
  • intel­lec­tu­al quizzes;
  • quests;
  • short match­es in bas­ket­ball and base­ball, in ping-pong.

Dis­co fans should pay atten­tion to the fol­low­ing:

  • karaoke;
  • dance com­pe­ti­tions;
  • elim­i­na­tion con­tests;
  • for­feits;
  • game “Guess the melody”.