Gift wrap­ping

How beautiful to pack a gift box?

The selec­tion of a sou­venir should be tak­en respon­si­bly, an even more impor­tant task is to pack it ele­gant­ly and in an orig­i­nal way. You your­self can absolute­ly quick­ly and beau­ti­ful­ly pack a gift in a box. This arti­cle will give you ideas for beau­ti­ful­ly designed gift box­es and show you a vari­ety of pack­ag­ing schemes.

Decoration with gift paper

If your gift is already packed in a box of square or rec­tan­gu­lar shape, then sou­venir paper will be the eas­i­est way to pack. It is embossed, glossy, mat­te, cor­ru­gat­ed and embossed. The choice is huge. It is worth adher­ing to the fol­low­ing sequence of actions:

  1. put the offer­ing on the wrap­ping card­board and wrap it;
  2. apply adhe­sive mass to the base and glue;
  3. bend the remain­ing paper from the sides, form­ing new folds com­ing from the cor­ners;
  4. the lor base cov­ers the upper area and slight­ly goes beyond the mid­dle;
  5. repeat the action on the oth­er side — apply glue to the formed cor­ners and strength­en them;
  6. our frame is ready.

Dec­o­rat­ing can be done like this:

  1. cut out petals of dif­fer­ent sizes from col­ored card­board;
  2. col­lect them into a flor, glu­ing them on top of each oth­er in order of decreas­ing size;
  3. wrap the base with a wide strip and tie a knot;
  4. cut the ends at an angle;
  5. after attach the bulk flor to the tape.

This pack­ag­ing process takes lit­tle time. Your orig­i­nal sou­venir, dec­o­rat­ed with taste and love, will cer­tain­ly be the first to be noticed among the moun­tain of oth­er offer­ings.

Packing square presents

Phones and per­fumes are usu­al­ly pre­sent­ed in square-type bun­dles. The pre­sen­ta­tion process is as fol­lows:

  1. cut out a rec­tan­gu­lar shape from the select­ed paper;
  2. its dimen­sions cor­re­spond to the para­me­ters of the box, for the bend add 2–3 cm;
  3. spread the parch­ment, place the base in the mid­dle;
  4. one edge is bent by 10 mil­lime­ters;
  5. attach dou­ble-sided tape to the end;
  6. tight­ly wrap the papyrus around the frame, mak­ing sure that it fits snug­ly, even­ly and smooth­ly;
  7. remov­ing the spare film from the adhe­sive tape, glue the bent cor­ner;
  8. accord­ing to the same prin­ci­ple, fold, first the side parts, then the bot­tom edge.
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Souvenir packaging oval and round

    Inside the round­ed bases are tea sets, hats, choco­lates. The same mate­ri­als and tools as for square cas­es are per­fect for seal­ing them. The pack­ag­ing process is as fol­lows:

    1. take height mea­sure­ments from the box;
    2. cut off the mea­sured amount from the paper, adding a few cen­time­ters to the hem;
    3. paste over the box in a cir­cle, remem­ber­ing to tuck the edges inward;
    4. at the bot­tom paste a cir­cle of a small­er diam­e­ter than the bot­tom, cut out of the same paper, it will hide all the bumps.

Elegant decoration

In the mod­ern world, mate­ri­als that pro­tect nature are dis­tin­guished. Rib­bons are made from cot­ton, paper is cho­sen in a gray shade, real and dried plants are used for dec­o­ra­tion. You will get a nat­ur­al cas­ing if you use an envi­ron­men­tal­ly friend­ly type of raw mate­r­i­al. It will please the recip­i­ent and will be appre­ci­at­ed.

  • For the New Year’s offer­ing, small plas­tic Christ­mas balls, snowflakes, fir cones and wreaths will be rel­e­vant. They should be attached to the tape. Mul­ti-col­ored snowflakes and gold­en braid will look more beau­ti­ful, espe­cial­ly if the gift is pack­aged in the shape of a green Christ­mas tree.
  • If desired, you can seal the gift in a volu­mi­nous paper enve­lope, stick stamps or news­pa­per clip­pings on it, attach a sprig of conif­er­ous tree and wrap it with twine. As a result, you will play the role of San­ta Claus, and in return you will get tremen­dous plea­sure.
  • If a fes­tive sur­prise is pre­pared for a child, then dec­o­rate the pack­age in the form of fun­ny ani­mals, charm­ing com­put­er peo­ple, fun­ny mon­sters. Just draw the nose, eyes and tongue. Chil­dren will be very hap­py with such a cool and bright design.
  • The present is addressed to the beau­ti­ful and charm­ing half of human­i­ty, feel free to dec­o­rate with flors, beads, but­ter­flies, hearts. It is allod to coat the parch­ment around with glue and sprin­kle with pic­turesque sparkles. Looks pret­ty and cute.
  • For a very sig­nif­i­cant and solemn event, for exam­ple, a dding, you will need pack­ag­ing mate­ri­als in del­i­cate shades, lace and open­work braid.
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Impor­tant! Exper­i­ment, imag­ine, invent and com­bine all sorts of pat­terns of prod­ucts and raw mate­ri­als. Make amaz­ing com­bi­na­tions by com­bin­ing bold col­or schemes.

How to wrap multiple presents in paper?

An unusu­al and ide­al styling tool is a sou­venir box in a box.

When giv­ing a present, the addressee cre­ates an intrigu­ing feel­ing when unpack­ing it. Impres­sions and emo­tions over­whelm his soul.

If you want to give a box that resem­bles a nest­ing doll, then stock up on the mate­r­i­al that you will need to cre­ate an exclu­sive offer­ing. It is worth per­form­ing the fol­low­ing algo­rithm of actions:

  1. make iden­ti­cal frames — start with the largest, reduc­ing each next one by 3 cen­time­ters;
  2. the bot­tom is fixed with adhe­sive sub­stance;
  3. bun­dles must fit inside each oth­er;
  4. put the first hotel in the lor base;
  5. grad­u­al­ly fill all the com­part­ments;
  6. You can strength­en the entire com­po­si­tion with a smooth can­vas.

If you want to donate a few box­es of minia­ture shapes, arrange them on a pyra­mid-shaped wrap­per. Pick up all the ends and tie them with a thread. Then ele­gant­ly embell­ish this art.

Creative packaging

A bud­get and fast option would be pack­ag­ing in the form of a paper bag. This dec­o­ra­tion looks very unusu­al and is suit­able for any offer­ing. We use plain kraft paper made from a fair­ly dense mate­r­i­al. It is reli­able and strong in com­po­si­tion, can with­stand ight up to one kilo­gram. The process will include sev­er­al steps.

  1. Pre­pare a place to work. Lay out the wrap­per on the table. Attach the largest ele­ment of the gift item to it and wrap it com­plete­ly, indent­ing the top and bot­tom. The thick­er the object, the more make the lor indent to form the bot­tom. All papyrus edges must be even and must match when fold­ed.
  2. Lubri­cate them with a sticky sub­stance, then con­nect them togeth­er. The lor part should be bent, focus­ing on the width of the box. We open it and bend the side places. You will get two tri­an­gles. Then bend two oppo­site ends and fas­ten them with glue. We unfold the bag and admire the fin­ished bot­tom.
  3. Inside put a box with a gift and form the upper part. The set is ready.
  4. Let’s move on to beau­ty. Dec­o­rat­ing the pack­age, give way to our fan­tasies. With the help of paints, depict stars, flors, cir­cles, snowflakes on it. Or feel free to use a dry large brush and cre­ate uneven scuffs on the sur­face. Instead of a brush, you can use a tooth­brush. She also makes very inter­est­ing squirts.
  5. Using a hole punch, make two holes in the upper part. We tie the bun­dle with ordi­nary twine, col­ored rope or rib­bon. The main thing is that it fits in style.
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If you want to con­grat­u­late a large group of peo­ple, col­leagues, then a great option is pack­ag­ing in the form of pieces of a fes­tive cake.

Make a blank of ten or more pieces out of col­ored paper, depend­ing on the num­ber of peo­ple to be con­grat­u­lat­ed. Using a cut­ting tool and sticky mass, trans­form them into cake slices. Pre-place pre-pre­pared gifts in them: fig­urines, fig­urines. Wrap each piece with satin rib­bon, attach beau­ti­ful flors on top. At the end, col­lect all the pieces on a large open­work nap­kin made of paper.

When sub­mit­ting such an unusu­al com­po­si­tion, you will see the sur­prised and admir­ing eyes of col­leagues. Each mem­ber of the team will be inde­scrib­ably delight­ed.