Ahead of a whole month of pleas­ant hol­i­day trou­bles: choose gifts, think over the New Year’s Eve sce­nario, and, of course, take care of the treat. In this com­pi­la­tion, ‘ll show you some of the gifts that will make your home feel cozi­er — some lit­er­al­ly!


This year the hol­i­day will become even more home­ly and fam­i­ly-friend­ly than usu­al. House­hold appli­ances as a gift are becom­ing even more rel­e­vant: they make house­hold chores eas­i­er and make cook­ing a plea­sure.

Use­ful lit­tle things for the kitchen and help pre­pare for the feast, and in them­selves will be a great gift.

A blender and a juicer are use­ful for smooth­ies and cock­tails, a grill, a slicer and a meat grinder are for more seri­ous dish­es. A con­ve­nient knife hold­er will con­tribute to main­tain­ing order in the kitchen.

House and cottage

What is the New Year atmos­phere? Com­fort, clean­li­ness, deli­cious smells from the kitchen, cheer­ful lights on the win­dows and the expec­ta­tion of mag­ic. Devices that will make the air in your home clean and healthy are lit­er­al­ly respon­si­ble for the atmos­phere: recir­cu­la­tors and ozoniz­ers dis­in­fect the air and elim­i­nate unpleas­ant odors.

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Know­ing the hob­bies of your loved ones, it is easy to guess with a gift. The own­er of a fash­ion­able wardrobe with com­plex design­er items will be delight­ed with a steam­er, and a coun­try bar­be­cue lover will appre­ci­ate a bra­zier lap­top or a grill cov­er with which you can bar­be­cue even in win­ter.

tea drinking

What do you want most after a long win­ter walk? Of course, hot tea!

Fra­grant tea or cof­fee, home­made hon­ey cake and a box of choco­lates. By the way, all these things are pleas­ant both to give and receive as a gift: a box with the sym­bol of the year or an unusu­al form of release will make even a sim­ple joy a pleas­ant sur­prise.