The­mat­ic gifts

Baptism gifts: features of choice and a list of options

Bap­tism is a reli­gious cer­e­mo­ny that not many par­ents per­form accord­ing to the canons accord­ing to tra­di­tions. Usu­al­ly this cel­e­bra­tion fol­lows some gen­er­al bap­tismal sce­nario, but far from every­thing is observed even in prepa­ra­tion for the cer­e­mo­ny. The choice of god­par­ents does not always take place with an empha­sis on the church­ing of the can­di­dates, on their readi­ness to become the spir­i­tu­al men­tors of the god­son. Often close rel­a­tives and friends become god­par­ents.

Nev­er­the­less, if for you chris­ten­ing is not just a tra­di­tion, an estab­lished rule, which is some­how incon­ve­nient to avoid, it is worth con­sid­er­ing all the details of the rit­u­al. And god­par­ents, too, should be tak­en seri­ous­ly, atten­tive­ly to their role as ll as to gifts.

Selection rules

God­par­ents have an hon­or­able role on this day: they are called par­ents in the church sense of the word, they take on the mis­sion of spir­i­tu­al edu­ca­tion of the god­son. Nobody will remove this role from them, there­fore it is worth con­sid­er­ing whether you are ready for it. Tra­di­tion­al­ly, the god­son is giv­en a cross by his “new” par­ents. Nowhere is it writ­ten that it must be pre­cious — such a require­ment is inap­pro­pri­ate, it can only be a per­son­al deci­sion of the god­par­ents.

To buy or not to buy a chain for chris­ten­ing? Usu­al­ly there is no need for this, for the cer­e­mo­ny you need a strong thread and a cross, the chain is a dec­o­ra­tive detail. The baby does­n’t real­ly need it. There is no sin­gle deci­sion who gives the cross, moth­er or father (god­par­ents). Today it is increas­ing­ly a joint gift. If the baby’s par­ents already have a cross, which also hap­pens, they need to noti­fy the god­par­ents about this. Before the start of the cer­e­mo­ny, the cross must be con­se­crat­ed in the church, if you buy a prod­uct in a church shop — there is no such need.

And if there are no clear rules with the pur­chase of a cross, then the god­fa­ther usu­al­ly pays for the bap­tismal rit­u­al. Of course, par­ents should not inter­fere with the god­par­ents’ agree­ment if they decide to split the expens­es in half. This is only a tra­di­tion, not so inde­struc­tible that the pay­ment of the rite had some spe­cial mean­ing. More­over, it hap­pens that the child does not have a god­fa­ther (there is only a god­moth­er), in which case the rit­u­al is some­times paid for by the par­ents.

Kryzh­ma (today it is often replaced by a bap­tismal tol) is usu­al­ly giv­en to the child by the betrothed god­moth­er. After the cer­e­mo­ny, the baby is wrapped in it, and then the roof is pre­scribed to be kept and pro­tect­ed. Some­times you can hear the advice that a bap­tismal tol should be applied to the baby on sick days.

It was about tra­di­tion­al gifts, with­out which the cer­e­mo­ny actu­al­ly does not take place. Attire for bap­tism can be pre­pared by rel­a­tives, god­par­ents can also present — today this is not so impor­tant. But after all, gifts on this day are pre­sent­ed not only to a baby (or an old­er god­son). For exam­ple, a hus­band can make a gift to his wife (the father of the god­son — to the moth­er), because for her this is a sig­nif­i­cant day.

White flors will be pleas­ant, which will dec­o­rate the fes­tive table lat­er. An ele­gant scarf or shawl is also appro­pri­ate. Jel­ry for the wife — at the request of the hus­band him­self.

Presents for a child

Every­one invit­ed to bap­tism usu­al­ly gives some­thing to the baby. And this is not nec­es­sar­i­ly a thing relat­ed to reli­gion, church top­ics. Although why not give the baby the first Bible on the day of bap­tism? If a child grows up in a churched fam­i­ly, a gift will def­i­nite­ly come in handy.

Con­sid­er what else you can give a child.

  • Sil­ver spoon. This is a tra­di­tion­al gift: in some fam­i­lies it is giv­en at birth, but most often the present is pre­sent­ed at chris­ten­ing. Such a spoon may not have prac­ti­cal sig­nif­i­cance at all, but sym­bol­i­cal­ly this gift is pleas­ant.
  • Out­fits. It is always appro­pri­ate, you can replen­ish the baby’s wardrobe, which his par­ents will appre­ci­ate. Epiphany is a bright hol­i­day, and there­fore the out­fits may not be as prac­ti­cal as solemn. Light dress­es, white shirts, ele­gant hats — all this will empha­size the solem­ni­ty of the event.
  • Toys. For kids, devel­op­ment kits are suit­able, and for old­er chil­dren, you can give some­thing tra­di­tion­al — a bear, a doll. You can order design­er toys that are made with a touch of vin­tage. Any kid is pleased to receive a ted­dy / vel­vet bear in a beau­ti­ful box and with a set of out­fits. Girls will always be pleased with the clas­sic doll.
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But speak­ing of chris­ten­ing, do not always mean that the rite con­cerns chil­dren. Peo­ple decide to go to church, and as adults, this deci­sion is usu­al­ly a con­scious, thought­ful one. God­par­ents are no longer need­ed for such peo­ple, but this does not elim­i­nate the need to con­grat­u­late a loved one on such an impor­tant event. On this day, an adult girl can be pre­sent­ed with white flors accord­ing to the sea­son, it is always pleas­ant, and the day is real­ly impor­tant, deserv­ing such a com­pli­ment. Often, adults are giv­en spir­i­tu­al lit­er­a­ture, icons, which is quite in the spir­it of such an event. You can give the girl a dress or a skirt in which you can go to church, a shawl and a scarf.

A young man who has been bap­tized can be giv­en a com­mem­o­ra­tive icon, a prayer book, a chain for a cross. In a word, it is absolute­ly use­ful to cel­e­brate such an impor­tant day for a loved one with a gift, no mat­ter at what age he came to this deci­sion.

Adults rarely cel­e­brate their own chris­ten­ing, but the gift is not tied to a feast, it’s just a sign of your atten­tion.

Gifts for godparents

A return gift to god­par­ents is also a tra­di­tion. Sou­venirs with a Chris­t­ian theme seem to be a log­i­cal choice. Fig­ures of angels, embroi­dered tex­tiles are the tra­di­tion­al choice in this case. Often they give icons to god­par­ents, they bring them from holy places.

And a few more options for what you can give god­par­ents.

  • Hotels. Do not know what gift will please the god­fa­thers, give sets. Get two small bas­kets, fill them with good­ies. Sets, choco­late, cook­ies spe­cial­ly baked for this occa­sion, nuts, hon­ey, jam — all this is appro­pri­ate and looks quite fes­tive when prop­er­ly dec­o­rat­ed. If you put red wine in the bas­ket of kumu and kume, it will not be overkill. Although focus­ing on alco­hol, of course, is not worth it.
  • white tols. This is not some­thing tra­di­tion­al and pri­mor­dial, but rather a small exchange beten the god­son and the god­par­ents. If they give the baby a bap­tismal tol, then the par­ents can present the same gift to the god­par­ents. White is the col­or of puri­ty, the begin­ning, and in fact for the intend­ed par­ents today is a spe­cial day, the begin­ning of feel­ing in a new role. There­fore, a white ter­ry tol can become a sym­bol of some kind of renew­al.
  • out­fits. It is quite appro­pri­ate if such gifts do not seem super­flu­ous to you. You can give the god­fa­ther a new shirt (in which you can vis­it the tem­ple), and the god­moth­er — a dress. If you have cho­sen rel­a­tives as god­fa­thers, such gifts are lcome.
  • Can­dles and can­dle­sticks. Often all this can be bought in church shops.
  • Nap­kins and table­cloths made by hand. If you real­ly, anx­ious­ly await bap­tism, begin to pre­pare for it in advance. And a good gift for god­fa­thers will be table­cloths or nap­kins, paths for the fes­tive table that you will knit (embroi­der) your­self. This is indeed a pre­cious and unique gift.

But the main gift is still an invi­ta­tion to a gala din­ner in hon­or of the chris­ten­ing (if you arrange it, of course). If you wish, you can issue invi­ta­tions, hand them in advance. You can arrange lunch at home, you can in a restau­rant, you can out­side the city — all options are worth con­sid­er­ing, there are no strict rules here either.

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If you are arrang­ing a hol­i­day at home, for all guests, with­out excep­tion, you can pre­pare in advance small bags (box­es, bags) with treats that they will take home. As a rule, sets, cook­ies, fruits, nuts are placed in such bags, dessert jars of hon­ey and jam can be used.

The pack­ag­ing itself should indi­cate the rea­son for the fes­tive din­ner and, in fact, treats. This rule is option­al, but its imple­men­ta­tion speaks of your atten­tion, care for each guest, of a sin­cere desire to please and share your joy.

What can be done with your own hands?

If in your fam­i­ly, in your sur­round­ings, it is cus­tom­ary to give gifts made with your own hands, this is won­der­ful — you can only envy. And chris­ten­ing is an occa­sion to con­tin­ue the tra­di­tion. This is a very inti­mate hol­i­day, del­i­cate, ten­der, because mon­ey in envelopes and cer­tifi­cates for spe­cial­ized stores, although they will not be super­flu­ous, do not go ll with the very mood of the chris­ten­ing.

You can make a lot of use­ful things with your own hands as a gift.

  • Bean­ies. If the child is still small, he most like­ly has a whole set of hats — for dif­fer­ent ather, and for dif­fer­ent out­fits. Today, there is a whole fash­ion for baby hats: often these are retro mod­els in which chil­dren resem­ble gnomes. Even not the most expe­ri­enced knit­ters can knit such prod­ucts. Present a whole set of hats to your baby — two light ones, two warmer ones. You can’t buy hats like this any­where! Nice gift for grand­daugh­ter from grand­ma. By the way, with good work, it can be inher­it­ed.
  • Chair for babies. If grand­fa­ther is a real mas­ter, then he will sure­ly be able to mas­ter such a design as a high chair. This will be a very valu­able gift from grand­fa­ther, per­son­al­ized. By the way, the project can be a fam­i­ly project: grand­fa­ther makes a wood­en struc­ture, grand­moth­er paints and dec­o­rates it. A tru­ly exclu­sive gift!
  • Com­mem­o­ra­tive toys. If some­one in the fam­i­ly makes inte­ri­or dolls, toys, then it is fool­ish not to use such a tal­ent for a gift to a child. Not all such toys are meant for fun, but sym­bol­i­cal­ly they are beau­ti­ful. Tex­tile bears, hares and chanterelles will dec­o­rate the baby’s room and will be a cute reminder of the chris­ten­ing day. Very often they make such aro­ma toys: in the stom­ach of a hare or a bear, a bag is sewn up, for exam­ple, with laven­der or a mix­ture of sooth­ing herbs. If the toy is placed next to the baby’s crib, it can help him fall asleep.
  • Hol­i­day sets. A good gift if a spe­cial dessert is miss­ing for a chris­ten­ing din­ner. You can direct­ly ask rel­a­tives or friends who are skilled at mak­ing sets to give you a set of hol­i­day cup­cakes, gin­ger­bread cook­ies, make a cake or a pie.
  • Room decor. Anoth­er prac­ti­cal idea is that if the moth­er of the child calls her friends for chris­ten­ing, as a gift she can ask them to fes­tive­ly dec­o­rate the room where the gala din­ner will be held. In order for this day to pass with­out a hitch, so that every­thing around cor­re­sponds to the solem­ni­ty of the event, the appro­pri­ate decor will def­i­nite­ly not be super­flu­ous.
  • Pho­to­shoot. If one of the guests at the chris­ten­ing, as you know, is a pho­tog­ra­ph­er, ask him to give you a pho­to ses­sion. Small, mod­est, but still it will be a good mem­o­ry of an impor­tant event. And you will not be wor­ried about the thought that the hol­i­day has passed, and you have not had time to take “nor­mal pho­tos”.
  • Bed linen sets. Today, more and more often, skill­ful rel­a­tives make blan­kets, sheets, pil­low­cas­es for a baby in a crib. The choice of mate­ri­als is huge, and you can always learn how to sew. This is a use­ful gift, beau­ti­ful, def­i­nite­ly nec­es­sary for the baby.
  • Com­mem­o­ra­tive cross-stitch. Many craftswomen today sew to order work with some beau­ti­ful image and skill­ful­ly embroi­dered with the date of bap­tism and the name of the child. Then the embroi­dery is placed under the frame, and it dec­o­rates one of the walls of the house. Those who are ll versed in needle­work can cope with such work.
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There are a lot of ideas, it all depends on the cre­ative direc­tion where you are real­ly strong. If you are dec­o­rat­ing sur­faces, you can make a beau­ti­ful box where the baby’s curls, the first paci­fi­er and the first fall­en tooth will be stored.

Or you can make a box for doc­u­ments (so that the birth cer­tifi­cate of the child, bap­tism, and some oth­er cer­tifi­cates are not lost in the gen­er­al pile of doc­u­ments).

What do guests give?

If the guests direct­ly ask the par­ents what to give the child, this is often the best sce­nario. But if there re no clear wish­es, you will have to think for your­self. Giv­ing mon­ey is the eas­i­est thing to do, but you need to be sure that it will be accept­ed. The fact is that not all fam­i­lies con­sid­er it nor­mal to give mon­ey. And for­mal­ly, this is the cor­rect opin­ion: after all, there is noth­ing eas­i­er than get­ting a cou­ple of bills out of your wal­let and putting them in an enve­lope. It is much more dif­fi­cult to go shop­ping, choose a gift, pack. And if you do it with your own hands, it real­ly takes work, time, and effort.

But if there is a con­ven­tion about a finan­cial gift, then you can respond to it. The amount of gifts depends on your capa­bil­i­ties and ideas about how much, in prin­ci­ple, they give for the hol­i­day.

Some peo­ple are sure that chris­ten­ing is a hol­i­day more impor­tant than a birth­day, and the amount of the gift is also grow­ing. But if the par­ents are intel­li­gent peo­ple, they will not eval­u­ate your gift by its val­ue.

What, besides mon­ey, can guests give:

  • toys — the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to a small child;
  • kids out­fits — advise you to give things a lit­tle for growth;
  • books — a true Chris­t­ian for knowl­edge and edu­ca­tion, there­fore even a very small child can be pre­sent­ed with a book (will appre­ci­ate it in the future);
  • equip­ment, devices, gad­gets – from strollers and playpens to baby mon­i­tors and air humid­i­fiers (very prac­ti­cal and con­vinc­ing gifts);
  • cer­tifi­cates for chil­dren’s stores — quite in the spir­it of the times, and not mon­ey in kind, and some choice for par­ents;
  • bathing sets — today they are so beau­ti­ful, diverse, that not only the baby will be inter­est­ed, it is dif­fi­cult to resist and not buy.

If you are going to the chris­ten­ing, sup­port the fes­tive mood of your loved ones: give the baby’s moth­er flors, dress smart­ly, let every­thing on this day glo­ri­fy its main event, let it bring you even clos­er.

It is very impor­tant that along with the gift you give your loved ones your atten­tion — if the baby goes to the arms, babysit him, give the young par­ents a lit­tle rest.

And do not for­get that your loved ones need this atten­tion not only on hol­i­days, and that chris­ten­ing is a start­ing point, the begin­ning of the path.

For infor­ma­tion on what to give a child for chris­ten­ing, see the fol­low­ing video.