Decem­ber is a time of mag­ic, gifts and pre-hol­i­day fuss. One way or anoth­er, all look for­ward to this mys­te­ri­ous day of the year. We care­ful­ly pre­pare for it, choose gifts, buy new toys, dec­o­rate the Christ­mas tree, decide what will be on our fes­tive table of dish­es, think over home decor and, of course, cre­ate a fes­tive mood.

Impor­tant com­po­nents of home com­fort

Not a sin­gle house on New Year’s Eve can do with­out a beau­ti­ful Christ­mas tree. The main prick­ly guest is dec­o­rat­ed accord­ing to all gen­er­al­ly accept­ed tra­di­tions: these are toys, lights, the lat­est trend is flors and volu­mi­nous decor details.

House­wives do not for­get about can­dles: tea, fire­place, din­ing, dec­o­ra­tive, aro­mat­ic … After all, putting a can­dle on the fes­tive table, light­ing it in a sub­dued room is like mak­ing a wish to the chim­ing clock — almost a pre­req­ui­site for home com­fort. Can­dles envel­op with their mys­tery, warmth and spe­cial mood of the main hol­i­day — the New Year.

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The gen­er­al atmos­phere is always dilut­ed with the bright aro­ma of gin­ger­bread cook­ies, juicy tan­ger­ines, and back­ground music. Are you ready?!

How to dec­o­rate the New Year’s table?

Table set­ting is just as impor­tant as lights. And this is where the fun begins… How to serve the duck? How to lay out sand­wich­es in an orig­i­nal way? Where to find a place for snacks on the table? How to dec­o­rate a bot­tle of your favorite sparkling wine?… Do not fuss. All this is pos­si­ble with a mea­sured pace of prepa­ra­tion for the evening. In addi­tion, when dec­o­rat­ing a fes­tive table, even sou­venirs for the New Year are rel­e­vant. In gen­er­al, it can be just a table dec­o­ra­tion or an exclu­sive gift.

Agree, man­u­al work has always had val­ue. Be it home decor or a per­son­al­ized gift for your fam­i­ly and friends. And if have already decid­ed on the dish­es, then the sparkling wine is sim­ply oblig­ed to take the most hon­or­able place on our table. And if there is an option to asso­ciate this tra­di­tion with the sym­bol of the com­ing year, then ques­tions are removed auto­mat­i­cal­ly.

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2022 meets the Tiger. This Christ­mas dec­o­ra­tion on the table is suit­able for any inte­ri­or in the house, it will be a great hol­i­day dec­o­ra­tion. The fig­urine of the Tiger will per­fect­ly com­ple­ment the fes­tive table. It is also a great Christ­mas gift for a friend, mom, dad, sis­ter, broth­er or friend. The sym­bol of 2022 is sure to bring good luck!

Gift set for the New Year

If guests are already wait­ing and you pre­fer to be orig­i­nal as always, a gift set would be the best solu­tion. What is spe­cial about it:

- gift indi­vid­ual box — no prob­lems with pack­ag­ing;

- a wood­en stand made of three ele­ments that are eas­i­ly assem­bled by hand;

- wood­en can­dle­sticks;

- tea can­dles — for com­fort and warmth in the house;

- a three-func­tion­al corkscrew with the func­tions of an open­er and a knife — it will always come in handy on the farm;

- New Year’s card with wish­es of hap­pi­ness;

- a nice bonus — brand­ed mini-choco­late for the mood.

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In addi­tion, togeth­er with such a com­plete set, you give suc­cess in 2022! The stand has the shape of a Tiger, and he is the main fig­ure of the com­ing year.

Com­ple­ment your hol­i­day set with your favorite drink and assure you that your guests will be delight­ed with such a gift!