Choosing a dress for the anniversary of 50 years

Any woman, regard­less of age, shape or hair col­or, wants to be always desir­able and seduc­tive. She wants to look espe­cial­ly good on her birth­day. If young girls can choose any type of cloth­ing, then for mature ladies, the selec­tion of an out­fit has its own char­ac­ter­is­tics. For a woman on her 50th birth­day, it is bet­ter to choose cer­tain mod­els, which will be dis­cussed in this arti­cle.

Selection features

To empha­size the beau­ty and ele­gance of a fifty-year-old lady, it is worth know­ing which out­fits are suit­able for this age, and which mod­els are bet­ter not to use. Every woman dreams of being at her birth­day in the most beau­ti­ful dress or suit. That’s why You need to take care of the choice of a fes­tive wardrobe in advance. You should go shop­ping, try on the options you like and choose the most suit­able suit for this occa­sion. Find­ing such a dress, as ll as shoes for it and appro­pri­ate acces­sories, can take more than one day.

When choos­ing a dress for a 50th anniver­sary, do not for­get that such cel­e­bra­tions do not take place too often.

An out­fit for a spe­cial occa­sion will cer­tain­ly be seen and appre­ci­at­ed by many. Not all women will want to ar it again for anoth­er event. That’s why do not choose too expen­sive dress.

In this case, it is bet­ter to use basic things and com­bine them with unusu­al acces­sories.

It is bet­ter that a dress for a 50-year-old woman be chic, but at the same time rather mod­er­ate. When choos­ing an out­fit, be sure to take into account the fea­tures of the fig­ure. Prob­a­bly many ladies will have to to refuse too short length of a suit or a frank decol­lete. The size of the dress must exact­ly match the fig­ure, oth­er­wise a suit that is too tight or loose will look ridicu­lous and unprof­itable.

It is advis­able to choose prod­ucts from nat­ur­al fab­rics, pay atten­tion to their qual­i­ty.. A good option would be to have a sim­i­lar out­fit sewn by a dress­mak­er. In this case, the fea­tures of the fig­ure and the per­son­al wish­es of the client will be tak­en into account. In addi­tion, you can choose the fab­ric your­self, which will elim­i­nate the need for mul­ti­ple vis­its to stores in search of a suit­able dress.

At this age, every­one has already estab­lished their habits and pref­er­ences, but women at 50 should be recon­sid­ered. So, it is bet­ter to exclude from the wardrobe:

    • mod­els with thin tight kni­tar;
    • the use of flashy col­ors in clothes;
    • short mini length;
    • youth styles;
    • excess jel­ry and acces­sories.

At a cer­tain age, ladies are desir­able to refuse a frank and deep neck­line, from exces­sive­ly open back, arms and knees. The cho­sen style should hide pos­si­ble short­com­ings and empha­size the advan­tages. For exces­sive full­ness of the arms, it is bet­ter to choose a dress with short sleeves or 3/4 length.

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Style overview

Feel­ing con­fi­dent on your anniver­sary will allow you to choose a beau­ti­ful dress with a style that suits your fig­ure. The most suc­cess­ful option for women in 50 years is con­sid­ered A‑line sil­hou­ette. It expands from the chest, while ll hid­ing the excess vol­ume in the hips and waist.

A straight sil­hou­ette is also ide­al for ladies in their 50s, regard­less of their para­me­ters and fea­tures of the fig­ure.

Cer­tain tricks will help to visu­al­ly hide those extra pounds:

    • the pres­ence of a con­trast strip along the ver­ti­cal;
    • use of a mod­el with a peplum;
    • the pres­ence of a tri­an­gu­lar neck­line;

    • use of a belt with a pouch ele­ment.

Crin­kled mate­ri­als, V‑shaped neck­lines, sleeves in the form of a flash­light, the pres­ence of lace in the trim, belts of con­trast­ing col­or remain in fash­ion. It is not at all nec­es­sary that all the voiced ele­ments be in one suit, the main thing is that the cho­sen dress is con­ve­nient and com­fort­able, fits ll on the fig­ure. Beau­ti­ful and fash­ion­able acces­sories can com­ple­ment the evening look.

Materials and textures

Ele­gant evening cos­tumes should attract atten­tion. You can hide some flaws in the fig­ure by using a fab­ric with a cer­tain tex­ture.

    • Vel­vet or velor. These fab­rics can be called a clas­sic option for an ele­gant toi­let. They advan­ta­geous­ly out­line vol­umes, empha­siz­ing the dig­ni­ty of the fig­ure. The pecu­liar­i­ty of such fab­rics is that if the style or col­or is cho­sen incor­rect­ly, they can add age, which is unde­sir­able.
    • Guipure fab­rics. Prod­ucts with guipure usu­al­ly have a lin­ing that is in har­mo­ny in col­or with the fin­ished prod­uct. The col­or of the lin­ing can match the tone or be in con­trast, which gives the fin­ished dress orig­i­nal­i­ty.
    • Bro­cade. Bro­cade can be an excel­lent choice for for­mal attire. Such mate­r­i­al will help to visu­al­ly cor­rect some of the flaws of the fig­ure, high­light­ing the advan­tages. When choos­ing bro­cade or sim­i­lar mate­ri­als, it is bet­ter to focus on soft shades. The style of the dress should also be sim­ple, oth­er­wise the image may turn out to be a lit­tle vul­gar.

    • Chif­fon. This mate­r­i­al is also con­sid­ered an excel­lent option for tai­lor­ing a fes­tive out­fit. Women at the age of 50 are bet­ter off choos­ing mono­phon­ic mod­els of noble col­ors. Chif­fon is suit­able for sewing an A‑line dress on a thick cov­er or as a dec­o­ra­tive ele­ment.

    • An excel­lent choice for an out­fit for the anniver­sary will be silk. At the same time, the style does not play a huge role, since silk will look great on any fig­ure.

When choos­ing a fin­ished prod­uct you need to build on not only the col­or of the mate­r­i­al, its pat­tern or appear­ance — It is worth con­sid­er­ing the pur­pose of the mate­r­i­al and its prop­er­ties. In the cho­sen suit, it is impor­tant to feel com­fort­able and com­fort­able. The out­fit should not be hot or very tight, the main thing is that the fab­ric keeps its shape ll and does not wrin­kle.

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It is bet­ter to stay on mixed fab­rics with the addi­tion of poly­ester, elas­tane or vis­cose.

Choice of length

There are no exact cri­te­ria indi­cat­ing what the length of a dress should be for a woman at 50 years old. At this age, many try to hide some flaws in the form of veins that have appeared, exces­sive­ly thick or thin knees, man­i­fes­ta­tions of cel­lulite, so the choice of length should be approached indi­vid­u­al­ly. In this case, many design­ers rec­om­mend that mature ladies still aban­don the very short mini length, replac­ing it with an aver­age length just above or below the knee, as ll as with a maxi.

To the floor

Long dress­es in flow­ing fab­ric make the sil­hou­ette refined and ele­gant. Bet­ter to the cloth for a dress it was mat­te or with a slight gloss, but not shiny. A floor-length dress will be an excel­lent choice for a spe­cial occa­sion. It will be most appro­pri­ate when enter­ing the stage, when par­tic­i­pat­ing in a social event, receiv­ing invit­ed guests. If a fun par­ty with danc­ing is planned, this cos­tume may not be very com­fort­able and less prac­ti­cal.


Even with a gor­geous fig­ure, mature ladies do not bare your legs much, but dll on mod­els of medi­um length. This option is suit­able for a solemn or semi-for­mal event. The aver­age length of the prod­ucts will allow you to demon­strate wom­en’s legs in a favor­able light for them.

Prod­ucts to the mid­dle of the calf will look bet­ter on pro­por­tion­ate­ly fold­ed tall ladies or women of medi­um height.


Too short out­fits for women in their 50s should not be worn - It is bet­ter that the dress cov­ers the knees. Choos­ing a dress with a very short length will only draw atten­tion to the age of the birth­day girl. Mod­els with a length just above the knees will look great on ladies who have retained a good fig­ure.

Color palette

Should be care­ful when choos­ing mod­els with prints, volu­mi­nous decor and orna­ments, since such ele­ments may not be suit­able for every­one. With age, the fig­ure may blur a lit­tle, and the use of unnec­es­sary details can empha­size this.

It is not nec­es­sary to choose a strict dress, or use a dark col­or palette.

In this case, the shades should be con­cise and clean. nude shades can be a great option for both every­day and evening fash­ion, they are per­fect for women of any age and col­or type. White col­or and sim­i­lar shades refresh­ing, they are also suit­able for overight women.

The choice of shade must match appear­ance types. For mature ladies more suit­able:

    • dark blue col­or;

    • ter­ra­cot­ta;

In addi­tion to plain fab­rics, you can also use prod­ucts with pat­terns and small prints.

How to create an image?

To cre­ate a har­mo­nious image, choos­ing a smart dress alone will not be enough. When pur­chas­ing a dress, it is com­pared with shoesto be worn to the event. It is usu­al­ly cus­tom­ary to first buy shoes, and with them they try on the dress they like. It is bet­ter to ar shoes to the cel­e­bra­tion on a sta­ble heel. In such shoes, the legs will not get tired quick­ly, while you can dance in them.

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When pur­chas­ing new shoes, it is advis­able to ar them a lit­tle at home in order to spread them a lit­tle, oth­er­wise the hol­i­day may be spoiled by rubbed feet and cal­lus­es.

It is desir­able to dilute the main col­or scheme with con­trast­ing shades. — they will serve as a kind of frame for the main shade. So, beige dress it is worth dilut­ing with a black belt, bracelet and shoes to match the acces­sories. To a lilac hue sil­very acces­sories and a cardi­gan in the same tone are more suit­able.

For the evening bow, you should choose the appro­pri­ate dec­o­ra­tions. Ladies at this age should not ar cheap jel­ry, plas­tic prod­ucts and fakes. Jel­ry should not be very bulky and mas­sive. It is enough to put on a gold pen­dant on a chain, ele­gant ear­rings and a ring. It is impor­tant that the jel­ry is com­bined with each oth­er and in har­mo­ny with the cho­sen out­fit.

If the out­fit is made of bright or shiny fab­ric, addi­tion­al acces­sories and dec­o­ra­tions may not be used.

Stylish bows

Empha­siz­ing your fig­ure’s dig­ni­ty with the right out­fit, you can feel like a queen of cel­e­bra­tion at any age.

Light chif­fon dress will be a great option for a con­fi­dent woman. An ele­gant retro-style dress, an out­fit with a beau­ti­ful sleeve, or a suit with a lay­ered chif­fon skirt can appear in her wardrobe.

For ladies in their 50s, it will be an excel­lent choice. chif­fon dress with match­ing lace trim. At the same time, they should pay atten­tion to the pure sat­u­rat­ed shades of the mate­r­i­al.

The per­fect solu­tion for a fes­tive wardrobe can be a thin dress with a V‑neck or batwing cut. This mod­el should be cho­sen by ladies with lush hips and slen­der legs.

It is bet­ter for full fash­ion­istas to ar dis­creet evening dress with lace sleeves, to look styl­ish, con­fi­dent and ele­gant.

3/4 sleeves will go ll with a V‑neck and will hide the flaws of the fig­ure.

Busty lady with big hips should pay atten­tion to empire maxi dress.

For those who want to show off the beau­ty of their shoul­ders and neck, you can pick up out­fit with an A‑line and an Amer­i­can arm­hole.

Choos­ing a dress for a fifti­eth anniver­sary is an impor­tant and respon­si­ble task that every woman who wants to have a good hol­i­day and remem­ber it for a long time faces. The right style of out­fit, col­or, mate­r­i­al, acces­sories — this is all that will help cre­ate an unfor­get­table image.