The­mat­ic gifts

Delicious gifts: how to collect and decorate?

Some­times it is very dif­fi­cult to choose an inter­est­ing and use­ful gift, espe­cial­ly if a per­son already has every­thing and it is dif­fi­cult to sur­prise him with an orig­i­nal thing. Food in this case is a win-win option, since del­i­ca­cies will become part of the fes­tive table in any case. It remains to cor­rect­ly select a gro­cery set and design it in an orig­i­nal way.

What products can be used?

Deli­cious gifts can be col­lect­ed from com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent prod­ucts:

  • cheese;
  • fish;
  • smoked meats;
  • veg­eta­bles;
  • sets;
  • home bak­ing;
  • fruits;
  • nuts.

Can be pre­sent­ed in a gift box veg­etable set - with an eye on a healthy diet or ight loss, if it is known that the hero of the occa­sion has spe­cial addic­tions to the right lifestyle.

Cheese set usu­al­ly con­sists of sev­er­al types of cheese — the good thing is that the assort­ment is large. Meat del­i­ca­cies are often added to it, such as jerky, olives, and so on.

Looks smart mac­aron set. These mul­ti-col­ored cakes are often giv­en as gifts with flors.

Sets for men

A gas­tro­nom­ic set for a man sug­gests the use of nutri­tious foods. This is exact­ly what men demand from food.

This can be a sausage gift, “dilut­ed” with cheese. The set can be sup­ple­ment­ed with sauce, and at the same time attach a beau­ti­ful cut­ting board to the gift, which can be used to cut the com­po­nents of the pre­sent­ed present.

If a man is a con­nois­seur of spicy cheeses, it’s a good idea to present him with a bou­quet of wine and cheese. Giv­en that one per­fect­ly com­ple­ments the oth­er, the gift will be very sophis­ti­cat­ed.

It is bet­ter for a beer lover to present a box with hunt­ing sausages or cheese in the form of a pig­tail.

Will be a sophis­ti­cat­ed gift caviar in a gift box. Usu­al­ly the set includes sev­er­al types of caviar. This is a real men’s present. It can be safe­ly sup­ple­ment­ed with fish and hand-made noo­dles, as ll as elite alco­hol. The bet­ter you know the per­son for whom the food pack­age is intend­ed, the more accu­rate the con­tent of the gift.

An unusu­al option would be sauce set. These kits are made to order. Any­one who decides to make an inter­est­ing present can order spe­cif­ic sauces and fes­tive dec­o­ra­tions of a cer­tain type. As a rule, the choice is made in favor of sauces for meat dish­es. But there are also those that are designed for fruits and veg­eta­bles.

On sale you can find orange sauces with var­i­ous addi­tives, cur­rant sauces with port wine, cran­ber­ry sauces with herbs, and so on. All this will be very inter­est­ing for the recip­i­ent of the gift, espe­cial­ly if he has not tried any­thing that is part of the gift set.

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The rep­re­sen­ta­tive of the stronger sex as a gift can col­lect and a set that includes nuts and dried fruits, very use­ful for male strength and health. Such a set may include, for exam­ple, a com­bi­na­tion of pis­ta­chios with almonds, dried apples, prunes and dried apri­cots.

What to give women?

When it comes to deli­cious gifts for women, the first thing that comes to mind is “set ideas”

On sale there are ready-made hon­ey sets that any lady who sub­tly feels the shades of tastes will appre­ci­ate. The kits include jars with dif­fer­ent types of hon­ey. You can cre­ate such a present your­self by includ­ing, for exam­ple, dark and light vari­eties of hon­ey. The set may include a field, mead­ow, taiga prod­uct of “bee pro­duc­tion”. The pre­sen­ta­tion can be sup­ple­ment­ed with tea and cof­fee in beau­ti­ful pack­ages.

Gift box­es look impres­sive cup­cake sets. Such pas­tries can be with caramel, choco­late, berries or jam. A beau­ti­ful box with good­ies inside, tied with a rib­bon, will please any girl.

A gift set can be assem­bled from marsh­mal­lows and sets or mar­malade. Com­ple­ment­ed with a post­card, it will serve as a won­der­ful mem­o­rable sur­prise.

Tra­di­tion­al is set of choco­lates. There are quite a few of these for sale. To com­plete the set, it can also be sup­ple­ment­ed with tea or cof­fee.

A lover of ori­en­tal sets will delight a gift in the form of a box with the appro­pri­ate con­tents, com­plete with nuts and a jar of jam.

It should be borne in mind that among women there are those who do not like sets or can­not afford the lux­u­ry of eat­ing such food for the sake of main­tain­ing health or a beau­ti­ful fig­ure. In this case food set with sausage in a spe­cial box will be a very orig­i­nal solu­tion for the hol­i­day.

Variants of edible souvenirs

Some prod­ucts may serve sou­venirs depend­ing on their place of ori­gin. It is no coin­ci­dence that when return­ing from Thai­land, many give coconut oil to their friends and rel­a­tives. On the one hand, it is a reminder of the impres­sions brought “from over­seas”, and on the oth­er hand, it is a very prac­ti­cal prod­uct that can also be used for fry­ing.

The same cheese or wine can be pre­sent­ed with a hint of France or Italy, and sets with lotus seeds can be pre­sent­ed with a hint of Viet­nam.

Even oil or spices can be giv­en as an edi­ble sou­venir.

Such “reminders of events” can be made with your own hands. As a sign of the hol­i­day, it is enough to bake cook­ies and give them one look or anoth­er using a spe­cial mold.

The design of the cook­ie depends on the occa­sion. If you plan to present it as a New Year’s sou­venir, it can look like a Christ­mas tree or a snowflake. For Valen­tine’s Day, it is log­i­cal to arrange sets in the form of hearts. Gin­ger­bread men will serve as inter­est­ing sou­venirs for almost any hol­i­day.

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It remains only to beau­ti­ful­ly pack such a gift in paper, a nice box or chest, and a won­der­ful, warm sou­venir is ready.

Small sets packed in a jar pre­sent­ed as a “ves­sel of hap­pi­ness” will also become a won­der­ful reminder of the hol­i­day. It is impor­tant to choose a con­tain­er of the orig­i­nal form and guess with the taste of sets.

A trans­par­ent plas­tic con­tain­er with nuts or dried fruits, tied with an ele­gant rib­bon, is also a kind of sou­venir, if pre­sent­ed accord­ing­ly.

Can­dies packed in a can of beer will sur­prise the hero of the occa­sion. It can be, for exam­ple, Bel­gian choco­late. Such gifts can now be ordered on the occa­sion of the hol­i­day.

Small prac­ti­cal lit­tle things will serve as an addi­tion to edi­ble gifts. It can be a pen­dant in the form of a choco­late bar, or a key­chain in the form of a piece of cheese or a jar of sauce. The idea depends on the nature, incli­na­tions, sense of humor of the recip­i­ent of the gift.

Design features

The orig­i­nal­i­ty of an edi­ble gift is often dic­tat­ed pre­cise­ly by how beau­ti­ful­ly it is pre­sent­ed. A com­mon form for a gro­cery set is a bou­quet. You can order it from spe­cial­ists or do it your­self.

Even a begin­ner can eas­i­ly cre­ate a sim­ple com­po­si­tion. A meat bou­quet can be arranged in the form of a bunch of skers with strung pieces of such a prod­uct. As a wrap­per, bacon is suit­able for such beau­ty.

From bacon you can make a bou­quet that real­ly looks like a flor. From thin slices of lard, small rolls resem­bling rose­buds are cre­at­ed, fixed with tooth­picks, and then baked. Chop­sticks for Chi­nese food are used as stems. Leaves are depict­ed on them with any suit­able green­ery, and “buds” are pricked from above.

Any man (and not only) will be delight­ed with such a gift.

Fruits and berries can also be laid out in the form of a bou­quet in a box. On paper, act­ing as a con­di­tion­al wrap­per, a com­po­si­tion of prod­ucts is formed. You can, for exam­ple, place an incised pome­gran­ate with its bright seeds in the cen­ter, and make “petals” of Vic­to­ria and oth­er berries around. Dec­o­rate the pack­age with a rib­bon and give as a gift.

A very inter­est­ing bou­quet is obtained from dried fish. To do this, the set is packed in a reg­u­lar news­pa­per or spe­cial paper with a news­pa­per print and tied with a rib­bon in the area of ​​u200bu200bthe fish tails gath­ered togeth­er. There is no doubt that the gift will be met with the approval of a lover of this kind of snack.

It is con­ve­nient to pack sausages in a bou­quet. Such a com­po­si­tion can be sup­ple­ment­ed with bunch­es of let­tuce with small toma­toes embed­ded in them. Bak­ery prod­ucts that have an elon­gat­ed shape will also be in place.

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Beau­ti­ful bou­quet of sets. This can also be done with­out resort­ing to the help of a spe­cial­ist. Buds are twist­ed from paper, like tulips, sets are insert­ed inside, stems are made from impro­vised mate­ri­als and all this is wrapped in a gift wrap. For a woman cel­e­brat­ing March 8 or her birth­day, lit­tle will be more attrac­tive than such a bou­quet.

Orig­i­nal food com­po­si­tions can be made in the bas­ket. Such a cute con­tain­er is suit­able even for a meat set, even for a fruit one. How beau­ti­ful its con­tent looks depends on the abil­i­ty of the design­er. To a deli­cious gift, it remains to attach a post­card with a con­grat­u­la­tion.

After the con­tents have been eat­en, the bas­ket can con­tin­ue to be used.

If jars with edi­ble con­tents act as a present, they are placed in beau­ti­ful box­es, sim­i­lar to those used for creams. In this form, gifts look very wor­thy.

Even an ordi­nary box with pack­ing paper laid in it serves as an excel­lent frame for a meat or cheese set.

The pack­ag­ing itself, by the way, can also be edi­ble.. From cheese, which has the shape of a rope, you can knit a bowl or bas­ket in which it remains to place home-baked pies, for exam­ple, with liv­er or cab­bage. Both the con­tents and the con­tain­er will be eat­en, but the gift itself will not be for­got­ten.

If only a bar of choco­late acts as an edi­ble gift, and it will be pos­si­ble to ade­quate­ly “present” it to the per­son pre­sent­ed. To do this, a hard cov­er is made of card­board, on the inside of which a pock­et is pro­vid­ed. A set tile is insert­ed into it. On the oth­er half of the cov­er there is a pock­et for a post­card.

The effec­tive­ness of the gift depends not only on the qual­i­ty of the choco­late, but also on the orig­i­nal­i­ty of the out­er design of the cov­er. You can use the decoupage tech­nique for this, dec­o­rate the front side with volu­mi­nous flors from or foami­ran, make an appliqué, and so on.

It is log­i­cal to arrange a set gift of cakes or cook­ies for a girl in a deep heart-shaped box. You can put sets in one half of it, and flors in the oth­er. This com­bi­na­tion will please the hero of the occa­sion.

To form any prod­uct set, it is impor­tant to choose high-qual­i­ty, expen­sive prod­ucts and pay seri­ous atten­tion to the appear­ance of the pre­sen­ta­tion.

If a tasty gift is made with soul, it will cer­tain­ly be appre­ci­at­ed.

See below for how to prop­er­ly wrap a gift.