An edi­ble Christ­mas gift — why not? If you guess with tastes and pref­er­ences, it will be nice to get it.

A box of choco­lates, a bag of pine nuts or a can of good cof­fee — you can take it with you if you are invit­ed to vis­it, you can present it to a col­league as a gift, or you can keep it for your­self. In any of these cas­es, the treat will not dis­ap­point you!

Sets and spices

If you decide to give some­thing edi­ble, show your imag­i­na­tion. The more inter­est­ing and unusu­al the gift, the less like­ly it is that the per­son you give it to has tried it. Your gift will also be an impres­sion.

Pine cone jam, pine nuts roast­ing, a set of spices with bright aro­mas, Bul­gar­i­an marsh­mal­low or an inter­est­ing vari­ety of hon­ey in a gift box — it turns out that there are a lot of ready-made gift solu­tions in the gro­cery store!

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Coffee and tea

Warm­ing drinks are a pause in work, a pleas­ant meet­ing, guests and a table con­ver­sa­tion. And if you look at cof­fee and tea prac­ti­cal­ly, then these are prod­ucts that are always need­ed, it is good to have them in reserve, and a new vari­ety will nev­er be super­flu­ous.

Feel free to give sets of dif­fer­ent types of tea or make them your­self. For home tea drink­ing, do not for­get to buy paper bags (they are more con­ve­nient than a strain­er) so that noth­ing dis­tracts you from com­mu­ni­cat­ing with friends.

Nut butter

What is a tasty and healthy break­fast for you? For some it’s an omelet, for some it’s milk por­ridge, and for some it’s sand­wich­es with paste made from their favorite nuts: almonds, cashews, hazel­nuts or peanuts. The lat­ter is used to make the most vari­eties: in addi­tion to the clas­sic peanut but­ter, you can find brown­ie fla­vors, crunchy flakes, or sug­ar-free milk choco­late. Let the first break­fast of the New Year be the most deli­cious!

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For the New Year, they like to give sets and often pro­duce spe­cial con­fec­tionery sets for chil­dren and not only.

But what if you make a sim­i­lar set of healthy sports nutri­tion?

Instead of a choco­late bar — pro­tein in a New Year’s design.

Instead of lol­lipops — an amino acid with a bright fruity taste.

Instead of waf­fles — pro­tein cook­ies!

Such a set will be much more sig­nif­i­cant and much more use­ful than a tra­di­tion­al choco­late gift. Your favorite ath­lete will be hap­py!